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  1. I assume you’re using the ‘main in’ input on the Marantz 7001? Tried having the C658 set on 0db output to an integrated amp and found audible distortion at moderate listening levels. Furthermore the volume level on the integrated becomes way to sensitive. Just a very slight turn on the volume dial increases the volume quite significantly. In fact the volume dial at 8.5 (think of a clock where 7 is zero volume) is where clipping begins. While I don’t doubt your listening experience I’m not sure the differences you hear are related to the different methods of attenuation (digital/analog). It may be some form of gain matching between your components. If you use the fixed volume feature and set it to 0db you won’t have to turn the c658 up every time you use it. Whatever works for you.
  2. Can you detail which Inputs/Outputs you're using on the Schiit and the Marantz?
  3. The only update I've received concerning fixed volume levels was the removal of a slider bar in the BlueOs settings. I've read somewhere that the update may have fixed a bug where on power up the unit defaulted to a fixed volume level of 0db but I'm not 100% sure about that. My understanding is that the fixed volume level relates directly to the gain of the signal outputted. The bigger the number and smaller the gain. ie; -20db has less gain than 0bd. Using a 0db fixed volume setting would present a signal with way too much gain to the another pre amplifier (Schiit Saga in this case) and result in audible distortion. Sorry if I'm on the wrong track here but the variable volume level has always bothered me as I've never had a pre-amp with this feature.
  4. So you're using the fixed output level on the C658 and set it to 0db? Wow, I thought the recommended setting was -20db before sending the signal to another pre-amp.
  5. Tube heaven right there. Well over $2000 just for the KT150's. And shipping included! GLWS
  6. Not according to some reviews I've read. Other ports include USB type-A for connecting an external drive The USB port is also where you put the measurment mic used for DIRAC. I have not tried a an SSD in mine yet as I have a NAS.
  7. The simplest solution would be to plug an SSD with your CD's on it directly into the C658 - BlueOs will find the files and play them. Just unplug and update the SSD when you buy a new CD and plug back in. Easy I've used BdPoweramp as the program to rip the cd's, it's simple to use and provides a lossless rip in FLAC format. You can also go down the NAS route which is more costly but works equally as well with the added bonus of having more flexibility for home data storage and backups. Synology NAS' work well with BlueOs but I'm sure other brands do as well. A Vault 2i is not required and probably a but of a waste as you already have BlueOs incorporated into the C658.
  8. Regarding point 2 above, I’ve been wondering what the advantage is in separating front L & R speakers into 2 groups? Given that they will always work together. On another matter....what does the “take a snapshot” button do? I thought it might be a screen shot or similar or is it a quick ‘save’ button? cheers.
  9. You're right there. I couldn't believe the extension they're capable of. Funny thing is according to the measurements and graph it's the one with the rattling sound that provides the best bass response. Might be that it's closer to a solid wall whereas the other has no wall on one side.
  10. Hey all. funny you should say that. I’ve got similar issues with vocals coming slightly from the right as well when using the NAD curve or variations of it. The Dirac Curve seems to put things in the middle again. Going to try some more measurements over the weekend. Additionally I’m getting some weird vibrations from the right speaker bass driver during the lower frequency sweep. Got to check that out too.
  11. Happy to lend you mine. I’ve got some pretty good measurements to work with now. PM me and we’ll sort something out. Cheers.
  12. I'm loving this unit. I've had mine for a few weeks now and it's certainly a step up as far as a DAC goes compared to the Bluesound Node 2 and a PS Audio Stella Gain Cell DAC I had previously, the NAD offers a more open and detailed presentation with no harshness or glare. The addition of DIRAC is a real eye/ear opener. It's quite amazing in my set up. I've taken several measurements now and have settled on 2 filters which I think sound best. The first is the standard DIRAC filter from the 17 point couch measurement and the other is the NAD curve from the same measurements, however I've restricted the filter to below 800hz, similar to the tip from @Hi-FI Whipped above. Both are quite distinct and can be a little track/genre dependent. The soundstage has opened right up and the bass is deep, balanced and punchy. I can actually feel the difference. I cant see myself listening without DIRAC these days. Should the worst happen and I'm stuck at home for a couple of weeks I'll be happy enough to tweak away with DIRAC.
  13. I’ll keep my subscription even though there’s not much to watch. I’m a golf fan. Kayo has provided a great service I’d hate to see it go to the wall over this temporary situation. I figure there are many other businesses in the same boat. I support them where I can.
  14. I noted in the pics you have the fixed volume level set at 0db which is way above the -20db recommended setting. 0db will introduce some pretty nasty distortion levels. Just a thought.
  15. There’s a current BlueOS update and a NAD firmware update. Did mine yesterday. Seems to have removed the fixed volume adjustment that used to be in BlueOS.
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