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  1. That transistor in the bottom right of the PCB looks like it's in backwards
  2. That looks DIY. Whereabouts in Vic are you
  3. Those old Technics cartridges are very good. In fact the EPC 205 and 100 mk4's are renowned as being a couple of the best cartridges ever made and sell for silly $$. I have a 205mk2 with a Jico SAS and it's brilliant.
  4. The VMN40ML stylus from the VM540ML will fit the 440 but the cost of the stylus is almost the same as a new VM540ML
  5. You won't be disappointed with the Technics, mine sports an EPC205c with a Jico SAS and sounds wonderful. The VM540ML should be good as it uses a similar diamond to the SAS.
  6. Deleted because I missed the OP bought a Technics
  7. That pump says 19watts so 1.6 amps I would use a 2amp supply. It also says red + and black - so this is self explanatory.
  8. Type Stanton 881 retipping into eBay abd you will find his listings. IIRC about $400-500AUD depending on diamond type.
  9. Correct, even moving the CW closer to the pivot will lower effective mass. Although this research seems to show arm/cart matching and resonant frequency is minor compared to the tonearm bending modes. It's a 4 part series that testes low and high compliance cartridges for resonant peaks. The conclusion is arm/cart resonance is a not as important as we have all been lead to believe, except at the extremes. https://korfaudio.com/blog67
  10. Interested to know how the SP10 compares to the G, I was nearly going to buy the G but bought 2x SP10's instead.
  11. Having been a Technician for over 40 years I will only upgrade firmware and/or software patches when absolutely necessary. I'll tell a story. I worked for IBM in the 80's and was doing a firmware upgrade at a major bank on a midrange System 38, Yes the firmware broke the system and I spent the next 5hrs on the phone to the plant in the USA manually patching the code to get the bank up and running again.
  12. Anything that causes additional drag on the stylus will effect Skating force. The largest is groove modulation, a heavily modulated groove will increase Skating force. So setting AS with a blank LP or an AS track on a Test LP is not the best way to go about it, first will be too little and the second too much AS.
  13. Hi Peter, This is normal and nothing to worry about. My Technics EPA100 does this. Just set the anti skate to the same as the tracking force and be done. In a high end system with a lot of detail you can hear the difference, imaging changes because the magnet/coils are not lined up.
  14. Not in Melbourne but 1.5hrs west of Geelong if you felt like a drive. I can do it while you are here.
  15. I have a Technics EPC205 with a Jico SAS/B on my Technics EPA100 arm ATM and it sounds really good. It cost about $600 total including the new stylus. I bough the EPC205Mk2 without the stylus for $190. I like the old high compliance MM cartridges they do sound good. Anything that tracks under 1.5g
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