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  1. Luckily for you, who ended up buying one on your behalf? [emoji16]
  2. Good choice! [emoji6]Beat me to it, was going to recommend this phono!
  3. Sold one of these a few years ago, could be mine! [emoji6]
  4. evil c

    Currently Spinning

    Rainy outside so stuck indoors, oh well ! Recent gift from a good friend, 1994 pressing of the brilliant album - Hell Freezes over .
  5. evil c

    No more riding for me

    Jeezus Marc, (no you're not the Messiah!),But now is the time to take up less hazardous pursuits like skydiving! [emoji848] The list of every day objects to avoid is growing! (Bikes, ladders, ) Hope you're back on your feet soon!
  6. evil c

    Phono pre-amp suggestions

    I think part of the problem is in matching phonos to your system. The RCM is a very revealing phono and unforgiving with less than high quality recordings , depends of course on how good your cart is too, so I kinda understand that a P75 might seem easier to listen to . It will never sound harsh like a RCM can but it won't articulate as well. I rarely comment on here , but if I think I can help the original poster then that is my intention .
  7. evil c

    Phono pre-amp suggestions

    I I have been in this game long enough not to be swayed by idle opinions of others. Always think with my ears on what I like. I must have a more revealing system. You obviously still have far to go in your journey. Plus you have a vested interest in selling your P75.
  8. evil c

    Phono pre-amp suggestions

    The Dynavector P75 are a good phono, don't get me wrong but the RCM Sensor is several rungs up the ladder. I know because I went through a fair few phonos after selling my Dynavector before I ended up with a Sensor 2. They are way better in every regard! The Phonomena II is the phono to get in the sub $1k 2nd hand price bracket. The Dynavector in the sub $600 bracket maybe.
  9. evil c

    The Mule

    Great synopsis prof - wife and I really enjoyed it and indeed was thought provoking on the superficiality of many in society / life. We gave it 8.5/ 10
  10. evil c

    Jazz: Currently Spinning

    Ha ha, you saved me the trouble of putting that one up next! It is the perfect matching album - agreed! [emoji4] We obviously share good taste in music my friend!
  11. evil c

    Phil Collins Not Dead Yet Tour

    You're 100% correct - Alberto, we oldies are indeed fortunate to have lived through the greatest era with 70's and 80's artists, still at way less than peak being way better than most current artists! In fact going to see Brian Ferry next month and he could well be more clapped out than Phil for all I know! [emoji6]
  12. evil c

    Phil Collins Not Dead Yet Tour

    Saw PC twice back in the 80's and once with Genesis , and have to say some of the best concerts ever experienced! I was tempted to see this one but not drumming and concern at reduced vocal range - however he is and has always been the ultimate professional/ performer!
  13. evil c

    Jazz: Currently Spinning

    The brilliant Analog Productions 45 release of the Duke with the legendary Johnny Hodges on sax on one side dueling with Harry Edison on trumpet on the other. One of the best recordings I've heard, strangely most of them seem to emanate from the same Year (1959).
  14. Hmmm interesting, channel 350 is SBS One for me.
  15. I've given up on trying to watch anything, it has been breaking up badly or blank screen so obviously a big problem with transmission.