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  1. Vinyl at HK HMV

    speaking of HMV, their Online and membership seem to have been taken over, here's a copy of the notice I got tonight boys. Dear Valued Customer: Thank you for your continued use of “LAWSON-TICKET & HMV” formerly, HMV ONLINE. HMV Membership is scheduled to be discontinued as of November 1, 2017 and will be transferred completely to “LAWSON WEB Membership”. Thank you very much for your patronage over the years. “LAWSON WEB Membership” offers ticketing service “LAWSON-TICKET” and various services run by LAWSON Group along with the services already offered to you via HMV ONLINE. (Please note that some of the services are not available for customers residing outside of Japan.) We are encouraging customers to consider transferring accounts at this time. Moreover, we are happy to let you know that you will receive a 300 Yen worth coupon to your account in thanks to your continued use of our services after transferring your account. * Your transfer will be completed just by clicking the link below. * Please read and agree to the “LAWSON WEB Terms and Conditions of Membership” beforehand. *The link is valid until 11:59pm, October 31, 2017.
  2. Custom Perspex Cover

    Try KAYENDEE in 24 Lacey Street Croydon 3136 they made a couple for me this year, all good. (03)9722 8939
  3. F1 2017

    Waving blue flags boys, ease up and let it pass!
  4. F1 2017

    Ok The safety cars come out now, time to cool down OK?
  5. Subaru Levorg MY18

    We've used Subarus as service vehilcles for years, buy then second hand for around 5-7 K put a couple of hundred on them and funnily sell them foronly a very minor loss, strong and dependable come to mind, just a little bit thirstier 'cos of the constant 4 wheel drive set up, but easily made up for in the wet. I agree with Al on the M135i gearbox though, my 8 speeder M135i is just superb, and yes its downhill brakes too using the rear brakes not the GB so saves on engine wear when using cruise control only.
  6. Bought 2 new cars this week

    certainly drive mine a lot more that's for sure, part of the job........ driving that is..... Anything serious broken down on yours yet? That your prepared to admit to ( LOL)
  7. F1 2017

    Not too much interest in todays Japan GP if Hamilton gets away as he's easily fastest there after breaking the track record by 2 seconds in qualifying. And as predicted he did win with the 2 Red Bulls second & Third (D.R.) But it looked like Max coud take Lewis until a safety car intervened.
  8. Bought 2 new cars this week

    How many clicks ya got on the gently driven A45 Ken?
  9. Oppo Uhd 4K Player

    By these 2 replies am I assume it doesn't happen on your Oppos or you didn't try this out boys? Firmware is the lastest D/L Disc was Kingsmen.
  10. Oppo Uhd 4K Player

    OK here's another glitch check for newer Oppo owners to test. With your Oppo turned on in standby mode just press and open the loading door and insert a 4K movie, then wait, when the main opening screen shows up on your video source look at the symbol to see (in my case) that he player says there's no Blueray inside, but just open and close the door again and hey presto by magic there's one in there now. How come?
  11. Ugly stick

    Hey Al this is the Australian outback version that front is designed to catch grass hoppers! But will it work?
  12. If you have the time take a wander upstairs at Tivoli Hi-Fi at their tradeins second hand offerings too, many a real bargain in there, ask for Geoff. They are good sponsers on here too.
  13. Oppp HP1 Headphones and HA1 Pre Amp.

    Perhaps use the copy paste to make a new Ad in the appropriate pages then use edit to delete all the existing post I guess, or you could send marc the owner a PM asking hime to help you out Twaino. I' not the best person to help on this subject, but good luck with your sale once you've got it up properly.
  14. Oppp HP1 Headphones and HA1 Pre Amp.

    This is a sales advert and should be in the appropriate for sale section not here, just so you learn mate.
  15. Which Dab+ Tuner Network player?

    Obviously there's an opening for this in Wagga then, go see the manager of ABC local and see if they'll let you stream DAB+ from within their walls and become the local DAB station, not much work to do but wait I hear that might need a permit or two, now there's the problem right there....... Call 1300 22 1027 This Oz built kit could be part of your answer Weary