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  1. And so they have settled on November the 21st for our next GP in Melbourne now, it'll mean we miss out on seeing the new cars for the season starter and by then the world Champ could be nearly decided & #1 manufacturer too. Officials say........... "The operation of the four-day Grand Prix event at Albert Park will be subject to prevailing public health conditions and advice from the Chief Health Officer, with infection prevention and control at the centre of all decisions," the media release said. "Quarantine and other aspects of the Grand Prix will be
  2. it just had to happen, good luck to him.
  3. Gees Marc your fast out of the blocks starting this thread before the end of the year, beat me by 3 weeks HaHa. But then you do own the site too..... I agree with your summary and yes the most interesting initially will be Dan's new team/car/ presence.
  4. And so another season ends thanks boys for your astute contributions, teams refreshed and anew next year, different regs & cars to some extent too, lets hope the competition to Mercedes improves eh? Go Dan.
  5. A not so exciting race this last one for the year, Max led all the way winning easily, in control at all times, the Merc boys were down on power to conserve some worn parts and finished as they started, Dan got fastest time on the last lap and did really well to use his hard tyres for 40 laps or so to jump up the placings thanks to poor Perez's transmission failure bring on a safety car early on. 96 Days till we're back in Melbourne hopefully and a 23 race season to boot. Who'll be taking charge next year?
  6. @kazz mentioned a little while ago is of the female gender boys so be nice OK........
  7. Too true..... A link to Alonso's drive Qualifying results link But guess what Max is on pole, Dan lost out on Q3 and more...
  8. So Bottas remained fastest in FP2, Lewis thinks his car has been changed some how, but Kimi took the stage in a firey way........... from Fox news Kimi Raikkonen lived up to his famous nickname as ‘The Ice Man’ on Friday when, 12 days after Romain Grosjean’s fireball crash in Bahrain, he coolly climbed from his blazing Alfa Romeo and helped firefighters put out the flames. Not even a stubborn radio cable connection in the cockpit, which required persistent tugging, could ruffle his composure in practice for this weekend’s Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. The fire erupted behind him when the
  9. & right now P1 is running in Abu Dhabe with yep Bottas fastest, but Lewis hasn't made an appearance yet nor Dan.....
  10. And to add more speculation into these pages lets try this one.............. Vettel will be leaving Ferrari at the end of this year. Who'll get his drive and .....? Where will he head too .......?
  11. more conspiracy theories are about than just the one above...... from F1 news The Express are reporting that “last month, Bottas’ Instagram bio had a tag to Mercedes’ F1 account – but that has since been deleted. “Meanwhile, Russell has also removed all mention of Williams from his bio, which now just reads ‘Formula 1 Driver’.” This is the sort of thing that occurs when a footballer might be on the brink of a transfer, so does it suggest that Russell may be about to displace Bottas at Mercedes for 2021? But Wolff also said of a potential all-British line-up of Lewis Hamilto
  12. Wow Wow Wow, no one could have guessed that Perez as good as he is and knocked into last place at the start of this race could win today but he did, yep a Stirling effort, next surprise is Ocon coming in second, Then came Stroll, so Racing Points best day ever, Sainz next then Dan. Who'd have thought the Merc's boys could mix up tyres and put Botta's tyres onto Russell's car but they did, Russell easily led for almost all the race then took off and almost took the lead again only to catch a leaking rear tyre puncture, he did finish with best driver of the day and some points but truly deserved
  13. Guess its no real surprise but the Silver Arrows set a scintillating pace in qualifying, with the top 10 separated by less than a second. Valteri just piped George by 0.02 secs Max came along third. Charles was a surprise fourth giving hope to Ferrari, Perez ever the hopeful was 5th. George certainly looks the goods for his first race in the Merc and tonight's race will have more viewers than normal I feel.
  14. from f1 news.... George Russell showed why many in the sport believe he has a big future in the sport after upstaging Mercedes teammate Valtteri Bottas and everybody else when he recorded the fastest time in both sessions at the Bahrain Grand Prix. Filling in for seven-time champion Lewis Hamilton who was ruled out with coronavirus, the 22-year-old Brit recorded the fastest lap this season with 54. 713 and was well within the time set by Niki Lauda with the fastest lap pole time in Formula One, set at the 1974 French Grand Prix. Looking forward to qualifying are we ???
  15. Its interesting how the turn on the wheel of life can have so many ramifications, take Lewis's predicament now for example, he was on course to take the crown for most wins in a season and now he's an isolated spectator, Lost his drive next week, possibly infected many of his beloved crew, caused Mercedes many head aches (no pun intended) and the list goes on. But we wish him well, the reports are that he's only got a mild case, but a reminder of how testing can be deceptive too as he says he's had four tests and came up negative in the past week then bingo he wakes up with Covid19 symptoms et
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