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  1. muzzagruzz

    ME Monoblocks

    Beautiful amplifier. Sigh....
  2. Oh, and it’s not unreasonable to ask/expect the retailer to pick it up.
  3. You probably know that your contract is with the retailer and not with Samsung. It’s the retailer that should be providing you with a refund. If it’s new and has a major fault it’s YOU that decides if you get a refund, replacement or repair. The retailer can’t say boo under the ACL (Australian Consumer Law).
  4. muzzagruzz


    That gave me a really good chuckle. Thanks.
  5. PM sent with intention to buy.
  6. muzzagruzz

    FS: ME Pre/Power Combo (25/75)

    Thinking the same. Lol
  7. muzzagruzz

    SOLD: FS: ME150 Power Amplifier

    Beautiful. GLWTS
  8. Can't wait to see her at the Enmore Theatre later this year.
  9. muzzagruzz

    FS: ME 14 Preamplifier - Late model

    Thanks mate.
  10. muzzagruzz

    FS: ME 14 Preamplifier - Late model

    You have my solemn promise that it’s going to an excellent ME loving home. 👍 It will be cared for, if not pampered, and enjoyed regularly.
  11. muzzagruzz

    FS: ME 14 Preamplifier - Late model

    PM sent with intention to buy.
  12. muzzagruzz

    ME pre-amp upgrade completed

    I just sent you a message about the ME14 you had for sale. Cheers Muzza
  13. muzzagruzz

    FS: ME 14 Preamplifier - Late model

    Hey Dave, Just wondering if you sold this? If not, do you have detailed photos to show the chassis and perhaps the inside? Are you able to tell me about the cosmetic and electronic condition - any faults or marks? Has it been serviced and well looked after? Lastly, does it have an MC board inside or remote? Sorry for all the questions. Cheers Laurie
  14. muzzagruzz

    SOLD: FS: Dynavector DV-20x MC cart as new

    Hey Cam, I may be interested too. Let me know how you go. Cheers laurie. Also so keen on any other low hour MC carts you may have. Eg Benz Micro Ace