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  1. Tonearm for Kuzma Stabi Reference

    That was at the recent Hifi show in Melbourne. But I'm pretty sure Warrick can arrange that.
  2. Tonearm for Kuzma Stabi Reference

    Talk to Warrick from Sonic Purity/PMG. I heard the 9inch 4 point arm on the Stabi Reference table using a low output Lyra Kleos cart. Sounded very good to me, YMMV though.
  3. Dual SVS P2000 worth it over P1000

    If you can afford it, yes, why not! Big upgrade over the accusound sub. But the issue you will encounter is one of integration. Have you measured your room or plan to once you get both subs?
  4. Schiit New Preamp Freya

    Checked them out on ebay. They seem ok, well established
  5. SOLD: SVS PB1000

  6. Schiit New Preamp Freya

    Hmm pretty sure he did, unless i mistook his matched pairs as quad matched. Sorry for the misinfo.
  7. Schiit New Preamp Freya

    Ebay - unfortunately. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/1-6F8G-6C8G-To-6SN7-6SL7-Vacuum-Tube-Amplifier-Convert-Socket-Adapter/282618089688?hash=item41cd59d0d8:g:jG0AAOSwhcJWJ2~W
  8. Schiit New Preamp Freya

    Better to be sure.. Its all about your journey and its a learning curve. I hope its just the tubes.
  9. Schiit New Preamp Freya

    A safer option is lucas miles audio. He sells quad matched pairs and is local too. Has both EH and Tungsols. Tube purchases off ebay is a bit like a lottery.
  10. No harm done wondering..in fact makes this hobby fun. If the finance minister approves or the credit card permits, getting a Theriaa will remove a lot of doubt from wondering and be the envy of many around here, myself included
  11. If your cart need loading options below 100ohms, and you like fiddling with these, have a look at the Manley Chinook. From memory it had heaps of loadings in that range. Pretty decent phonostage too.
  12. Hi Stump, I suspect that the RCM Theriaa would be a in that group for comparison. Unfortunately I have the RCM Sensor 2 as my benchmark. I had the ASR Basis at one point and it was a good phono stage. It had a different presentation over the RCM1. The option to upgrade to the Sensor 2 was too good to refuse so i made it happen.
  13. Schiit New Preamp Freya

    I like them better than the new prod 6sn7 tungsols / EH gold pins. Only issue is that you need adaptors for these tubes and they are tall tubes. Added a pic to show the difference in tube sizes.
  14. Schiit New Preamp Freya

    Microphonic tube sounds differ. Some hum, some have weird noises that make you think wtf.. some are loud, some are just low level noise that is almost inaudible unless you put your ear against the speaker. But seriously though, why dont you just buy a matched quad pair of tungsols or EH gold pins to see that makes a difference? I still think that based on what you have described, you have dodgy tubes. Much cheaper than paying for the cost of shipping the unit to/from to the USA - i'm assuming that warranty does not cover shipping back to Schiit Audio HQ. A2A are a good bunch. THats whom I got mine off too. The impressions of LISST tubes from HeadFi isnt that great. You're just better off running it through the JFET stage.