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  1. DR got ahaead in Q3 and starts in 7th place behind the usual faster cars.... Hulk is 8th.
  2. is definately coming to an end of this particular era but they haven't stopped making them yet, Mines still to be made and dated....
  3. Reading HiFi news from The UK today I noted this interesting and simple concept about audio earthing so with out any further ado Here's a link to the item and another on a review of same. I'm not connected in any way to this item either. But it is interesting so those with more knowledge may care to comment on what seems like a filterbox of sorts.
  4. what a surprising event it turned out to be, never a dull moment until the last 3 laps actually when the crew finished behind a safety car. My prediction about CL proved to be true till late in the race when his pedals fell off some what. Dual failures at renault on the same lap and nearly the same place must be some sort of record that no one would want to claim. Max did his best to chop up others and nearly suceeded. But it was very eventful and fun to watch more than once, what'd you think?
  5. yep a front row clean sweep, must put a snarl on Toto's face eh? But will they let SV remain in second place for the whole event, or perhaps CL will just run away and SV will spin out again on turn 10? For sure the Merc duo will be doing all they can to catch up. Meanwhile DR is languishing down the wrong end again, but the Hulk is even further down. Not stopping up to watch it live going to play it a 6 in morning instead.
  6. Practise is on now for the next race, any predictions ?
  7. A member on here operates a Freight company called Kiwi freight out of L.A. that usually brings in cars as I recall and puts suitable sized packages within them to save on space, I found them VG for USA imports myself.
  8. And after just 220,000 km my consumption average driving just around Melbourne mostly has arrived at 8.7 lt/100km Al, so It would seem I'm driving it a bit harder each day and I'd agree with that LOL.
  9. Any one know an ashphalt repair team we can send down the main striaght at A.P. just near the pits entrance, seems there's a crevice there that needs attention.... It was indeed an interesting race where we all learnt something about teams and drivers, some of which will be carried into the next races and other stuff silenced as quickly as possible. Welcome back F1.
  10. Err my 4K is a Sony 75" and with Foxtel giving me 6 months free 4k and free IQ4 box I've not much to complain about (been with them for 20 years +) as for the picture let's just say we hardly move away from any 4 K video pictures, buy only 4K blurays and enjoy the better sound available when it comes, so yep a big fan here...
  11. Mines so old it didn't come with that lot LOL, but who else has knocked up 220000km already? As for the Stop Start, 'Cos I never had the chance to play with it, I've just accepted the lower noise level every time she shuts down and the bloody nuisance cut off of the radio when it re-starts, (fixed on later model I understand). Hadn't thought about the blacking light being dim just use feel LOL, Oh and parking sensors but then again I've been guilty of clobbering small items out of sight till I found them squashed.....
  12. Totaly agree, lets hope he died happy eh?
  13. the things you guys play with, goodness graciuos, is there no end to it I ask? LOL
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