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  1. It'll slice through thoughs no worries.........!!!!!
  2. I see that answer bringing out many safety cars though when pit crews wrongly guess the distance left in their expiring battery packs..... just saying
  3. I think its likely to be a reserved space in the pits, where the EV car stops and something like the car lifter comes up from below, auto attaches to the battery and bingo the old is gone and the new one slides into the lifter and up again into the car, with automatic controls this could easily be done in say 5 seconds to about match the tyre changes or say the caliper changes in play now.
  4. But maybe a battery swap out pack isn't beyond the rules (obviously needs some major re-design thinking but not impossible, it works with battery drills every day now....
  5. Here's the track agenda for this season guys and gals. Only a month to go before Melbourne starts the season off again, yippee..
  6. Not in BMW's though Neil its immediately available after starting up the car. No cables required either.
  7. Whilst not exactly staying with this end of the speed camera fiasco I thought that Victorian motorists used to keeping watch for cars parked unusually at roadsides and looking for the Infrared camera device poking out the front (our usual down here, might be surprised to learn that today on the Frankston Freeway was a dark grey VW Golf hatch tinted dark windows etc, with cameras and all set up in its back so it got you slowing down for the strange car braking furiously now. Those from QLD are used to such rear firing camera cars but with signs on them telling you they are camera cars but down here that's very new, they were always front firing. Any one else seen this.... or got something to add?
  8. Seems he's got inner tyre issues and fell 25 mins behind, bummer & at end of S7 1 hr .27 mins behind I think I saw.
  9. Sounds like its a trip to the repair centre for a service rather than a parts machine to me. Good Luck.
  10. Well spotted, Argh but what Brand of Beer????
  11. & I thought he was going to have his inside leg measured by the tailor, seems I was wrong....Getting a bit off track now....
  12. In addition to the "tricks I described earlier I have also fully calibrated my speedo so I know near as damn it my real speed at 100 kph mine reading 3 k fast.
  13. Driving over 45- 50,00km/year/decade in Melbourne alone gives one a fair sense of current state of play between professional drivers like I guess I am, and the casuals, using the GPS local road speed indicator immediately gives you the right oil on the current speed limit to use, the Cruise control being able to work from a low 30Kph to 260 is handy, and the way to read traffic flows is a science in itself. The cruise does use the back brakes to keep overrun speeding under control, Using the cars ability to operate in economy mode helps use less fuel and in a car lie mine tames it down from being so eager to just GOOOOO, this is my play most times on the freeways where one is lucky to break past 50km all along the Monash in a morning drive. But that doesn't protect me from nit wits pulling out from side roads into 80KPH roads and immediately taking up residence in the middle lane whilst every one swings left and right to avoid the bastards. Nore the rapidly approaching motor bike lane splitting, no wonder so many of them are making their names stand out on the list these days, not that I don't like a ride but gees boys think a bit first. Rant done
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