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  1. Item: Numark Turntable TT1650 with Audio Technica Cartridge Location:Glen Waverley Price: $120 Item Condition:very good Reason for selling:NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info:Have had this turntable for a few years and has a Audio Technica cartridge still in very good condition so would be a great introduction to a vinyl rig or could use it like I did solely for cleaning records on with a solution. This is a fully manual model with hydraulic arm lift and has IEC Power socket and RCA sockets for leads, both of which I'll supply so ready to plug and play. Pick up only. Pictures:
  2. Looking back at your post regarding cap wearers, you had more cheap publicity happening than you realized! @Hensa is a fanboi too! Even @djb resorted to crass comercialism ! TB raises an interesting point and one I also thought of: Many I'm sure would love to hear in their systems to determine if compatible , (inc. myself) and would be great if there was a central point / agent as it were, able to demo / loan a few of the models - not doubting their value for money at all as think it's excellent but still a sizable investment never the less.
  3. Loved both at the show so could be a heavenly combo ! Plus big on supporting and owning Aussie made.
  4. She's the last person you want to get it past ! [emoji53] If they notice later I point out how much better I've made the HT sound for such a small amount of money. [emoji5]
  5. Ok, have just tested out the 10P amp in my main system setup and sounds excellent for a sub $500 amp - that's for sure! Now willing to post interstate at cost. Will withdraw from sale and find a use for them if not sold in next few days.
  6. Indeed there is! However at 72w per channel his Rega should be enough power for his speakers. Mine at 100w would only offer minimal higher output volume.
  7. Hard to say but probably yes , only one way to find out!
  8. Xmas Party GTG Sat. 2nd December at evil Springs

    @Logicpr0be - was going to say by all means drop by until - - - Oh what the hell I'm a very forgiving man - just ask Luc ! [emoji4]
  9. Xmas Party GTG Sat. 2nd December at evil Springs

    Now now, old name for the region - some are behind the times and living in a bygone era! It's in the Parish of Syndal !
  10. Nah too good to relegate to a mancave! I have a beat up old Pioneer for that job. Or as I said good as an amplifier in a system or for home theatre. Will easily beat a lot of the big brands price comparison wise. Look the Arcam 10P normally are worth around $500 2nd hand - if anyone pays cash will throw in the 8P for the $500 .
  11. Audio Music 833M mono blocks

    Oh - damn it's not a pair FS 2nd hand! [emoji17] Has a few good valve jobs doesn't he? The AM 833S mono's are reference quality as have heard a fair few times at a members place with the Osborn Grand Monument reference. Hard to come back once seduced by the warm glow too - I know! [emoji53]
  12. Item : Arcam Alpha 10P Power amplifier 3 x 100w Location:Glen Waverley Price: $375 ($350) with Arcam 8P - $150 Total $500 together Item Condition: very good Reason for selling:fund Xmas GTG [emoji20] Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Have used this very successfully as part of a 7.1 home theatre setup for front 3 channels. I used an Arcam Alpha 8 Power amp for the side channels which I'm also selling here Plenty of power on tap and would also work very well as a dedicated 2 channel power amp in a stereo system. Quality British gear too with excellent sound quality in this price range. Preference given to selling both amps together - now willing to post at cost P i Item: Arcam Alpha 8P Power amplifier 2 x 50w Location:Glen Waverley Price: $175 ($150 with Arcam Alpha 10P) Item Condition:Very good Reason for selling:fund Xmas GTG Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: used as side amplifier and gain matched so works perfectly with the Alpha 10P. Preference given to selling with the Arcam 10P - excellent 5 channel home theatre amplifier solution on a budget. Pictures:
  13. Xmas Party GTG Sat. 2nd December at evil Springs

    Great there's all the newbies scared off running to the safety of - - no hang on we own them too, nowadays! [emoji54]