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  1. Here are two You tube videos which explain more on Quad. V1 and V2 for those not across it all. cheers.
  2. It doesn't take much imagination to visualise the recording engineer playing with the 4 channels available to give what he considers is the right mix of front rear and left right sounds before making the pressings is it. After all that was what they were trying to do. It was early days for the separate channel technology quad opened up, so a bit like Pink Floyd themselves they experimented some.
  3. Its fairly obvious that the recording with 4 tracks is somewhat "missing in areas" especially when the sound output in stereo goes down to nearly zero, so its not much good as a stereo LP in this case. A Black 2M Ortofon.
  4. In a recent swap meet with fellow "Stereornetters" amongst a bundle of well worn albums I brought for a small amount, was a falling apart sleeve of Pink Floyds Wish you were here album (not the right sleeve for this release either), but some one had blacked out the stereo marks on the spine, when I took it out of the sleeve I discovered its an Australian CBS 1975 release of the above but in Quadraphonic recording style. It plays right through Ok without pops at every rev, buts not in the greatest condition with some surface scuffs and scratches. Having a look on Ebay (where else) and Discogs I was amazed to see how much such recordings could bring $ wise. Any one out there in this group might be interested in this copy? It doesn't sound the best when played on a good stereo player as the recording technician has been twisting the dials some and so the sound volume varies from nearly inaudiable to full blast on various tracks. so over to you for your thoughts please....
  5. Run every year now for ages is the "worlds greatest drag race" naturally in the US but fun to look at anyway.
  6. Thanks for reminding me Al of those nasty shocks! But seriously in the 21 years living at that home, we had two massive electrical events, one a lightening strike on large gum tree in the front yard, it having a telephone line passing through it gave the lightening free entry to the house, didn't even hear the damage occurring, but 3 TV, modems, PC's, telephones, TV aerial amps and other gear, so you get the picture. The same tree featured in another event this time even more dramatic a few years later on. The tree at about 60' of height had started to split down its centre so we arranged to have United Energy take it down, yes we'll do it next week, then next week etc, but a gale force wind came and blew a large section of the tree out into the street one evening, On its way down the tree branches picked up the 22000 V power lines and then still falling laid them onto the 415 volt domestic supply lines, there were plenty of blue bright sparks that night as everything went quiet. Several homes along the road nearby lost everything electrical, but thanks to that trusty Surge protector Al posted a pic of we had minimal damage. My 7 channel Electra amp seemed to be a victim though, so reluctantly and with a high degree of concern went down to visit Arthur in Hawthorn. He was very interested to see how his design had taken the shock so to speak, after few checks he simply replaced one cartridge fuse and announced it was "fixed". He was non the less amazed at the way his design had taken the blast, pointing out it was the first time someone had tested his design in this way! I don't want to be his guinea pig again and like AL I've also had new surge systems fitted to my new home (without tall trees this time)
  7. Dan's story on this is here What McLaren say is here What Vettel said is here What you say is ????
  8. Further information: This system is built in France by Cabasse who are famous for their speaker work and uses Two ball, yes round, coaxial satellite speakers that attach to their mounting posts via strong magnets allowing them to be set up on shelves or hung from ceilings too, they weigh in at about 1.3 kg each and are about 140mm diam. These connect up via plugs and cables to the back of the down firing subwoofer that is mounted inside a full gloss black housing of 330 x 330 x 330mm dimensions and weighs about 11.5 kg. Power rating is 25 watts for the satelites and 85 W for the subby. Frequency range is said to be of the order of 35- 22kHz. Connections are digital optical in or RCA, Sub has volume control, a trigger input and the remote control has many control and setting options as well. Selling only because we live in a small townhouse now and wifey doesn't like gear hanging around that not being used. Its main use would be similar to a sound bar for a TV but having much better thump capacity if wanted. In the UK they sold for One thousand pounds! Does it sound good well yes of course it does. More pics of a similar unit here but note this blokes one has been scratched mine is fine. A review is available here for those who want to practice their French! Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  9. Just in respect to each cable the easiest way is to use a simple multi meter turned to ohms or conductivity measurement, then put one lead onto one end of one cable's say pin one, the other lead onto the same pin position on the other end of the cable being tested. if the meter shows a low reading of ohms <2 ohms say or yes to conductivity, then one can say definitely that, that piece of wire going from pin one (as an example) is going to the same pin number at the other end inside the cable. Do this test for as many pins as each cable is carrying and then you've answered the question about the connections etc of that particular cable, but I have a feeling that's not all of your issues here Sir. If you haven't got a meter and don't want to use one then with a bit of mucking about you can also use a single torch globe, two pieces of copper wire and compatible battery to the globes voltage to test with instead, the lamp glowing when the circuit is correct between pins. Again good Luck.
  10. I'd have ago at using a piece of insulated copper wire to connect the frames of each component wanting to be used together securely such that the opportunity for a potential difference is minimised at least as a starting point Sir. good luck.
  11. good stuff Al I'm glad for you that you took my advise and ran around the block a couple of times in my meany first...... LOL
  12. Tar mate will try it out,how's your beasty going? got 34,000 km coming up on mine now as works continued flat out during the virus shut down so I haven't really felt it at all or caught it either for that matter. Got a PS4 tyre price and found they'd be about $100 saving over the price of the last set on my M135i so nice to know when the time comes, my right rear is suffering the most do you know why
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