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  1. A slight shuffle in the usual line up tonight for the Brit GP, Botas piped LH with CLec in third, SB on third row so pain already for him. Getting power down as leaving corners on the new tarmac had everyone dropping off the track a bit.
  2. Nearing 5K on my new machine already I only wish they'd given me a chance to change over to the 18" PS4's, its either the extra power now or the way I drive her that's lacking in the comfort of knowing she won't skip sideways when shoved a bit or spin wheels and make smoke as often. Interesting post by Al about Bridgestones attempt to drag us away from Michelin too, thanks Al.
  3. Al I had them on my old M135i that you liked when you drove her, so not sure we're talking the same tyre? alibi they S4's on the old girl were not the exact same size but wider on the rear which gave much more grip?
  4. The best race so far this year without doubt, Max Van did very well and while he did succeed in helping Charles Leclerc of the track some in the last few laps it was in no doubt that he was the driver of the day. Over heating issues saw both Mercs and Ferraris slowing down some to preserve their cars. Max's car engaged antistall on the starting line throwing back some 7 places at the begining which he gradually reduced through the race to take the lead and Dutch Orange delight. A day when those under 21 took the top prizes away.
  5. Austrian GP tonight is looking like a show stopper for once, Leclerc on P1 besides Max, Merc's make up line 2 but P3 is VB! Lewis is unhappy and grumpy, Oh dear!. Vettel has lost out big time, starting P9 after not running in Q3. So for a change the new boys are leading the charge, that's whats making this GP more interesting to me at least.
  6. Does anyone think DR was harshly done by for running off the track a bit to pass Norris on the last lap of the French GP? and again to pass Kimi a bit further down the road? He got 10 seconds either way.
  7. Two thoughts on this one Desap, is repairing the old amp a proposition? if not and looking for a good bit of Kit get hold of Arthur Rappos in Hawthorn/ Camberwell area in Melbourne he make amps to suit clients needs and cannot be eaten for quality and sound performance easily, I think currently Melbourne Audio in Hawthorn are selling his gear, others may corrrect me. He's very well known for his Electra range of amps and definately make stereo units as well as other bigger milti channels ones too. Good Luck and enjoy your up coming change.
  8. Something to consider Chris, I'l keep an eye out then
  9. A week into my new drive I thought it time to post some comparions bewteen the old 2013 M135i and the new 2019 M140i I've just managed to put on 500km since last Tueday when I picked her up from LiquidR in Nunnawading who did a splendid job of ceramic tinting and coating inside and out along with wrapping the canards silver bits and the side mirrors silver bits too, so the front on view of her is now more matched to the shiny black grill I think. The noise level inside and out has dropped some what, the wife doesn't complain now about hearing me coming and going but then I'm driving to keep the revs below 2000 ATM. The most noticeable driving difference is the programming of the drive by wire accelarator, its not anywhere near as aggresive as before. That's not to say there isn't more grunt BTW. I ordered the beige interior again as it looks nice and smart and with the proofing should last the distance like the old one did, the main immediately noticeable difference is that the floor and lower doors has come in black now so more serviceable and contrasts nicely with the beige door inserts. Ride wise this new car is softer and quieter on all surfaces, I'm still learning its limits as to be expectted, even in sports modes, yes I've used them all Sports mode instrumenets are about double the size now making it easier to see when old like me! Not sure what to do with a mouse you can scribble on to make images on the nice touch screen, maybe do drawings for clients perhaps if I don't get the shakes first! The plethra of choice when it comes to dialing in the sound system Computer, Phone and Internet connection stuff could take pages to write about, nothing like this existed on the old girl. I'm not sure I like that when punching in a dialled phone number if one hesitates for too long the car system assumes you've made a mistake and auto erases the last digit, driving along a city road with lots of traffic lights it took a while to beat the bloody thing to get 8 digits done, two digits in catching red light, drive away till next red, oops its gone again, follow me? LOL I'll just have to use voice commands then... Tyres wise I've got the standard offering 18" pilot super sports which I'd love to swap out for the S4's as soon as possible. Like those S4's a lot gives a better feel to road position and of course keeping the back end pointing where its supposed to be going (mostly)...... Lastly for now is the engine g'box combo and as its so nearly identical as before and not pushing it towards that red line its just too ealy yet to make any in depth comments save to say there's more on tap from the engine. it just comes about differently now, not as go-kart like urgent.
  10. Well the take away from this F1 Canada event is how the stewards can change a winner. Seb led all the way but because of a slip on the grass and re-entering the track sideways causing an optimistic Lucas to try and pass which later turned into a 5 sec penalty giving Lucas the win and Seb second. It was fun to see how the crowd cheered Seb on as he changed the place placards in front of the cars in Terra Firma too. The look Seb gives Hamilton in the cool down room is firece and angry for sure. DR came in sixth just ahead of The Hulk and for one neither Renault broke down. Norris car had a rare rear end failure that saw his RR brakes catch fire and off he went for the day otherwise it was a clean race without any safety cars called for.
  11. it was interesting enough to keep me till 12-30, but I just had to get some sleep so watched the last 40 laps the next day, Max certaily kept the race interesting enough by pushing Lewis for a long time but Lewis is a very smart driver and had all the tools to keep him at bay. Leclerc just tried to prove otherwise on what's already know, if you start near the tail end you finish there also in Monaco, but it was fun till he clipped an inside corner barrier...... Also noted some Australian TV coverage gave Ricky a 15th place when it was ninth, MAYBE THEY DON'T KNOW HOW TO READ CAR NUMBERS?
  12. Did anyone else notice last night via the Foxtel 4 K presentation of the GP how they blew the sound? For around 20 laps they only had the commentary sound turned on, then they suddenly turned on the effects mike, that was near Midnight, I thought the cars were coming through the walls then (7 speakers system & big Subby) and rapidly dropped the volume for those still sleeping, about 5 laps later they reverted back to the commenatators sounds only?
  13. Another good track but faster and different to Monaco for sure....
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