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  1. Thanks for that mate, I will check them out. I’d like one for my Prime.
  2. Hey Pops, may I ask where you picked up the older SDS from? The earlier one is better built than the current version. Great work to date on the VPI.
  3. I’ve been looking at the APR tune. My only concern is, does it damage the engine? Given that the same engine is used in later models, with an up rated tune, I wouldn’t think so. However, I need to ask the question of those that perform the upgrade.
  4. Wow, cheers for that. I’ve got some phone calls to make. Mine is a DSG so I’ll be doing a bit more research and asking lots of questions.
  5. Hey chaps, Looking for recommendations for a top tuning/servicing specialist for VW in Sydney. Not just for regular servicing but I'm thinking of retuning my 90TSI Golf MKVII to the 100kw/25oNm spec. Also looking for someone to professionally clean my upholstery - it's filthy and I want it cleaned up. Struggling to find anyone that specialisers in car upholstery. Appreciate the help. muzzagruzz
  6. Wildwood Designs in Sydney. They custom built all my furniture - all Australian made in Aus hardwoods. Quality that is first rate.
  7. Thanks DrSK, They are going to send me some test data in an email but I've yet to receive it. If I do, I'll pass it on to my nieces partner who is an engineer, as is she, and can understand and interpret it for me.
  8. Hi all, Wondering if anyone has used products from this company in Central Coast, NSW, and have thoughts on the performance/quality? Thanks muzzagruzz
  9. I owned this very amplifier and I can attest to its performance. Powerful and refined and beautifully built.
  10. I had one of these and it was the best phono stage I owned. Only sold it to fund another purchase. However, another one for me is on the cards for the future.
  11. If this isn’t the bargain of the year then I don’t know what is. If only I had the funds. Magnificent. GLWTS
  12. Further information: Purchased new by me from HiFi Trader in Newtown some years ago. Beautifully made speaker with a gorgeous jarrah finish. No marks or blemishes at all. Drivers in perfect condition as can be seen in the photographs. I have the Kurre 9's which are staying with me. Please don't ask me the difference in SQ between the two versions as it has been quite some time since I've heard the 7's, they have been in their boxes for a while. Price is firm. I have the original boxes and instructions. Any colour va
  13. Shall I give you my address now? It’s very magnanimous of you to buy these for me.
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