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  1. I had one of these and it's a lovely little deck with awesome build and sound quality. GLWTS
  2. I have the Classic & Prime and both are dead silent. The inbuilt motor on the Classic 1 is well isolated. Check the VPI website for available upgrades or contact @Krispy Audio
  3. I've done the same thing over the years, pre and power amps, different integrated amps and various sources. However, I seem to keep coming back to simple integrated amps with an SACD player and turntable as sources. I have a couple of lovely Italian integrated amps right now and would love to try the Audio Analogue Maestro Anniversary in the classifieds as the idea of super integrated really appeals to me. The only thing with that particular amp, apart from the cost, is the weight of the damn thing - 31 kilos. Yikes. Less than my old ME850 power amp but my back and knee are not so good these days. It would be nice though. 🙂
  4. Beautiful, congratulations. 👍
  5. Loving the bedroom two way system there, Al. I reckon two way speakers is where the magic is. Partnered with a really good integrated, which you have, makes for an elegant and simple system. Perfect 👌
  6. Love the antique looking furniture. Great look. 👍
  7. Thanks Carl. I agree, the photos do not do them justice at all. They are a beautiful piece of artwork and mesmerising to look at. The finish is glorious and the manufacture with individual staves of solid wood fashioned together like only Italian artisans can do. The Kurre’s are superb monitors, however, the Accordo’s do take the level of detail up a few notches. Ill try and take some other photos showing the stunning woodwork tomorrow and upload.
  8. Geez, don’t they look nice. Hope you don’t have to wait too long.
  9. What will the new ones be? Im chasing a pair of Marten Duke 2 for my other two system. One day, hopefully soon.
  10. Thanks mate. Hope you have good Easter. Now, I’ve got to work on the second system and I’m nearly there.
  11. Yeah, relatively new. Got them late last year - Franco Serblin Accordo. Never heard anything like them before. Detail and imaging is extraordinary.
  12. Love this album by Billie Eilish. Great beats and gorgeous voice.
  13. There would be a very similar sound signature, a Legend house sound. What the difference is between this 8i and the current version 10, I couldn’t tell you. I can can always work something out with delivery.
  14. Item: Legend Acoustics Kantu 8i Location: Sydney Price: $3000.00 plus shipping costs with insurance Item Condition: Excellent (one tiny issue - see below) Reason for selling: Raising funds for two way speakers Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD Only Extra Info: Purchased August 2016 – much prefer pickup. Demonstration available. Purchased new by me in August 2016 direct from Legend Acoustics. Complete with manuals, plinth spikes and original packaging. These have performed flawlessly since new. These speakers are deadly accurate and they image as well as a bookshelf. Bass response is tremendous, controlled and dynamic. The speakers are as new with no marks on the veneer at all. The veneer has been cleaned a couple of times with Mirotone’s Spray Glow to preserve and protect it. (I use this on all my speakers). The veneer has always been protected from sunlight coming into the room so they haven’t faded at all. Minor issue: one of the plastic tips on the ‘spider’ (about a three millimetre piece), in front of the tweeter, snapped off when I stupidly tried to dust the front baffle. I glued it back on fairly successfully and there is no damage to the actual tweeter so performance is totally unaffected. Certainly wouldn’t see it from the listening position with the grill off (see photos). Any colour differences in the veneer between the speakers are because the left speaker was right next to the window when photographed, so had more natural light. IsoAcoustics' isolation footers shown in the photos have been sold.
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