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  1. Thought it looked familiar, can still recognize the lid and arm! 😄 Not gonna be much left of it's original guise - but sure it will be a kick@rse deck by the time it's finished , Alan. Although it could theoretically go through virtually limitless, after market mods or exxy Linn bits! ie: You know you want a Maglev ! Oh and a Keel, and Radikal - - - I saved money selling it!! 😬
  2. This is a cracking good cart for under $3k new , extracts so much detail from the grooves and dynamic in spades! Mine easily beat a Dynavector 20x20L, and would see off a fair few others . Don't see them come up for sale very often which tells you everything about how highly revered they are!
  3. I got into an argument with a guy at a party who was adamant my alloy fork legs, engine casings etc. on my Triumph Bonneville had been chromed. I tried in vain to argue that I'd hand polished with Autosol or Goddards Glow, too long to remember which!😄
  4. Just buy a tube of Autosol metal polish from any auto parts shop. Apply a smear on a cotton rag and work around the edge of the platter several times. Buff to remove residue with another clean rag , and should end up looking like this! 😉
  5. Beyond my level of expertise, asked two blokes to quote and they declined , steep slope and no foundation make it too tricky. 😧 Hilarious, should be a comedian! 😂
  6. Hmmm slightly above my budget, This might suit!😬 Could well be classified as a musical comedy I guess, or audio musical chairs ! Although no singing along allowed at evil springs! I got told off for merely talking at @Marc 's 😒
  7. Great idea- an anabranch as it were, with infinity pool incorporated! 😃 It's just the 2 metre rise that's gonna be tricky! Might need locks and weirs. 🤔
  8. Nice pinots!! Is there such an animal? Wife wants a water feature now, and an ornamental bridge - she wouldn't buy my argument that the Creek met the water category!
  9. Prepare for disappointment, however the fridge will be my ordained "minibar" ! 😃 Edit: it's not a one way street either, your turn TB !
  10. I'm planning on it being an improvement, without a water leak too! 😉 I'll just have to have a staggered 3 hour time slot! Or maybe 10 in and 5 out, or was it the other way around? 🤔
  11. Contraire Marty, Note the fact she is in every photo - as long as she is the centre of attention she's happy! 😄
  12. All good thanks, have some professionals on the case ! 😉
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