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  1. agelessgoodguy

    XLR Help wanted

    Some of our sponsers on here have a large range of imported quality head sets in very many styles to suit most buyers, have a look at Tivoli Hi-Fi for instance. Then there's guys on here selling good gear to like this set, https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/topic/262844-relistprice-drop-fs-focal-elear-headphones-with-dekoni-pads/
  2. Now I wonder where you recently heard one of these Clive LOL....
  3. agelessgoodguy

    F1 2019

    A bit of light reading about the likely top 3 teams cars/teams is here.
  4. agelessgoodguy

    Error F0446 - 4K UHD Unsupported

    Its actually a picture setting in your Foxtel box I suggest, just go the Settings-Advanced settings - picture, then look at the resolution box, after Foxtel do software updates (currently happening) it reverts back to AUTO there, just change that to 2160 and Bingo your away again, I've posted that fix for many on the Community Board for Foxtel too as a genuine fix. But naturally enough in this age its not 100% waterproof till you try it, lets know how you go mate.
  5. agelessgoodguy

    BMW M135i

  6. agelessgoodguy

    F1 2019

    So Dan's new livery was revealed today as are limited pics of his new toy, Seems he's become a Tiger (AFL) fan too hehe, Testing in Spain comes next.
  7. agelessgoodguy

    BMW M135i

    What's your choice for window tinting? What brand and colour, then why.....
  8. agelessgoodguy

    No more riding for me

    Sorry to see you bound up like that mate, what'd you hit first to create this mess? Tree and Bike will repair and grow again but your pride ... well that's another matter, take care and a speedy recovery.
  9. agelessgoodguy

    1 $ finds and misses

    I reckon you may be right so report it to mods eh?
  10. agelessgoodguy

    Bathurst 12 Hour

  11. agelessgoodguy

    Is this the best V8 soundtrack ever?

    another V8 song bird can be heard here
  12. agelessgoodguy

    1 $ finds and misses

    Many of us are trash and treasure, Salvo's and Vinnies sorters, looking for the elusive gold mine record, I hit it at the Salvo's a couple of days ago with a 45RPM version of "The Dream Academy"s Life in a Northern Town EP. Warner Bros. 0-20338, mx 210414 1985 WEA Recording, tracks are, Life in a Northern Town 7" mix, Poised on the Edge of Forever, Life in a Northern Town extended version and Test tape No. 3, nice broad sound field, nice clarity, big sound scape. Any one else have story or two to tell?
  13. agelessgoodguy

    Hi from New Norfolk, Tasmania

    Hi & another welcome, no answers to your question re centre speaker but I'love the pancakes at the trout farm nearby and those lovely manicured gardens........
  14. But given your down the end of a line in the beautiful Yarra Valley ensure you've got a GOOD STRONG surge protector fitted as well on the incoming mains line, Surges and lightening strikes, trees falling and the odd ballon dropping out of the sky could give rise to unwanted surges and beleive me that's not good. As to the Solar Panels creating noise they in themselves are DC power makers, making them clean of unwanted noise, but the Invertor or more precisely its quality/ specifications in trying to reproduce a 50HZ sine wave cleanly (to replicate real AC power) is where things can go awry. You seem to have worked out via better Power point extenders that the carrier frequency they use to transmit signals about your house can be overcome some by the Solar power invertor. Like Al miones fine from Solaredge too. Good Luck.
  15. agelessgoodguy

    BMW M135i

    new squeeze record, got 55.1 litres into mine when the car said I still had 20km worth left so it wasn't exactly empty.