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  1. Totally jealous, on my wish list! 😬 Edit: give you $65 fer it!
  2. Simple Aussie Day Holiday dinner, Piri Piri Chicken and Greek herbs with Himalayan lemon infused salt Chicken cooked in the Weber with wood chips . Served with baked Potatoes, Pumpkin and salad. Good as it needs to be! 😊
  3. Is that a fact?? Cheers bud, just back from there!,😀
  4. Simple fact is that vinyl sounds better , al ! 😬 Runs for cover.
  5. Might have to buy it now ,al - was gonna wait till the price dropped a tad first! 🤑 Pic quality looks superb however, so looks like a good investment! 😉
  6. Already done the pergola, carpet next plus new carport. But priorities must be adhered to!,😉
  7. By George you're right, the Linn really is overdue for some ultra exxy updates ! 😬
  8. I think that comment applies to all parts of a system . I updated a few bits on my Linn and very happy with it for a few years. That's like a lifetime to many hardcore updaters/ tweakers. 😊
  9. Great thing about LP12s, like Rega - is stock standard sound very good. If you want to throw money at them, bit by bit and get satisfaction plus notice the improvements - well no one's getting hurt! 😉
  10. I knew it!! 😄 Sadly distracted by other passions, with a dose of procrastination thrown in. All been there !,😉
  11. Yeah good memories being assailed by the Troels, looks like you still haven't replaced the plinth on the Technics TT @Sierra ! Are those blocks of wood for the project still in the corner? 🤔
  12. Album from my youth, still stands up very well! The Yes album - Warner Pioneer Japan pressing.
  13. evil c

    Tennis Talk

    You could well be right, however he can beat top 10 players on a good day - needs to work on his serve and build himself up, but certainly exciting to watch.
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