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  1. I seem to remember being too busy trying to push @Martykt out the door with myself - after seeing you asleep on the floor! Like a - - - - - - dog ! My motto is : organize 1st, ask last and has kept me in good stead! The make up bit at the end is good too! riding shotgun tomorrow via the evil express - to Selby rescinded!
  2. You just need to pace yourself better , (unlike @Scuzzi [emoji38] )And hydrate, hydrate, hydrate followed by Hydralite the next day! [emoji6]
  3. evil c

    Bedroom system

    Can't really pick much of a diff between my 508.24 and 506.20 to be honest . Both use a Philips CDM- 12.5 Transport and are rare as hens teeth so make sure no problems when buying a player. The G08 uses a newer DVD ROM drive but believe difficult to source those as well.
  4. evil c

    Lucie Audio

    Was fortunate enough to have Rick demonstrate his exciting new concept and can highly recommend an audition!
  5. evil c

    Bedroom system

    Glad to hear it's a good match al ! Hmmm interesting your comment on the mid - think that the sound signature is very refined and detailed and most importantly non fatiguing. Friend I loaned my 502 recently to, was very impressed with it's performance - hope you get a lot of enjoyment from your new Meridian combo!
  6. evil c

    Anyone else into BBQ?

    All looks very salivating! Never done ribs myself - but certainly keen on trying out in my weber!
  7. @Runaway Here you go buddy - end game pre! [emoji6]
  8. Wow longest transaction on record surely at 1 year!! [emoji3] Great amplifier too - Melody are fantastic value.
  9. Why would you say this when at this price getting the 3rd channel for free!! Wow - this is a helluva lot of amp for under 3k , see so few Pass amps come up for sale normally!
  10. evil c

    Are GTG's becoming extinct??

    Possibly if there was a parallel universe! [emoji51]
  11. evil c

    Are GTG's becoming extinct??

    Sounds like a good excuse to get out of the house - I'm down for it, anyone else? @Kaynin @agelessgoodguy @joz @Quark @blybo
  12. As a long term buyer from Selby over the Years, and currently looking to buy a motorized Cinema screen from their range - will be there !
  13. evil c

    BMW M135i

    Course he is - he's a mod after all ! [email protected]