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  1. No Sanctuary here by Chris Jones on Stockfisch. The album is mainly like that, daggy musak style but one of the ultimate demo albums if that makes sense? Yeah I don't play it much either! [emoji53] 1539635504793
  2. More than welcome Ape Man! You know at your best behaviour - you're almost a decent human being. However there's something I can't quite put my "finger"on !??
  3. Sorry , it just looks like you do !
  4. Sure thing - grab a few McMuffins at Maccas around the corner! [emoji51]
  5. I have standards - no delivery to anyone you unappreciative prat Note to readers, this is standard blokey love banter - YM on way to evil Springs to collect plus spin some tunes over a beverage!
  6. I have standards - no delivery to anyone you unappreciative prat
  7. It will be waiting here for you to collect slack@rse! [emoji3]
  8. BTW forgot to mention, when I left The Taphouse they gave me a black jacket someone inadvertently left behind. Could it be our leaders?? @Marc Can be returned to it's rightful owner - for a very low fee! Failing that will be auctioned off as a pirate jacket. edit: Have now found it's owner, Joseph !
  9. A Satanic worshipper if that's of any help - disgraceful isn't he? [emoji53]
  10. It was indeed a fantastic night and everything from the food to the atmosphere was superb! I was shouted way too many drinks for my well being - and things went a bit crazy after midnight! Vaguely remember trudging many kms in search of a bar, till self realization no establishment would have allowed 5 raucously obnoxious drunks in! Think this pic captures the mood late in the night, early morning! Thanks to all for making it such a special night - and to interstate visitors for their dedication to the cause!
  11. Last call - waiting at the bar for kickoff !
  12. Reminder - the Saturday Night dinner at The Taphouse, scheduled for 6.30pm - a large group of us will be meeting up at the main bar of the Mercure Pullman by 6pm. From there we will be walking to the St.Kilda Rd / Mowbray St tram stop and catching the 6.16pm Route 67 Tram towards Carnegie and arriving at 184 Carlisle St. St.Kilda (The Taphouse) at 6.30pm. Entrees will be served from 6.45pm and mains at 7.15pm. Gonna be a massive night, can't wait! Have reproduced copy of the Journey Planner for everyone Start Print journey result Depart 6:16pm (1 min) By Walk Stop Map Depart fromSt Kilda Rd (x) Moubray St (East) (St Kilda), (South Melbourne) Arrive 6:17pm Arrive at26-Moubray St/St Kilda Rd (South Melbourne) Depart 6:17pm (8 mins) By Tram Stop Map Depart from 26- Moubray St/St Kilda Rd (South Melbourne) Take the tram towards Carnegie, Route 67 Arrive 6:25pm Get off at 35-St Kilda Rd/Carlisle St (St Kilda) Zone(s): 1 Operator: Yarra Trams Depart 6:25pm (4 mins) By Walk Stop Map Depart from 35-St Kilda Rd/Carlisle St (St Kilda) Arrive 6:29pm Arrive at 184 Carlisle St (St Kilda) Guests coming tonight are: @m8audio @surprisetech @Assisi @Luc & Egg @Black Orange @BruceS @yamaha_man & 1 @steffanth @Grizzly @Ian R-B @jakeyb77 @krebetman @Marc+ 3 @evil c @65eclipse @Sir Sanders Zingmore @Sirmorebeer @Sierra @Martykt @:) al Matt @blybo @Satanica @darth vader @Stump @Tubularbells @joz @scuzzii + 1 @todagt @Bass13
  13. You'd have to have deep pockets to afford them ! [emoji51]