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  1. Surely a stick would work just as well?
  2. I listened to the B&W 685 S2s and found them a bit too dark for my liking, thought the Kef Q300s and ELAC B5's were much nicer at that price point. Maybe it was the room since Apollo Hifi's setup is very cluttered. Before buying speakers I was used to pretty neutral headphones (HD650s and DT880s). Have you considered active speakers? For around that price I ended up with Acoustic Energy AE1 actives, very very happy with them, can get them at $1400 since (very) often 20% off on graysonline ebay if you can wait a little bit. The AE 301's are a bit cheaper on grays too and seem to get a pretty good rap too but haven't heard them myself. There are other active options which at this price point will save some money on amplifiers and not worry about pairings. Can then get a nicer dac + dab (I have an NA7004) and external photo stage (I have a Schitt Mani) as well as a passive preamp (Schitt SYS) for under cost of the amplifier + dab. I have been very happy with my purchases which come under this budget.
  3. Beer: "proof that God loves us"

    @Darren69 if you like the pirate life you might like Barley Griffin and Colonial, Pact Mt Tennant is also really nice along those lines. Getting into a Barley Griffin as we speak.
  4. FS: MARCH Madness! S/hand vinyl SALE

    Hi, can I please take (pending condition on first three): Mike Oldfield – QE2 Alan Parsons Project – Tales of Mystery & Imagination Mike Oldfield – The Complete double gatefold The Alan Parsons Project - Eye In The Sky
  5. I am trained as a civil engineer but never worked as one, so take my words with a grain of salt. I would be worried about hanging it via wires - not strength wise but I think they must vibrate a bit easily when taut, like guitar strings, and I would be worried about lateral forces causing it to swing. It's probably best to just build a floating shelf on a wall not connected to the other room. You seem to have your heart set on this idea and in that case I would suggest some anodised aluminium hollow section might be good. I think it looks really nice and pending how much stuff you want to put on there and how big/many the shelves most sections should be more than strong enough. Just make sure to attach it securely with brackets to the roof joists and near a structural wall. Roofs aren't designed for large live loads, I'll check the standards tomorrow but it should be fine I think.
  6. FS: Budget stereo , free TT

    I'll take it all please! Pm incoming
  7. I feel I should win because I've already spent all my disposable income on these beautiful HD650s, and the people in my office wouldn't appreciate my current setup!
  8. FS: Marantz NA 7004 network Player/DAB/DAC

    PM Sent regarding unit (I'll take it)
  9. I'll take one please! Will pm soon
  10. FS: Headphone clearout

    Interested in the pair of HD650s, pm sent
  11. I'm interested as well, is it still floating around?