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  1. From F1.com we get......... The warm weather combined with softer tyre compounds at last weekend’s 70th Anniversary Grand Prix at Silverstone created a perfect storm of conditions to spice up the race. And with similarly hot conditions expected in Spain, the hope is for more of the same this weekend… That will be a recurring theme through the weekend, with conditions expected to get even hotter – hitting 32C tomorrow and Saturday, before dropping a single degree on Sunday. And while the tyre compounds are one step harder in Barcelona – versus Silverstone – they’ll still be a huge factor – as this track is punishing on the rubber.
  2. What @murmax says is on the money, The engine is not a likely candidate for spending money on, the gear box is good for around 350,000, Rotors will go to about 150,000 or so depending on your use style, The drivers seat bolster will wear some through entry and exit crushing, the rest doesn't seem to go wrong at all or very often, Sounds simple and it is, if you even thought of comparing the Holdens to the BMW's servicing thing its nothing like the same, and nothing like the fun either for that matter. Its just you haven't had the chance too yet..................... Are you able to take the M135i for an extended run with the owner beside you or better still without?
  3. I regularly buy hi- res .wav tracks form them with my Account but I do also use my VPN to tell them I'm in Gotham city! Or get it sent to a friend over there works too. There's a company in L.A, that is set up to do US sales/purchases and forward them on too for a rather small margin as long as your not in a hurry. Milo's K 's stuff is very nice but not so sure of his Latin album. or use this link to get 20% off on rock style music from the '70's but only till midnight US time
  4. In their Audiophile section at least for a short time they are giving a 30% off deal..... have fun.
  5. and that's why we love it, discuss and post about it lads and ladies .....
  6. Yep Al's on the money niterida, while the M135i is fun & lovely car when you move into an M140i the higher level of refinement it brings , the extra smiles and the extra grunt you'll just love which ever you can afford. Your question about mileage is not really a question, because once you've moved into the BMW family you'll quickly discover just how well and determined to have you happy BMW are; it becomes obvious that they do last and last; at only 135000 odd km that car isn't even half way through its working life, from many experiences with this brand I can say at around 350,000 km its likely you'll start spending money on seals and gearboxes not counting normal wear and tear items. My words should be noted to be coming from someone who clocks up around 500-750 km /week atm so a lot of regular driving which does the car good. Its a known fact that cars driven short distances infrequently will deteriorate faster through levels of corrosion in some parts too, so have that thought in your mind but that doesn't only apply to BMW's its across the brands. I passed my M135i on at around 240,000 km in 4-5 years, if I recall correctly, to my car's BMW mechanic who then ran her for a few months to pass it on again to its third owner just so he could enjoy it and make a small profit over what he paid me, and he gave a six month warranty! The M135i has a known issue with an engine fixture called a charge pipe that's made from plastic and can break causing strange power deficiencies. Mine cost around $875 to repair but Chris above on here, when his went, brought a non BMW part and saved a lot but ask him if he'd do it again that way? So in summary why haven't you got her home already I ask? its a real no brainer, what colour and style? Good luck and enjoy an "Ultimate Driving Machine"
  7. So is every one happy Max one, yes of course we are, it livens up the paddock some when things like over heating tyres affects a leading contender, especially when one considers the next two races could also be on literally "Hot" tracks again. 😁
  8. So now we know why we love our rear wheel drives boys...
  9. Tonight's race has promise for a great event, one could imagine the two Mercs falling off and into each other again at first bens,then it would be simply great racing with many even Steven teams to watch. The Hulk certainly has been impressive and so has our Ric, lets hope his bag of bolts in back stays true........ The line up is F1 70th Anniversary Grand Prix qualifying grid results Cla Driver Chassis Engine Time Gap km/h 1 Valtteri Bottas Mercedes Mercedes 1'25.154 249.049 2 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes Mercedes 1'25.217 0.063 248.865 3 Nico Hulkenberg Racing Point Mercedes 1'26.082 0.928 246.365 4 Max Verstappen Red Bull Honda 1'26.176 1.022 246.096 5 Daniel Ricciardo Renault Renault 1'26.297 1.143 245.751 6 Lance Stroll Racing Point Mercedes 1'26.428 1.274 245.378 7 Pierre Gasly AlphaTauri Honda 1'26.534 1.380 245.078 8 Charles Leclerc Ferrari Ferrari 1'26.614 1.460 244.851 9 Alex Albon Red Bull Honda 1'26.669 1.515 244.696 10 Lando Norris McLaren Renault 1'26.778 1.624 244.389 11 Sebastian Vettel Ferrari Ferrari 1'27.078 1.924 243.547 12 Carlos Sainz Jr. McLaren Renault 1'27.083 1.929 243.533 13 Romain Grosjean Haas Ferrari 1'27.254 2.100 243.055 14 Esteban Ocon Renault Renault 1'27.011 1.857 243.734 15 George Russell Williams Mercedes 1'27.455 2.301 242.497 16 Daniil Kvyat AlphaTauri Honda 1'27.882 2.728 241.319 17 Kevin Magnussen Haas Ferrari 1'28.236 3.082 240.350 18 Nicholas Latifi Williams Mercedes 1'28.430 3.276 239.823 19 Antonio Giovinazzi Alfa Romeo Ferrari 1'28.433 3.279 239.815 20 Kimi Raikkonen Alfa Romeo Ferrari 1'28.493 3.339 239.652
  10. I'm expecting to do first brake pad change at around 110,000 km honest! if your car has good steering why use brakes? Going for a 5-5.5 hour drive tomorrow up to Shepparton and back for work should be able to rub off some of the green rubber, by the time I'm home again.....
  11. From the Pilot sports (original tyres) I got 43,000 kms same roughly as I'd got out of the M135 so the extra M140i grunt didn't make any difference driven fairly hard in both cases, from my previous experience from the S4's I expect to loose about 1000 km less but get the extra fang they give the car, time will tell.
  12. well the British GP may have gone to the best car & driver combo but the tyres situation is looking dicey for the whole race after what happened to too many cars at Silverstone & did Max throw it away by pitting near the end as he did? We'll never know but is definitely a possibility. When was the last time anyone saw the winner cross the line with a flat tyre? And they are back there again next weekend for the 70th anniversary GP whoa bet Pirelli are worried.
  13. So you'd do the same again Chris?
  14. First major service today (43,000km) came out with the following issues, one not nice one and the rest expected. I'd noticed that when backing up on full lock to the right and then as the steering wheel started to return there was a thud sound and matching vibration in the steering wheel, I told the dealer about it and off course it wouldn't repeat once the car warmed up. It turned out the Struts top bearing units on both sides are wearing and under warranty will be replaced in another visit next week. As expected I was informed I need a new set of tyres now. Not that I hadn't noticed how much easier I could spin up the back wheels now that the tread markers are showing some he he. Windscreen glass could be repaired to remove stone / sand marks but other wise shes all good. New S4's ordered today too, that'll be the end of power sliding for a while.
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