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  1. katattack74

    SOLD: FS: Asus DSL-AC88u

    Ditto. This router is a very very capable device, I have its older sibling AC-87 and use it the same way.
  2. katattack74

    nbn to “kill off top fixed wireless products”

    I wish i had that option :( Unfortunately my area is only capable of ADSL 2+ (really bad speeds - ave 4mbps). Telstra had no intentions to put in any cable infrastructure since NBN was around the corner, which i was told that it would be provisioned about 3 years back before i moved in. As an interim solution, I now use Vividwireless and get an ave of 9-10mbps for the same cost - $90 unlimited = small win.
  3. katattack74

    nbn to “kill off top fixed wireless products”

    The NBN rollout is a running joke. Just checked my area to be HFC provisioned - Jan to March 2019. Only delayed by 3 years when it was originally planned. Bring on 5G...
  4. Watched it last night. Agreed but TDK didnt have the number of characters A3 did and sufficient air time to cover each one deservingly. I had to rush out for toilet break during the end movie rolling credits (P.S - you have time to duck out quickly) before the end of credits scene rolls in. Yeah Thanos was a great villain. Exciting and tense right up to the end with non stop action. Teenage Groot finally pulls his socks up..lol. Quill annoyed me a bit with his childish antics. Will add this to the bluray collection.
  5. katattack74

    Found: MM/MC Phono Stage

    Noice one Terry!
  6. katattack74

    Found: MM/MC Phono Stage

    I second that - have had the Sensor 2 and never looked back. Best bang for buck SS phono stage
  7. katattack74

    Yamaha SoundBar

    My brother has one. It does 'work' but to work really well, it depends on the room layout to reflect sound off walls etc. You'll need to spend time tweaking the sound delay etc to suit the listening areas, which took him a while to do. The sub is average but he's not critical like I am.
  8. Has anyone compared the XLR Canare versions over the XLR Van Dammes'? I have the latter just wondering if there are any differences (subtle) or not.
  9. katattack74

    Active Speakers

    Look up on SNA classifieds - SGR CX4 mk2's seconds - $12.5k Sydney
  10. katattack74


    dont think you're missing out much when using them with dual subs... i'm running my CX4's with subs, but i prefer them without with music. Switch on to HT.. another story all together with dual subs
  11. katattack74

    Transport companies

    Not Toll!
  12. katattack74


    Yeah the bear scene in the house was creepy.
  13. katattack74

    The Shape of Water

    There were several.. Overall great film. I have my theories on the film. Touched on many controversial topics - Recommended.
  14. katattack74

    FS: Mission 753 loudspeakers

    Just saw the pic of the manual when these were made - 1992! ..