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  1. So true as everyone hears differently. I'm looking to reproduce exactly what was recorded on the LP. A wide soundstage for example can be generated by out of phase distortion (note 1) on an LP playback system. Note 1 distortion meaning seismic feedback from uncontrolled vibration/resonance in the TT/Arm cart. I have a small house with raised floors and built and EQed my system to sound good to me in the room it's in, with a lot of treatment as the room is narrow 3.6m. I'm on a couple of acres so started out with the speakers outside to EQ for flat FR, once i
  2. Here is my latest creation, my SP10mk2 Platinum with an extensive list of modifications. I have gone to great lengths to reduce and isolate vibration as much as possible. How does it sound - lets put it this way I am hearing detail in familiar music I have never heard before. And yes my EPA100 is modified too with a new CW stub SS CW and locking ring, with variable viscous damping. Resin Bentonite plinth. Remote mounted motor separate electronics Lower bearing brace Motor modified for 3 bolt mount Motor dismantled and internally damped Gunmetal platter with
  3. Welcome to the club, I was also an LP12 owner for many years, and you're correct the SP10 has huge potential.
  4. This is not an isolated case. I no longer buy new LP's for this reason. I have heard horror stories of LP's being cut from CD rips. I bought an Aussie pressing of Rumors somewhere early 80's and It's fantastic better than my CD copy and the CD is no slouch.
  5. Yep...... The first new LP I bought in 30 years was Chris Issak audiophile 180g and it too had noise on the first track on 2 sides of a double LP. Very disappointing and apparently common on new LP's. I don't buy new any more because of this.
  6. On that copy can you hear someone pick up guitar at the beginning of "The Chain"??
  7. I wouldn't be too worried, the VM540ML has had some great reviews, I nearly bought one until I settled on the Technics EPC205. You might also want to look at the Kab viscous damping kit. I have an EPA100 and made one to fit my arm the difference is significantly audible.
  8. I'm originally from Sydney and come back a couple of times a year to visit family, would be great to catch up next time I'm up, lockdown's willing.....
  9. When the Left SP10 was in its chassis the Linear tracker whipped it good. With the modifications the roles are reversed. The LTA still does better with click and pops, but the noise floor between them now is too close to call. The SP10 Signature has far greater detail. My setup is similar to a friends (except his has a Stainless/Delrin platter) and his mk2 out performs his SP10R, it's that good. I have a new servo driven Linear to go on the Signature still in the works. SP10 mods are Resin Bentonite plinth Remote electronics Modified motor rotor to increa
  10. Finished this today. The one on the left... a heavily modified SP10mk2 and EPA100 SP10mk2 Signature. Sounds absolutely amazing.
  11. Hey Dan, What did you end up doing for a plinth? BTW here are a couple of pics of my SP10 resin bentonite ready for finishing... Setup to take an EPA100
  12. I use 100ml of IPA and 10ml of Ilfotol in 5L of water for my ultrasonic, works well for me.
  13. Delrin warps because of the grain structure in the extrusion. The first Delrin top I put on my Gunmetal platter warped in a few days and popped a screw, so it went in the bin. I suspect most of the high $$ TT's that use Delrin either injection mold the platter or make it from ROUND bar stock. Round bar does not warp because the grain is running along the bar. Sheet Delrin the grain runs across it and it was the label recess that caused my Delrin to warp.
  14. No problem, let me know when you're ready to start I'm happy to video via Signal etc just PM me.
  15. Looks good Andy. Can I ask why you used Delrin by itself and didn't bond it to a frame as Delrin has a tendency to warp over time. I have bonded Delrin to Gunmetal for my SP10 platter and the Delrin does an excellent job of damping. I guess this is why some of the high $$ TT's use it as platters.
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