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  1. @Marc avoid Jinko panels, highly recommend LG Neon 2 panels - 25 year guarantee and to within much stricter performance criteria. Lot of cheaper panels start dropping off in power output after a few years. I went with LG and a Solar edge inverter as had shading issues so excluded string inverters which would take out a row if 1 panel was in shade. Fronius are the other good brand to consider. I forked out around 12k before loan or subsidy for a 6kw system so more expensive but out performs lot of similar size systems.. Went through Total Solar Solutions and they were one of the best companies I've ever dealt with, very professional and importantly ethical. Do all electrical work too. Recommended to a few other people and they are very happy customers. Wouldn't hurt to get a quote , hopefully do in your area.
  2. I totally agree with you , bargains galore Inc. This one and no buyers. Legendary arms, the DVs !
  3. Now that is one amp I'd like to hear!
  4. Well now is the time to reward yourselves ,and buy a very special Xmas present. Remember making up later is the best course! 😁
  5. Very poor yoke , you're walking on egg shells here!,
  6. Amazed not snapped up, see very few Hulgichs come up on the 2nd hand market. Look mint condition too!
  7. Productive Black Friday haul from JB , few good ones l needed on vinyl.
  8. Pallas remaster from original master , Bobby Jasper All Stars Band - Modern Jazz from 1955. Generous gift from @scuzzii and @Doppelganger, fantastic album guys - pity there aren't more like you out there he says greedily! 😬
  9. Brilliant projector for chump change! Easy to mount these with a bracket, no biggie missing the feet. Lots of suitable mounts available, I bought one for my X35 no problem and not expensive.
  10. Was a few blown transistors, very simple to fix with other repairer after finally getting it back!
  11. Plenty of others I'd recommend before him like Tivoli or JLS. They won't hang onto it for a year.
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