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  1. They are very good, currently using in my system. Before I was using Transparent Musicwave plus which were a tad better than Nordost Heimdall 2 that I trialled. Still have the Transparent cables if you're interested, lot less than Foilflex but very close performance wise.
  2. Lot of SNA people like me have had multiple models of the Marantz surround Pre's- without a hiccup. Normally very reliable. 😃
  3. I was just trying to encourage some positivity by being negative!, Sunny days are back in the World's most - - - - now what was it again? 😄
  4. Wow!! I'm beginning to feel sorry I ever raised this topic, the level of negativity. Anyway I for one recognize what a ground breaking album ATD was, for all it's imperfections such as difficulty in sitting right through the whole album. I suspect a lot of people never really "get" this album, or have their systems setup well enough to appreciate the genius of the recording. Seems I'm one of the few keen on buying the new release. End of rant! 😊
  5. @Gee Emm up until a few years ago, I'd never sold off virtually anything- including vinyl. It just had to sit on the shelf, and take comfort with me occasionally glancing at it - and often with a reminisce of it's origins and settings in history. And there lies the rub, hard to give up on the memories often ! Although I did have a momentary epiphany, after someone politely suggested I traded my increasingly faded memories into cash! Worked out very well too, gave my system a big boost with new gear l bought. Need to make some hard decisions on latest to purge ve
  6. I tend to agree with you Russ. Last year made the big mistake of taking my amplifier to a well known repairer with a bad reputation for being slow or even not relinquishing items left with him. It took best part of the year to extract it from him, (unrepaired),after a concerted campaign of repeated contacting and visiting him. Sent it onto Caxton Audio in QLD and had it back very quickly. Felix's case is pretty mild in the scheme of things. Arthur and his Elektra amps have a fantastic reputation, and why I'm a proud owner of his Theatron amplifier.
  7. Wonderful album and a must have, right up your alley - Berlioz wrote this with notes, on it being based on an Opium overdose !, 😉 Read some of the notes on the back.
  8. Sounds like you embrace my motto, "nothing succeeds like excess" to an extreme level ! 😂 Your poor wife!! Recent pick up from Acoustic Sounds, bit of culcha - Berlioz, Symphonie Fantastique 45 speed.
  9. Good stuff Mike! 👍 But have you updated the feet to the IsoAcoustics Gaia 1 yet? 🤔
  10. @Esoterica Aim for the Hulgich Nina speakers, believe they're less expensive! 😉 I expect @HA_Nick has had to contend with a crazy period this year like many businesses.
  11. $125 U.S. ($175 Aust.) Plus freight. Much higher prices on eBay.
  12. I’m not one to argue with that statement! Here are a couple more pics . Recently changed the shorting plates between the speakers posts to some Nordost Norse 2 jumper cables and improved things noticeably. @HA_Nick believe you have better terminal plates available, we discussed a while back?
  13. It certainly is the benchmark standard, for demonstrating the amazing aural properties of Q sound. The opening Bill Hubbard track with the dog barking outside to your immediate right, is my go to calibration tool for adjusting speakers placement! Soul Cages is good, however inconsistent with the levels of Q sound used on certain tracks. And a lot less spectacular overall. I have a copy of Murray Attaway's - In Thrall that also employs it but at a similar standard to Soul Cages.
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