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  1. The dragonfly cobalt unfortunately has some sort of a problem in its circuit. It's got like 5 times more distortion than the Red and clips at the recommended volume, It's not too surprising that they're audibly different. Some Random Blogger did some measurements of the audioquest line
  2. Nope. I'm relying on the observation that the technical limitations of a vinyl record surpass the technical records of consumer record players. If you're only driving on gravel roads, a ferrari isn't going to be any faster than a Kia Stinger. It will be nicer and cooler, but the road is the limiting factor, not the car. I'm proposing that the black disc is the limiting factor, not the player. A consumer record player is silent over the noise floor of the record. The w&f and speed inaccuracies are insignificant in comparison to the inherent weaknesses of records (such a compromised format t
  3. No need for backhanded comments again andy. I'm largely homebound due to illness. so I probably won't be able to attend get togethers
  4. The "sonic signature" would also be applied to both turntable setups equally, so it shouldn't really impact the result
  5. I cannot disagree with this at all. I enjoy looking at photos of turntables online because they're beautiful machines. Even as I write a thread about them possibly sounding the same, I have an ebay tab open searching for tonearms, because they sure are pretty. I have a high-end espresso machine in my kitchen and I have no doubt that a machine 1/3 of the cost would make equally good coffee- but my machine is beautiful and a damn pleasure to use. I actually enjoy making myself a coffee with it, which use to be a chore on my "consumer" machine. High-end gear is nice to hav
  6. Dismissing archimago as a blogger is a bit unfair. He's currently used as a primary source on 2 threads on the front page of The Great debate right now. The Director of Marketing Research at MQA angrily interjected from the audience at RMAF 2018 to dismiss Archimago as a nameless blogger when some of his research on MQA was being presented. I'm not going to try to argue in favour of needle drops as an infallible method to perform a blind test.
  7. Yes, 100%. When a "needle drop" recording is done, generally the output of the phono preamp is connected to the input of the sound card. The amplifier and speaker are not plugged in at all. Thus, the "vibration isolation" factor is not taken into account
  8. In this thread a "night and day" difference between a mid-fi and hi-fi turntable. One would expect there to be a "night and day" difference between the TTs in archimago's test, right? If blind tests level out "subtle" and "not huge" differences, the "night and day" setups used by Archimago should not have been indistinguishable, right? Of course, his test does have the restrictions of being a needle drop test (digital files, turntable isolation not being taken into account). I got thinking about this primarily by the observation that even consumer TTs have specs that outperform th
  9. I have a turntable, though it is not my preferred format. I'm not questioning anyone's choices. Just proposing a hypothesis in the Great Audio Debate subforum.
  10. It's unnecessary to question my hearing or experience. I'm basing my hypothesis purely on blind tests that have been performed by others, and that the specifications of consumer turntables exceed the specifications of vinyl records. This thread has nothing to do with my experiences
  11. The digitising of the samples in Archimago's test is the most obvious weakness. I wouldn't expect it to cause a problem, but it does "feel" a bit wrong. Nevertheless, one would expect a $20k setup to be night-and-day difference to a mid-fi consumer turntable and $300 cartridge, even via a digital recording. Digitising analogue sounds (instruments. voices) and analogue recordings (original master tapes) is the backbone of our hobby, so it can't be that bad There are reasons that people may have preferences for different vinyl setups, but from a technical point of view it seems po
  12. May I bump an old thread? I've got a pair of amps and a Tascam cassette deck in need of repair. Peter White is missing in action. Green Wagon is out of the game. I've had an amp fixed by Brisbane electionics, but are there any other options to check out while I'm at it? Has anyone used Living Sound in fortitude valley?
  13. I'm starting to think that spending lots on a turntable is simply pissing in the wind. The format itself is so imperfect that the disc quickly becomes the weakest link in the setup. I've got a Sansui PD30 in my linen closet, which has a noise floor of -72db. A record has a noise floor of -60db, Effectively making the Sansui perfectly silent. The PD30 claims w&f of 0.03%, which this is surely completely inaudible, and less than the w&f that would occur from the hole in the record being stamped 0.1mm off centre (or the hole being enlarged over time)? As for the tonearm and
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