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  1. I have been experimenting with the SP10mk2 motor with the view to modifying it. Here is a video I thought I stopped the video obviously I didn't
  2. Recapping the entire SP10 is not something I would recommend. Recap the external PS as these will most likely be toast. There are only 3 caps in the TT that should be replaced and these are C2,4 & 6 on the drive PCB, the rest of the caps on the other PCB's will be fine. I don't know what's involved with the Krebs mod so I won't comment on that. Upgrades - remove the brake as the plastic surround IMO prevents the motor screws being tightened. The motor rings like a bell, blutack effectively dampens this ringing, don't need a lot just a little spread around the top of the motor flange after it's been bolted down without the brake. I have done baseline measurements but haven't measured the blutack upgrade yet as I'm in the process of machining stainless steel platters. Once finished I plan to measure a raft of upgrades including a new 12mm bearing.
  3. I have 3 styluses for the 205 an original Technics mk3 a Jico SAS boron and ruby. I do not have a Technics mk2 stylus. The EPC205mk3 stylus is very good and the Jico SAS/B is as good with a little more detail due to the ML diamond. This combo is exceptional. The SAS/R is in another league, after hearing this stylus I won't be using anything else on my 205. I paid $315USD delivered, a pretty good deal if you ask me for the performance. I just hope Jico never discontinue it.
  4. The bass traps have a major effect on standing waves in the room. BTW I have a very understanding wife.
  5. Yep if the 40Hz is a room mode then no amount of correction will fix the problem, it can mask it but not fix. If you treat the room you will astounded at the audible difference.
  6. My music tastes are varied so listen to everything from AC/DC, to Frank Sinatra and light Classical. It works for everything I play. It's extremely revealing and detailed which can make poor pressings unpleasant. A good pressing and this thing makes the hairs on the back of the neck stand up. I love it, it'll be the only cartridge I use from now until........ I have sold all of my MC's and may even sell my XSV3000 and 881s.
  7. Technics EPC205II or mk3 with a Jico SAS ruby. This is the best cartridge I have ever owned, beats every single high $$$ MC I have had and under $1k.......... We usually associate MC and spending a lot of $$ with high end sound so I was blown away when I tried this MM. I now have 205II on my linear arm and a mk3 on my EPA100. IMO you will be hard pressed to find anything under $5k that'll beat it.
  8. Just wondering if anyone has a dead SP10mk2 motor they would be willing to part with. Reason is I'm going to look al machining a new bearing housing to facilitate a larger OD spindle and I don't want to do it on one of my good motors.
  9. The SP10 would be a great TT and there is a mk2 on eBay ATM in Sydney with Jelco arm and Ortofon 2M Black for $3800, these things were made to spin 24/7 in a broadcast environment and are almost bullet proof. I have 2 mk2's 1 from radio 2LM and the other was a domestic only. The domestic one has no visible wear on the bearing shaft and only slight wear on the thrust pad. Even though they are 40+ years old the mk2 is still repairable as it uses no proprietary IC's.
  10. I have an XSV3000 retipped by Joseph and I'm very happy with it. It's as good as OEM. He advertises on eBay his ID is cartridge_retipping-5. He is easy to deal with and kept me informed along the way.
  11. Sounds like it could be a dirty speed adjustment pot. Give the pot a clean.
  12. I also have an eBay cheap digital stylus force gauge. It has a SS platform so magnetically inert. I have calibrated trim weights down to 1mg and it is accurate to 1 count and precise. Accuracy and repeatability better than 0.01g (10mg). I tested span 10mg to 5g but not corner loads as the platform has a dot where the stylus needs to be placed.
  13. 1 I store my LP's vertically with the LP down the back of the cardboard with the sleeve sidways 2 ALL records need cleaning. I even clean new LP's. The best cleaning machine I have used is an ultrasonic it cleans better than my vacuum machine. 3 Don't need to wear gloves just handle the LP by the edges. Oil from your hands on the groves will trap dust. I brush the LP before and after play and brush the stylus after every side. 4 Japanese pressing can be good but I have found old UK pressings soniclly best especially my Pink Floyd. 5 Does the TT lock on speed when on?
  14. I like the mat grey look well done. It could make a difference where you place the sub depending on the room. Play a 50Hz or lower tone and walk around the room you will hear peaks and troughs, the volume will increase and decrease. If you place the sub in a peak this will add to the sub and you will need to eq the sub gain down
  15. My vinyl rig wipes the floor with the digital. Vinyl is as detailed with same bass punch as digital but the vinyl just fills the room whereas the digital has a wide but flatter sound stage. My vinyl chain is totally analog. Ok it does cost more money to get the vinyl sounding better than digital. When I had the Rega RP8/Aphetta 2 I could never get it sounding better than my digital, the SP10 / EPA100 / EPC 205 changed this in a heat beat. So setup does make a huge difference. I have Pink Floyd The Wall in 3 versions 1979 UK 1st pressing, 1983 Pink Floyd Dance Songs 180g Japanese pressing digitally mastered and CD version. The UK pressing is soo much better than either of the others. What is interesting is the 1983 LP is audibly very close to the CD.
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