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  1. I’m not really into servers as I find the whole digital streaming/digital storage thing way too complicated for my liking. Plus, it’s still an emerging technology that is unresolved IMO. I love a good disc spinner as much as I love a good record player. The latter is sorted, now for a great CD player.
  2. Hey mate, no, I have a Yamaha CDS-2100 that I put in later today after the above photo was taken. The Gryphon is just magnificent with the Accordos.
  3. I have a feeling that I’ll be chasing the Scorpio S CD player one day, just have to save up a lot of pennies.
  4. Great looking vintage system there Thomo. Amazing how old gear can hold their own with today’s equipment.
  5. Just put the Diablo 120 into the other system with the Accordos and Classic 1. First time listening to vinyl through it. Oh my god!
  6. I couldn't agree more. That industrial design is beautiful to look at.
  7. It’s the sweetest sounding amplifier. Had it playing all day last Sunday and every night since.
  8. I just really like the wooden floors and furniture. Some recent upgrades at my place too. Very happy chappy here. 👍
  9. I guess the only thing to do is go and listen to the Kurre’s if you are able. They are articulate, neutral and deadly accurate. Easily up there with the best bookshelf monitors costing a few thousand more. I recently compared them to another well known Australian brand costing about $4K more and I wouldn’t say they were worth triple the price. You’d have to have rocks in your head to buy the other brand. Plus the other brand was made in China whereas the Kurre’s are made right here!
  10. Thanks for the comments. Probably bad time of year - just before tax time. It'll go eventually.
  11. Item: Audio Flight FL3S Integrated Amplifier with MM/MC Phono Board Location: Sydney Price: Withdrawn for good this time. Item Condition: As new - 6 months old Reason for selling: Trying something different Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Purchased new by me direct from the Australian distributor and comes with all inclusions – lovely aluminium remote control, box and instructions. The warranty is only granted to the original purchaser. Simply put, this is a beautifully constructed integrated amplifier with a lovely neutral sound signature. Bass is authoritative and defined with mids/highs beautifully articulated. I will miss this Italian amplifier as it does everything so well that I can’t really fault it. Even the MC phono stage that I ordered with it comes up trumps when playing low output moving coils. My Hana LOMC was just gorgeous through this phono stage, with plenty of gain. Detailed and articulate is probably how I’d describe it. There is flexibility on the back panel to make adjustments to suit your cartridge. Build quality is exceptional and evident wherever you look, the front fascia with the small buttons give a firm and positive click, the front aluminium fascia itself has a lovely finish and lastly, a great aluminium remote control. The OLED display is programmable for inputs that allows up to eight characters for naming sources. (It can also be dimmed or turned off) Being Italian, it is a little frustrating to work out how to name inputs as the instruction manual is good rather than brilliant. Despite this small hurdle I still managed to name two inputs successfully. It should be noted that input 1 is reserved for the phono stage and can’t be changed. All in all this is a beautiful amplifier from this Italian company. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  12. Final price drop to $2400. This is the same price I sold my ME25 for earlier this year. It also had the same modifications as the ME14.
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