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  1. Sounds like you were more responsible than many of us, think driving the next day was a no no !! 😀
  2. Groan, stop it al - temptation to update projector is becoming too strong !! 😬
  3. Taphouse booked for 6.30pm Blybo said he couldn't make the show , but the dinner is still on - plus I am easily led astray !
  4. Time for an update, now only 4 days till the big event! A couple of people have had to bail unfortunately - more important things to do ! So if you've been prevaricating about coming along to the dinner and thought it might be too late - - - now's your chance to put your hands up. Only 2 spots available so don't delay, send me a PM .
  5. Could well be an issue with our usual tram trip from St. Kilda Rd to the Taphouse dinner !😕 Cheers for the heads up, public transport is in chaos at the moment.
  6. Some of us operate from a higher standard! 😑 Dragged down to their level as it were. 🙁
  7. Blatant favoritism, I can't abide this sort of behavior Marc ! He's just being a tightwad! 🙄 I'll see you at the bar, wink wink. 😉
  8. I have this amplifier, brilliant in most respects- compact one box solution when you want separate pre and power level of performance! This was originally 10k new, build quality and internal parts are money no object class! Crazy cheap for a mint condition amplifier of this high level.
  9. Screams of a drowning man ! For the sake of preserving this thread after Lucs waffling! After seeing Hans on Monday night this is a decent reminder of the concert!
  10. Better than not knowing what day it is, they term it : "old timers" !! 😄
  11. Jeezus, time zone is way out after daylight saving down here! Whole Day different! 😬
  12. Ouch, a very insightful appraisal after a mere few hours of listening! I did in fact agonize about whether the CJ would be the right fit for you, Hugh. The tonality of the mids is one of the strengths of CJ, the question is if it's the style that you're seeking! We are never static in this game, always seeking nirvana or new truth in what we seek. Therfore it can come down to the timing - Might have been perfect for you a year ago, then you had to get fixated on the joyful qualities of bass reproduction with the 4B3 ! Very hard to replicate with anything less than an arc welder ME or Krell! 😄 Maybe just reset the initial assessments/ prejudices and let things settle in and perhaps try tweaking with interconnects etc. The CA200 is a very smooth sounding amplifier on first impressions sure, but after lengthy listening I've ascertained that there's very little missing from the musical equation - harshness or an edge can be very quickly fatiguing! This is an attribute never applying to CJ amps. Maybe you just need to change your speakers, they're possibly incompatible! 😄
  13. Only 2 out of 3 for me too! Hint, law enforcement career in narcotics unlikely! 😬
  14. Oooh that looks familiar! (No not mine! ) We demand more information, pretty please!,😊
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