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  1. Fantastic projector, with a spare bulb it's a no brainer value wise! I paid a few hundred more for a low hour replacement X35. Won't last long if any prudent buyers out there.
  2. Had the honor of Jon bringing over his pre / power combo plus phono for a GTG , and can happily endorse their superb performance! Very clean, dynamic and natural sound.
  3. Afraid not at this stage, still for sale - pending pickup .
  4. Had a few nibbles / enquiries but still for sale. Really good sub for silly money !
  5. Certainly can recommend our very own @Tubularbells, he fixed my Meridian CD player with an unfixable stiff drawer! Works like brand new again! But it does get marginal being worth fixing the older gear that has a very low value on the current market. Poor old tech's often need to spend a few hours diagnosing the problem- ascertaining, (often a guestimate), on likely amount of time to fix plus cost of parts, then conferring with the customer if want to go ahead. In our throw away society , many aren't prepared to spend much - but us diehard audio fanatics often have a sentimental attachment to our gear so not clear cut. For me , the Meridian CD player was one of the best you could buy so it made economic sense to be willing to splash a few hundred on repair. I'm not a tech ,but having multiple issues or defects lessens the likelihood it's worth fixing especially something low in resale value. But only you can decide. 😉
  6. Item: Paradigm DSP - 3100 Subwoofer Location: Glen Waverley Price: $300 Item Condition: Very good Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Great subwoofer for home theatre or boosting 2 channel system. 10" driver ported down to 24hz spec few scratches and scuffs plus small hole on fabric of grill but hardly noticeable. Cash or bank transfer only - pick up only at this stage. Photos:
  7. I'm really excited, have a few of his albums that certainly highlight , although only touch on a small part of his broad repertoire of music! This one is worth seeking out- I picked it up at Audiophile reference recordings but don't seem to stock it currently.
  8. Just bought 4 tickets, whole family including my 2 sons wanted to come along - worked out exxy but the experience & memories are priceless huh??
  9. Wow absolute bargain with stands! Love the Vienna Acoustics, still have Haydn's I'll never sell !
  10. Sadly despite single tickets being pointed out to me by some kind soul, wife had made dinner plans in the interim so afraid not. 😦
  11. Standards have certainly slipped since I got involved, contaminating the analog only Church! [emoji16]Don't need to tell[mention=140952]darren69[/mention] how good the Meridians are, he's a convert. Speaking of which, this Ayon would be a good match with my 508.24 , reckon might top my Chord Qutest don't you think? Damn you Tubular bells![emoji849]
  12. Sadly I put up a WTB for tix to one of Herbie's shows - sadly none forthcoming and strangely not feeling comforted by your glowing praise! 😦
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