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  1. @scuzzii you are such a dangerous man to know, when alcohol or choice exxy vinyl is concerned!! 😂
  2. I'm so buying it!! 😀 I Robot on 45 is incredible, much better than my old MOFI 33 original Master, so hoping the same with this.
  3. Ended up buying a new 2mp camera and matching metal case/mount. Siliconed up enough to run the hose on it!😀 Just need to figure out how to get Wi-Fi happening with it. Plus several other settings. I need a geek badly around here! 😬
  4. A Wand arm hey ?? Good choice!! 😉
  5. @mwhouston is the guru on these l believe. 😉
  6. I tried to PM you but suspect your inbox is full. I can divulge that they are crazy good value for the quality of parts and construction. To the point of showing up many competitors !
  7. Good there is another foodie in our midst , well l can't be publishing pics of illicit substances can l ? 😉
  8. This is a valuable part of evaluating my system too! I add it to food and it works a treat!! 😊
  9. Probably around time for an update. Don't know if others saw my Xmas GTG thread, so I happened to finally get around to buying the matching Astor centre speaker with stand. It has certainly elevated my Home Theatre front end, with all matched speakers being in perfect harmony. Just need a few pairs of the Hulgich Ninas for surround would be the icing on the cake, however it is unlikely to happen. On the digital side, l converted the Lumin U1 Mini streamer by removing the internal PSU and fitting an external Sbooster linear PSU. Also recently bo
  10. @Assisi has left me feeling inadequate with my sole Renolabs!,😂 I have mixed feelings however on extra links in the chain, and fear I'd be confused by which was providing the most benefit. 😉 Very happy with how it's currently sounding, but would be interested in swapping over 1 or 2 only! 😬
  11. Oyaide are very good cables, have a few myself and very tempting to buy this!
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