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  1. Hey Cam, Can you let me know if you ever get a really good second hand SDS power supply for VPI. I prefer the older one. Love the Prime Sig you’ve got advertised. Drool. Shop is looking good with those pinball machines. cheers and thanks Laurie
  2. Wow, even through my iPhone that sounds fabo!
  3. Love Gryphon equipment. Wish I could afford a pre/power setup.
  4. I compared the Kurre to the Harbeth and thought the latter offered nothing more in terms of SQ for the extra outlay. Similarly, the build quality of the Kurre is equal to the Harbeth.
  5. How are you finding you Marten Parkers?
  6. A Diablo 120 with just the phono module is more than the advertised price for this superb amplifier with built in phono and dac. It’s possible there is a better integrated for this money but very, very unlikely. selling way too cheaply.
  7. Pfffft - can’t he afford the latest equipment or cars?
  8. What a steal! I have the FLS9 integrated and that is astonishing. Can only imagine what this would be like. GLWTS
  9. Thanks for that mate, I will check them out. I’d like one for my Prime.
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