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  1. evil c

    Where the Divas Sing

    Not surprised making it such a major project![emoji16]
  2. evil c

    Where the Divas Sing

    Congrats al - looks fantastic, and very good integration into the system!
  3. evil c

    Where the Divas Sing

    Jeez al - a backboard! !!?? You never do things by halves - a pre build pic etc. You don't need any advice other than to stop being so anal and get that TT on wall pronto ! [emoji2]
  4. evil c

    Where the Divas Sing

    Congrats al - you will be impressed by the difference! Never seen anyone hardly with a wall mount which I find incredible.
  5. evil c


    Well I'm glad getting the Kraftwerk PSU then - rather than the standard PSU you tried which Clay openly mentioned.
  6. evil c


    You have mail ! That is exactly the kind of endorsement / insight I needed. The Qutest is virtually an updated model from the 2Qute so should be the same - appreciate your input ! 👍
  7. evil c


    I can't say I know the meaning of the word "overkill" in this game ! [emoji53] Will be in touch via PM - cheers for the info !
  8. evil c


    Very interesting Clay , have been meaning to ask you about a PSU for my Chord Qutest which is 5V.
  9. evil c

    Bluesound Node 2i

    Yeah I did hear that regarding the inbuilt DAC.Look I haven't as the previous DAC while reasonable wasn't in the same ballpark as the Chord, so hasn't been on my list. For a fair balanced opinion, it would be a good idea to test it as many won't utilize an external DAC . I'll try to test it out in the next few days and report back. Anyone else tried / compared?
  10. evil c

    Bluesound Node 2i

    Welcome back improved version Sime - time to match up with your moniker yes! [emoji6]
  11. evil c

    Bluesound Node 2i

    Sorry took a while for the laughter to subside![emoji16] Early days as only had for a week , however immediate impression was a more organic analog sound with very good articulation - spreading instruments etc. very wide and with good interplay between the two channels! Bass was a tad more pronounced too - this is all via coaxial into a Chord Qutest DAC. I had doubts on whether it would be a step up sonically especially after reading the main improvements were with the wifi and interface however I'm seriously impressed with its performance! I had a lot of problems with maintaining a rock solid connection to my PC with the previous Node 2 , to the point of getting under the house and running a direct Network ethernet cable. It still didn't solve it, but happy to report all glitches seem to be gone with the 2i ! Ain't as good as the #vinyl rig - but it is certainly getting closer and can't say feel I'm missing out on much listening to the digital. # however to be expected with a much more expensive outlay compared to the Node 2i / Qutest combo. Same with comparing to CD , spent over a week pruning my CD library and ripping for the ease of streaming - and feel it was a very worthwhile exercise. [emoji6]
  12. evil c

    Streamer with Grunt

    We just have a standard Fetch box and I got sucked into a $20 a month package which is very similar to foxtel lots of channels but stuff all worth watching! Their other channels beside the FTA ones also mainly only have multi channel stereo , which doesn't cut it with trying to have a decent home theatre inc. Proper surround decoding. Netflix seems to be always dolby digital so full marks in that regard - picture quality on a 110" screen is consistently very good too!
  13. Exactly why you should buy it! Sometimes you have to spend money , to save - as in this case! Amazed still available.
  14. Just plain crazy cheap! I have exactly the same model JVC and these are superb projectors - very high entry level for someone at this price.