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  1. oh man..if i had some spare coins.. these would complete an all out 5.1 Convex MK2 setup for me.. GLWTS
  2. Item: EOI: RCM Sensor Prelude 2 Location: Melbourne Price: $2500 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Thinking of a change Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Purchased new from Pure Music Group 3 yrs ago with Furutech upgrade. Comes with all original packaging and manual, only few minor scuffs on top but barely noticeable. Thinking of selling only because im thinking of trying out something else - hence the EOI. Brand new price from Sonic Purity is $5200. Used quite conservatively, so would have only clocked around 200 hours or so in my rig. Pictures: Will upload soon.
  3. Just watched it this evening. Not a bad film..clearly there are sequels planned..
  4. Wow nice pre and good price too. Is this the same one as this?
  5. Item: EOI Klein III USB DAC + 12v Kraftwerk PSU Location: Melbourne Price: $900 firm shipped auswide Item Condition: Near New Reason for selling: Time poor so very little use since purchase. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Bank Transfer Only Extra Info: Reluctant sale but havent had much time of late due to work commitments to do this dac/linear psu justice. To date, this has been the best dac i have heard under $1.5k. Purchased this back in Dec 2018, after hearing the Klein 2. Was so impressed with its sound, that i got the Kraftwerk PSU and this just took the dac up several notches.The unit has hardly had a chance to run in yet - maybe 20 hours? https://www.gieseler.com.au/product-page/m16d-klein-dac-iii Pictures: to be added very soon.
  6. Try it out..if it doesnt match your taste, you can always move it on.
  7. a no brainer when you have an svs sub. works a treat
  8. Interesting but honest appraisal of the situ.. its all in the journey as they say
  9. @Winno https://darko.audio/2018/05/strayaaa-sgr-cx4f-munich-high-end-2018/
  10. A special thank you to Shogo for loaning me back the pair of SVS subs
  11. Without a doubt, but there has to be an input/output conversion process happening somewhere if the single ended connections are used in combination with a balanced connection, ie: single ended from dac, but balanced out to the poweramp. needless to say, the drop in noise floor would be negligible at best and hardly perceivable..
  12. And now it looks like this , but short pain..long term gain as they say. Now the waiting game begins.. At times like these..having spares are a handy thing. I was quite surprised how well these Saturn LCR bookshelves performed. Low end bolstered by the pair of SVS's helped.
  13. Well..its been a hiatus over the last 2 and a bit years, with very little coming in and going out. And then, this happens...
  14. Mirrors my experience running a source component with digital attenuation in play, especially when your power amp is solid state. In addition, IMO, the best place for tubes in the chain is the preamp, but others may disagree FWIW..
  15. So true. A quote i will never forget from an audiophile in SG whose system i heard a while back, and still today is considered my benchmark. Quote - 'Everyone's ears and perception of music vary, and so does the amount of earwax in one's ears'....
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