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  1. SOLD: SOLD: Sold Pending: PS Audio Dectet

    Stand in queue guys. Own one myself, i preferred it over the Polaris board, more connections and filteration works well.
  2. FS: Schiit Freya Balanced Preamp

    Very decent preamp that can do passive, passive with buffer and tube stage outputs. Its like having 3 preamps in 1. I'm keeping mine.
  3. Altered Carbon (Netflix)

    Definitely do. It does take a few episodes to catch on, but good series overall.
  4. Altered Carbon (Netflix)

    Nothing wrong with a bit of flesh shown. This is nothing compared to the quantity shown on Spartacus the Series.
  5. Altered Carbon (Netflix)

    This one's up there with the Expanse and Colony. Cant wait for the 3rd seasons for both to kick off soon. Tried to watch the new Star Trek Discovery, and i'm still trying to complete Ep 2, no rush here for this one.
  6. I have one of those 'Showtime' 100 inch screens from TCC when they were around. As mentioned by others here, I cannot tell the difference from my $200 bargain basement screen vs one's from the likes of Elite Screens etc. Its mounted in an open plan living area and even with ambient lighting from the other rooms, the image is very watchable.
  7. Altered Carbon (Netflix)

    I watched all of season 1 over the weekend. Will watch it again with the missus when her reality dating shows are over in the coming months.
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dhFM8akm9a4 Just watched the series on Netflix tonight. Awesome storyline, great effects. Loved it! Hope they kick off Season 2 next year. Based on the trilogy here: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/40445.Altered_Carbon
  9. Subwoofer under 5k - mostly music

    Actually, depends on the music. I have them both set at the default gain setting (12 o'clock). I have the option to switch them IN/OUT, but for music I do find the subs unnecessary though and they're switched out for the mains to run full range. HT on the other hand, give that fun factor from the duals.. especially in the opening scene from the rifle going off in Dunkirk I have scared visitors a many with that scene.
  10. Subwoofer under 5k - mostly music

    I run dual SVS SB2000's (unnecessarily) with my SGR CX4 mains, which does extend down rather flat to 24hz in my room. Currently cross them at 40hz out from the CX4's, so they only need to kick in below that.
  11. Once you go dual, you wont go back. Its much more smoother response and you dont need to dial the sub gain higher with a single.
  12. You can never have enough wooferage! But that being said, i run 2x sb2000s in a similar (near) sized room. Its about how you set them up but then again, the sb2000s smaller than the PB equiv.
  13. As Op said, Pack and Send is an option. At nearly 1/2 the RRP - bargain.
  14. the opening battle scene of Dunkirk made my missus jump with just the SB2000 pair. With 4 PB's, the foundations of the house will shake and the neighbours will be calling 000..