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  1. I think you’re spot on, hence the reason I started this thread. Thanks to all that have contributed. The advice/feedback I’ve received has saved me $100’s possibly $1000’s in products which would have had a negligible impact correcting this issue. Additionally I’ve learnt a few things along the way. As for the sound? The Revels Sound great! Easily the best speakers I’ve owned. Could they sound better in a different room without the need for Dirac? .....probably/maybe. Either way its not an option for now. Thanks again.
  2. Sadly space is the issue here. I don’t really have much room to move. Initially I thought some absorption/reflective panels might help placed behind the speakers. However this does not appear to be a solution. I actually quite like the sound with Dirac running however chasing rainbows 🌈 seems to be the audiophiles lot.
  3. Thanks Dave. Bit of a learning curve but I’ve got it now (I think) 😀 Good news is Mrs gets a new rug and I get a new house! One day. Cheers.
  4. Thanks https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/profile/108814-davewantsmoore/some pretty succinct and valuable advice there. Appreciate the feedback from yourself and https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/profile/107174-satanica/, https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/profile/105652-steffen/ https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/profile/109073-sakabatou/. Much appreciated.
  5. For the nerds! LOL Moved the speakers forward about 30cm...dip seems to have gone to below 100hz.....
  6. And they do! Remeasured with Dirac running and low and behold the 120hz dips still there. SBIR it is.
  7. Thanks Steffen, I'll remeasure with Dirac operating and see what happens.
  8. It's only that in a few of the Dirac (training) videos it's suggested that Dirac shouldn't be used to correct greater than 4-5bd either way. Not sure why but that's what they say. I guess I was looking for a solution to augment the 10db loss. Eliminating it all together given the constraints would seem impossible.
  9. Its a big room. It incorporates the lounge (shown), kitchen and dining 7.4 X 6.6 M give or take. Theres also a stairs leading down to the ground floor behind the listening position. I've read that 110 - 120 hz is a resonant frequency of wooden flooring which might effect the drivers hence the GAIA's in the suggestion box. I wish!! I've got about another 5cm before the Mrs really cracks it! lol
  10. I'll give that ago. Moving forward not so bad but back is an issue.
  11. Thanks for the tips Bruno. After the Dirac measurement? Do you mean the corrected curve? Sub is only for the soundbar linked to the tv. It can be moved but can't be incorporated. Given most subs operate up to 80hz I didn't think adding one would help much. Yes speaker placement is a big issue. They're too close to the front wall and the one on the left is way to close to that corner. I've tried moving them closer together (2 meters) however the sound stage pretty much collapses as well is the imaging.
  12. For the sake of completeness I've added a photo of the open left hand side of the room. The pink line in the graph represents the Left Speaker the green is the Right
  13. I am hoping to get some advice from the well informed members here regarding a significant frequency drop out from my speakers in my listening room / lounge room. I recently purchased a pair of Revel Salon 2 speakers from a fellow member of SNA. While I am very happy with the speakers and the amazing sound they produce I was a tad disturbed when I ran Dirac and looked at the measurements (below). Approx 10 - 8db drop at around 120hz both sides L and R. The rest of the frequency band I can live with as I generally only apply Dirac correction below 250hz. As shown, my room is l
  14. Stick with the brain. At 4m the 75" is the better choice. 75" OLED will be quite a bit over your budget. The 75" Sony 950H is a fine tv with a good Android operating system that will cater for all your streaming apps without need for other boxes (AppleTV+ support pending). The Sony 900H has been primarily released for gamers in that it will support HDMI 2.1 with a future firmware update. HDMI 2.1 is useless unless you're playing video games using the latest (yet to be released) games and consoles. According to reviews the 900H is slightly inferior to the 950H in picture qual
  15. It seems you can try these at home for 45 days. It will cost you around $250 (for the A700 floor standers less for the A500) if you decide they don’t suit. Money well spent if considering replacing a multi $k setup IMO.
  16. Further information: Brand New Unopened Box Current model Recently released Sony X900H 65 Inch - HDMI 2.1 ready Pick up only from Preston - Melbourne Receipt from JB Hi Fi provided - Purchase date 25/09/2020 Current JB sale price $2295 Photos: PLEASE READ If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be approved If you don't include photographs of the actual item being so
  17. 75" - 77" would be the minimum size at 4m viewing distance. 10 years - that's a long time for a tv in this day and age. Having said that Sony are a reputable brand and "should" last that long but nothing is guaranteed. 10 years well past any statutory warrantee as well. The difference I see it will get down to picture quality and value for money. $7380 A9G 77" V's $3995 X950H (OLED V QLED) Is the picture $3385 better? Ultimately a matter for you. Both these TV's have the same features, operating system (Android tv), latest chipset and video processing. Both are de
  18. From memory the PrimaLuna Auto Bias feature will "match" the tubes for you. There is no requirement to fit "matched" sets. Finding 16 "matched" power tubes is going to be difficult and expensive. Info regarding tube matching is available on the PrimaLuna website.
  19. Tidal issues all weekend here as well. Roon is saying the feed is slow.
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