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  1. That's for the replies guys, so the 550 cannot connect to my mac via wifi I need to connect it to my computer via an cable! Sorry if this has been asked before but I have never heard of dirac live till 2 weeks ago and am just struggling with the set-up, arcam instructions are very basic at best!
  2. Ok so I bite the bullet and went with the arcam avr 550 which was to much of a good deal to pass on! As far as sound yes its a definite improvement over the old Yamaha! I'm struggling with Dirac though! Can't seem to connect it to my network! I am using a wifi extender to plug in the back now not to sure where to go now as Dirac cant find the receiver! Any thoughts would be appreciated!
  3. Thanks snoopy8 I will look into the arcam as I did read a good few reviews about how good they sound. Thanks again for everyone's input.
  4. Thanks for the replies guys. I would like a one stop avr which does sound great and bring my speakers to life so to speak as the yamaha does fall flat on this! I do like listen to music whenever I get free time so am pretty serious about it but do like it to sound great hence my tread. I may be able to push the budget a little bit more if need be but if I can avoid that for my marriage sake that would good! Thanks again for the replies.
  5. Hi everyone. I am needing some opinions on a potential upgrade on my system and just would like some feedback. At the moment I am running 4 B&W 805Ds with the htm4d centre am also running 2 separate subs one being a svs sb 16 ultra and the other a velodyne dd+10. Running all this is a yamaha rxv3900. I am using the system 50/50 music and movies. Although the yamaha sound is good it's not great. I want to upgrade the avr to something that is more matched to the speakers I have! I am leaning towards the anthem mrx 720. My question is would this avr sound better in my system or would I need something better, say the mrx 1120! Any thoughts would be appreciated on any other avrs. My budget is around the 5k Mark. I understand the 1120 has more channels than I need but the option of running more speakers In the future is a benefit I may use.
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