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  1. 92 nd win for Lewis great stuff and good on him with more to come, After a slippery start and after the first few laps he just ran away from every body really, Valteri came home 25 secs or so behind the Max about the same again, Perez was spun early on and did well to finish high up the points. Those on the yellow tyres did best and none more so than Ocon who did nearly the whole race on one set.
  2. So Hawk66 its now up to you to report back after you've been "BILLED" to let us all know in return your thoughts and improvements, good luck.
  3. apart from 5 cars retiring up to lap 50 its was pretty much the Lewis and Max race with our Dan making good to keep third, then Norris's blow up caused a major change as the safety car crawled around for what seemed longer than necessary to bunch up the pack but the last 8 laps were the best, every one on new tyres pretty much and all going for broke. Lewis collected his 91 st victory and a nice helmet from Schumacher too, Dan was on cloud nine for getting back on a podium again.
  4. Sounds interesting Arthur, going to take one for a spin when it arrives are we?
  5. After a long wait race wise, Bottas has taken pole from Lewis, Max next in what is looking like a faster car now, then would you believe a Ferrari, yep Leclerc got it together, followed by Albon then Danny, Ocon and Norris.
  6. Nurburgring didn't get much done in practice because of the fog and rain, a few crews managed to just do a type of push the car and carry out tyre changes, but lets see what happens at qualifying tonight then.
  7. but what of Dan R moving over to McLaren with new Merc engines next year, it may be his chance to shine again, what do you think?
  8. & for edited car talk high lights cop this lot, lots of funny stuff and not hard to guess what the blipped words were either! haha
  9. A bit more of What D.R did after being told he'd copped a penalty in Russia, but why don't they/him drive harder all the time I wonder?
  10. A strange start occurred here when Lewis managed to collect two 5 sec penalties before the race started for using the wrong part of the track to do practice starts, so that ensured Bottas could and did win. Sainz took himself out by hitting the wall at C2 early on trying to re-enter the track and LeClerc took out Stroll on the same corner all before a lap was completed. After that every one raced fairly in the main, Lewis finished third despite himself and grumpy to boot, Max second, Perez 4 th & Dan stayed in 5 th.
  11. Daniel got fastest in Q2 but lines up in 5th for the race, Hamilton is on pole with Verstappen beside him, Bottas and Perez next line, Saintz is in sixth spot, a slight change in the running order from what we "normally see" But because of Vettels prang in Q2 which brought out the red flag again, Hamilton had to pull off a magic lap on red tyres meaning he's going to have to pit earlier than most in the field tomorrow on yellow tyres or white ones. So fun to be had at Sochi Autodrom tonight hopefully, we'll see.
  12. That'll teach me not to write up on here without sleep haha thanks mate.....
  13. So an Aussie welcome to you goes like..... GERDAY MATE enjoy your time on here Geir.
  14. He won the best drive award for his efforts, But its natural for us to support a local driver isn't it and what of our world champ F3 driver Oscar Piastri taking top Drive this year?
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