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  1. Best 2 channel amp around $1k

    ME240 in the classifieds. Upgrade to high cap and you have an astonishing amplifier. I have one and wouldn’t part with it - ever!
  2. Legend Acoustics Kurre 9 - Review

    Howdy, Congrats on receiving them. Having to turn the volume up more is due to the relatively low efficiency of the speaker. For the reason, read the review for the Kurre 8’s which is linked on Legend’s website. I have to do the same as my Kurre’s are being driven by a Luxman integrated that doesn’t have a lot of current delivery. The ME amps, on the other hand, have an abundance of current delivery so don’t have to be turned up as much.
  3. Legend Acoustics Kurre 9 - Review

    No probs Bob I hear you, however, on the upside there are many Australians that are sitting at home in front of their stereos enjoying Legend speakers.
  4. Legend Acoustics Kurre 9 - Review

    It’s not meant to be a thread about judging anyone. It’s meant to be about the Legend Kurre speakers but as is usual on this site, conversations take a different tack. So, let’s hear from other Kurre owners or Legend speaker owners. Would most welcome the opinion of other users of the brand.
  5. Legend Acoustics Kurre 9 - Review

    Australian manufacturers would benefit greatly if local retailers supported them by stocking their products. Sure, retailers can’t stock all brands but why can’t they make an effort to support at least one or two local brands? There is no reason why Australian speaker manufacturers can’t/shouldn’t outsell imported brands. It’s not just the fault of retailers, of course, the consuming public needs to change their perceptions of home grown product.
  6. Legend Acoustics Kurre 9 - Review

    Thanks MrRogers, I know I can count on you. I’ve heard a couple of models of Harbeth’s and while I really liked the SQ, the Legend’s were far superior and so much more affordable. The build quality of the latter was more than equal to the imported product. The SQ of the English Harbeth’s did not justify their outrageous prices, in my opinion.
  7. Legend Acoustics Kurre 9 - Review

    Couldn’t agree more. Some years ago I was in a major HiFi dealer’s store in Sydney and asked why they didn’t sell Australian speakers and the paraphrased reply, ‘Australia doesn’t make anything that’s good’. I was so pissed off I could’ve smacked him. The prevailing myth surrounding imported product is that it’s superior to ours. It’s just too hard to overturn those misguided, ignorant views. However, I’ve been trying my best on here over the last few years.
  8. Legend Acoustics Kurre 9 - Review

    I’d love a pair of Small Reds but I’ve got more than enough speakers to keep me happy. Congrats on your purchase, I’m absolutely certain you’ll enjoy them immensely.
  9. Legend Acoustics Kurre 9 - Review

    It doesn’t surprise me that your friend went with the Kantu’s. Listening to my Kantu 8i’s last night and adore them. Just bought some IsoAcoustics Gaia III footers for the plinths of the Kantu’s and it makes them look even better. Don’t know if they make any difference to sound though.
  10. Legend Acoustics Kurre 9 - Review

    I would agree with that. Mine are about 70 cm’s from the wall and I would suggest placing them on very sturdy stands such as Dynaudio Stand 6.
  11. Legend Acoustics Kurre 9 - Review

    Hi Guillaume, Others can jump in here to correct me but, as a sealed box, the Kurre 9 can be placed right next to a wall if you so desire. Previous iterations were rear ported so you had to be a bit more careful about placement, unless the rear port was sealed with a foam plug. As to the the second question, well I really can’t answer it. Dr Crawford is a well respected speaker designer in Australia and from what I can gather, a successful manufacturer too. Legend has been around for quite some time and, hopefully, will be around for quite some time to come. Cheers Muzz
  12. Focal Elear Headphones - quick sell

    This is a very good deal for excellent headphones. I’m loving mine that I purchased recently. I’d characterise them as very accurate and very easy to listen for hours on end. The build quality is exceptional and are very comfortable. GLWTS
  13. Hope the show went well for you Rod? Cheers muzzagruzz
  14. Thanks for thinking of me Rantan, much appreciated. Unfortunatley, it’s out of my budget but if I were cashed up I’d be heading to Melbourne tomorrow morning! Great price for this system. Don’t think I’ve ever seen one of these Legend active systems in the classifieds before. GLWTS