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  1. I am considering getting one to replace the Xbox 360 I use in the bedroom to stream from Plex
  2. Are any of these still available? My HTPC motherboard is dying and I would like to transfer my m2 SSD into something like this
  3. Unfortunately it won't fit. I will have to stick with the Belkin PF60 and PF40 that is feeding my gear
  4. I would have loved this but it wouldn't fit in my cupboard
  5. I might be interested if the sale falls through
  6. What speakers are you looking at? I am leaning toward the B&W AM1's so far
  7. Unfortunately it's not a good time, I am in the process of building an outdoor entertaining area
  8. The P20 looks interesting. I could use it to replace my 2 Belkin PF60's
  9. Did the person who picked it up come wearing a balaclava? They stole it at that price!
  10. Damn I would definitely take these if you were in Brisbane. Someone takes these. They are a steal
  11. If I could move on my rx-v3800 I would probably take this
  12. Damn I wish had the cash right now. I would take that for sure. I won't bother saying good luck with the sale as I am sure you won't need any luck
  13. I am on the NBN too with a 100/40 plan so download size doesn't bother me. Just a shame I didn't have the cash or would have taken unity from you. I will have to see if I have anything to trade to help get this thread started
  14. I think many people aren't keen on digital downloads because of how long it takes to download on Australia's crap Internet If I had the cash right now I would take unity off you so hopefully someone takes it from you
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