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  1. Yep , Brett is on it. On or Off the contacts will slowly corrode,...and switching them on and off scraps (wipes) off the corrosion creating a new contact surface. Cheers, Mark.
  2. Evening all. I don't really post a lot of stuff on SNA but after experiencing nearly a year of trouble with my system, then solving it, if I can save just one of you from going thru this crap then it's worth the post. My system is very fast, OTL Power amps, and very fast Pre. Any limitation in Voltage/Current delivery is ruthlessly revealed,....and my system was starting to sound slow. It's all tube including Phono so suspicion fell on tubes. Swapped out many of the drivers, giving me some gains, but still overall it was getting slower. it got so slow & undynamic sounding that I lost inter
  3. Sadly I have experienced the same terrible sound quality consistently with Vinyl pressed in the EU. This of course means it could be pressed anywhere in those participating countries on any crappy old press from CD ripped masters, or not much better. Sourcing will depend on price, not quality,...... and remember, the majority of buyers have low to medium performance equipment and won't know the difference. I now have about 10 Albums pressed in the EU and they are consistently garbage. Flat, lifeless, rolled off,.....just junk. My Sota wants to spit them off the Platter! They were a
  4. Beautiful job Tax. You have to be happy with the look of that Plinth. I trust the skin has started to grow back on your fingertips after all that sanding. Unless you have actually tackled a project like this it's hard to visualize just how much time and effort goes into just sanding to realize finishes like this. Enjoy the fruits of your labor, cheers, Mark.
  5. Hi Telecine, nice find. Last time I looked for BSF Allthread in Oz it was "get it from the UK or get something else." Cheers,
  6. Hi Tax, this is a great thread with many interesting contributions. Sorry I took so long to get back to this thread to answer your query's. A good rule of thumb to determine whether you need coupling or de-coupling under the Plinth is to play some dynamic music with lots of bass energy, at a level you consider loud-ish, and put your fingers lightly on the position/rack where the Table is to reside. If you can feel anything thru your fingers, and I do mean anything because your cartridge is going to be a thousand times more sensitive than your fingers, then you probably should go w
  7. Hi Tax, congrats on the Garrard 401 purchase, you won't regret it, so long as you attend some basic things in the build. I've built a good handful of Garrards now, and a bunch of other Tables, and hopefully my comments help you make some decisions without going "crazy" with your budget. 1) + 2) The Drive System is critical on any Deck and Garrards are no exception. One of their biggest advantages Garrards have over other decks is Dynamics. The life of the music stems from dynamics, and the Garrads being a pseudo-direct drive have dynamics to burn. Any micro slip in the drive will c
  8. Hi SPRO8Y. Anodising is probably the easiest solution to your problem. If you choose "natural finish" the anodizer will not add a dye before the sealing process, but it will still be a different colour to the original Raw Aluminium, but will be much more tolerant of fingerprints. You can use various 2 pack finishes after your painter metal preps the Raw Aluminium and the completed platter will be true to original colour but more expensive. Anodising should be somewhere around $100. Cheers, Mark.
  9. Hi Avian, thanks for clearing up the origin of the Platter on this project. It was my assumption that it was a special by Teres, but looking at the Redpoint site the PVC/Alloy composite construction is clearly a construction method they use to this day. I must admit that the phrase "basket case" is probably a harsh one in this case. My first siting of this project was when the client pulled a dusty heavy box out of his car and handed it to me, and it was literally a box of parts. Even the Arm was partially disassembled , We could both see the great potential of the the parts therein, but ther
  10. Hi Grant, thanks for your kind comment. The client, as often happens, has become a good friend and I talk to him regularly. This build was some 4 1/2 years ago and he continues to rave about the sound as recently as last week! It gives me great joy to have brought him closer to the music he loves so much. A note to Andy, the Counterweight Shaft is "under slung" just as it was designed by TriPlanar. This is a great design feature, and std on all TriPlanars, and not something I've done during the build. I've added a couple of shots of the Drive End with and without Teres Drive
  11. Hi 2 Brix, to peak your interest, here's another Table I built for a client in Tazzy. It was a total basket case when it arrived, a real mess. The client asked me to "make it a bit special" as he has some serious equipment with great resolution. The laminated hardwood body needed a lot of work and in hindsight I should have started from scratch. I have a love for Art Deco so you will see subtle art deco features over the Deck. The TriPlanar was damaged and required me to make new parts, refinish and rewire it. Arm Support is my design and I got it CNC'd locally and hand finished in my shop. Te
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