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  1. Japanese GP, today was fun with many incidents and passing moves caused by early prangs actually much like Bathurst was too now that I think about it. Yep the Mercs came out on top and win the constructors champ for another year 6 in a row a fair effort. Vettle stuffed the start and let Botas take over and lead from the front till stumps. Max got taken out early and didn't finish. Onwards the show goes.....
  2. so what do you think? me? its the older girl still......... but its interesting to see the way BM's heading.....
  3. Nice update of thread title Al, thank you.
  4. Could this ever happen again ?
  5. Russian F GP last night saw the Silver Arrows 1 & 2, LeClerc lost out to Vettel off the line and moaned about him not playing by team orders that said he should give up the place to him, then fate jumped on board and killed Vettles car, Tyre choices saw The 2 Mercs take over and that remained the same till the finish. DR car was crashed into early and he retired.
  6. thanks Al nice one, good to know our M140's shine like that too
  7. beware of what Renault Australia decide re models, I brought the wife a Laguna wagon and 18 months later they announced they wouldn't be bringing any more, over price dropped 60% overnight, no thank you.
  8. Another dark horse that not been mentioned that I can see from a league above those mentioned is here some very good motoring to be had if you don't mind the shape....
  9. Singapore saw Leclerc win P1 for the third time in a row, but as he was running away after the start at about lap 21 or so Ferrari did an undercut move for new tyres on Vettels car (he was in Third place at the time) this saw Vettel come out and eventually through tyre changes take the lead and go on to win with Leclerc getting second and LH & Max V third place. To say Leclerc was/is dirty with team management is so obvious and one can bet there's a lot of swear words are/were being used behind closed door over that one. LH & VB tried hard to get onto the the winning group but for once they didn't have the goods on those in front but it was a close run thing and pretty to see Singapore lit up and looking grand as well.
  10. Fantasico was the crowds mood when Charles came over the line fist very emotional win that saw him pass SV on champs list, Sv stuffed up a couple of times and got the heaviest penalty for re-entering the track unsafely. Mercs came in 2nd & 3rd, LH lost his tyres that gave Bottas 2nd, but on the bright side Ricky came home over 30 secs ahead of the Hulk in 4th and 5th. Good fun race with lots of attempted passing moves, enjoyable and exciting especially if your a Ferrari lover.
  11. Diana Krall Live in Paris Blu Ray 96/24 soundtrack arguably as good as the SACD Please? Roger Waters The Wall Blu Ray with incredible Dolby Atmos HD 7.1.2 Surround sound track thanks for the offerings mate, Ross
  12. Another M.A. Fan here with GS60's, GSLCR, and four GSFX units ATM, at a recent GTG here those listening were exceptionally impressed with the output of high quality sounds across the range. Have had these GS series for many years now, faultless performance and finely finished cabinets right through. Any one wanting to have a listen down the SE region of Melb can PM me.
  13. Congrats to Charles Leclerk on his first F1 win at Belgium, now on pole for tonight's Monza F1 race in Italy. A major stuff up by most teams in trying to be last out of the pits (to get max drag) saw only one car start the last lap in time, meaning earlier Q3 times stood. That's given Renault a boost up the grid if nothing breaks in the mean time.
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