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  1. I fully understand it mightn't look aligned properly, however with the huge amount of wiring and cables to fit so many components - I decided to allow room behind the entertainment unit to access and brought it forward. Believe me, I have tinkered with the distances and am very happy with how it sounds and looks. 😊
  2. Thanks but I don't do "fads" - but I do employ known formulas and calibration with my ears. It is an illusion due to the rack being set back further than the entertainment console. The speakers are set at 85cm and 77cm from back wall, due to my seating position being slightly off central and both are exactly 270cm away from my seat.
  3. Hey they're mine! 😄 Appreciate the endorsement and I can only add that the sky is the limit with using high level of equipment to try and extract their true potential! I'm getting very close and pinch myself every day, how fortunate I am in owning them. Honestly they go so deep down into virtually sub bass territory it can be scary, and some of the best mid I've heard. Look good with the grills on or off. Serenade, Ella, Duke , they all would be an asset for many high end systems. Few pics in their current home, sure many have seen them already - but for those that haven't .
  4. Cat Empire - good music to boogie to on a Saturday night!
  5. There can be problems accessing schematics from some reputable brands, so if the tech isn't an authorized repairer - then he might be poking around in the dark ! That is when a simple fault can turn into a major exercise trying to isolate or determine, and unfortunately if not properly done can cause major damage. In my case, tech sat on it for several months before a concerted campaign managed to rescue it. Contacted the manufacturer overseas, and asked for advice. They recommended their authorized repairer interstate - result was fully repaired within 2 weeks at a very reasonable price. Very happy with Caxton Audio in QLD!
  6. But money won out! 😄 Good luck with it all.
  7. Both of you stop it! I'll succumb to putting it on and risk destroying my new exxy cart ! 😟 Lovely looking deck @MattyW , I had a similar era Yamaha YPD-71 deck with identical arm to the GT750 /2000 decks and it used to track the 1812 cannons with ease using a Dynavector Ruby Karat. They seemed to throw extra money and quality into their products back then! Should of kept mine in hindsight.
  8. Yes it was a very enjoyable day after such a long sabbatical- the Holton inspired amp showed great amount of slam to drive the JBLS. Few pics of the day: Yummy meats Tubby I mean @Tubularbells on his 20th Chicken leg !,😄
  9. Yes brilliant combo, quality of their vinyl pressings doesn't always maintain a level you'd expect to showcase their music. Can recommend "Don't Explain" and "Black Coffee" however for the strength of the songs alone!
  10. As a frustrated musician, how about no! 😉
  11. Lexi soothed by dulcet tones! 😄
  12. Gorgeous amp, I heard a Pathos amp and they really do have a magical sound quality - if it hadn't of been already sold would have bought it! And these provide the proven superiority of a valve pre and SS power amp all in one !
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