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  1. Any cyclists here?

    Pffftttt - @Luc is sourcing his file pics from the same dodgy place as @yamaha_man !! This is what he looks like for those who don't know!
  2. Any cyclists here?

    You do realize it would be extremely short lived in duration - first side road to pub or cafe I'd be exiting while your mob would be a speck in the distance! ![emoji6]
  3. Any cyclists here?

    You're lost to us here on SNA - only come on here to gloat how you've found a life "outside" !! [emoji3]
  4. Can't understand why it hasn't been snaffled - great Home theatre amps ! Lot of owners on SNA in the know.
  5. Elektra pre amp problem

    Good pick up Russ, Does sound like it could be a tube problem - possibly not seated in socket properly or could be failing. If it was me I'd get Arthur to give it a check over, then know if everything is up to spec. He doesn't charge like a wounded bull! [emoji4]
  6. Indeed I did spy these up FS and tempting at this bargain price! Not very common to see them come up in the classifieds too. End game for many!

    David has obviously taken leave of his senses selling these! [emoji12] If only I had the room to fit these and no impending divorce proceedings. [emoji53]
  8. Rancillio Silvia H E L P

    Need Western food - noodled and riced out after recent events !Burgers r us [emoji4] Besides it's a soup isn't it? Good enough perhaps for a toothless Nonagenarian? ?
  9. Rancillio Silvia H E L P

    Glad to hear back in action ! Youngest lad will be recommencing performances with 2 bands /ensembles at Melba shortly .
  10. FS: Tube Preamp Conrad Johnson PV11L

    All I know is a very good price for a valve pre, even disregarding such a fine brand like Conrad Johnson's - very tempting!
  11. Anyone else into BBQ?

    @Tubularbells - looks fantastic ! Bit of a dry rub applied by the looks? So your backyard is going to resemble a smokers graveyard with idle devices left to rust??!!
  12. Very rarely see these come up for sale - are they the same one's that have been on ebay for a while? GLWTS
  13. Google search is your friend - seriously solid case so I wouldn't be in any hurry to unveil.
  14. Let me know if you EVER decide to let them go! [emoji6]
  15. Yeah absolutely with the bass and transparency - very surprised to see this up again for sale so quickly!