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  1. And I blamed myself for your valve lust - al! Glad it's all come together and sure is a looker that Toob amp. 😊
  2. Wow, very rarely seen as end game!@Runaway 😉
  3. Amazing place@betty boop I walked through the Alfred Nicholas gardens recently and was appalled at the neglect to the exterior facade of Burnham Beaches. My wife and I went there for dinner 30 years ago and it was one of the most magical gastronomic experiences you could have ! Peacocks strolling around the gardens, with this opulent classic building and interior design like a time warp from the art deco period . One of the best dinners too , very memorable! Interesting times with how it will transform , and how committed they will be in expending a vast amount financially that it requires to restore properly.
  4. You need a device to stream it with - I recently joined up with Kayo at $25 a month, and as Fetch isn't compatible had to buy an Apple tv Set top box. Works very well and worth the investment.
  5. I disagree with everyone, compromise is good but on both sides of the equation. My marriage has worked out very well with respect being afforded, but in terms of allowing each other to have our own interests and hobbies . So if I've brought in gear to the house, my wife has initially grumbled at times, but she understands my passion and there's none of this : "either they go or you do!" histrionics ! It cuts both ways, I don't come down on her and same with me. Maybe I'm lucky, but you should be allowed to live a little at times. Think many give in too easy and becomes a dangerous precedent for the future! Keep em ! [emoji6] Just don't blame me for the divorce!
  6. Bah, you've only divulged the more mainstream mediocre ones! Mine was merely a tweaked version, no biggie ! 😉
  7. Sadly bought out by an Oriental, (can I still say that?) Company!
  8. Been awhile but just cooked a Bolar blade 2kg with a dry rub on the Weber. Rub was : some Cyprus smoked rock salt (from Aldi no less), Onion powder, smidge of Garlic, Black Pepper, Chili flakes, brown Sugar. Oh and a secret ingredient! [emoji4] OMG@Tubularbells I might try and patent this as an "evil rub", the smoky spicy flavor is to die for!
  9. Great amp, seriously good value for the quality! Clean as a whistle power too that will drive anything.
  10. That's my whole point, I am well aquainted with the Hulgichs specs - and like you I did the hard yards research wise. However you still have to get the speakers, and research plus recommendations will only get you so far. Good luck with the outcome anyway.
  11. very infectious enthusiasm for a hobby/ obsession close to all our hearts, as an Hulgich owner I can relate to some of your observations! I and [mention=258749]Mike13[/mention] own the Astor speakers, which are in fact the prototype for the Duke's you've put a deposit on, let me say they are nowhere near revealing their limitations without providing them the absolute best in terms of amplification and source. Plus you need to factor in they present a challenging load to many amps, with impedance dropping to below 4 Ohm, if I'm not mistaken - [mention=155941]HA_Nick[/mention] wil be able to confirm. Plenty of power ain't a bad thing with the Dukes! Unfortunately in this game, there are certain rules with diminishing returns the higher up you go - and to achieve those few % of incremental improvements you need to match carefully with complimentary or compatible components, including cables etc. But it's fair to say the limitations are more to do with what you expect or are content to live with, rather than what you can achieve with high performance audio! I suggest before committing to any specific brand/ model you read a few threads relating exactly to what you're currently experiencing, in terms of creating a system that will properly maximise a return for your expenditure, and highly recommend demoing in your home environment before splashing the cash! Welcome to the club ! edit: looking at the Audio- GD mono''s they seem to meet many of the criteria desired, however I''d still not buy until heard in my home with the Hulgich's. [/url]
  12. Don't think you necessarily need to copy it - however the larger power amp is probably a good template to use! Can highly recommend going the demo in your own home route, thanks to the many generous members on SNA. Sure a few will gladly bring over an amp for you to narrow down the choices. GTG , GTG !! Happy to have you over for another demo, or help in any way. Interestingly I never did a straight swap over from listening to one then the other before my sonic memory faded. And I did say to @todagt I'd be in no hurry to update, as the SST2 is such an excellent amp - however think a tad more resolution and clarity with maybe a hint more punch.
  13. Weeelll would have to sit on top of the Pass phono and as massive as that is - this is considerably larger so no dice.And most important to have good ventilation plus convenience of accessing rear of the amp for cable swapping etc. The CJ CT5 valve Pre has only been here a month so in no hurry to give it up! [emoji6] How's your setup going with the (newer) Astors, and change in amplifier?
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