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  1. There's a nice little Rotel RA931 on trademe at $250. One would assume that said student already has a computer so I'd add a DAC to that plus a pair of KEF Q80's on trademe for $250 That should leave a couple of hundy for music
  2. I love the late 70's new wave covers such as Devo's Are We Not Men and The Members At Chelsea Nightclub.
  3. You should ensure you're happy moving from a DLP to an LCD projector also They can have quite a different "look" to them. The market has been dominated in recent years by LCD but that doesn't mean its a better technology. JVC were doing some LCOS stuff that really kicked ass also
  4. I've gone weak at the knees. It's spectacular
  5. Neither should you. The wiring should be fine. Try bi-wiring from the wall - if it sounds better to you do it, if it doesn't don't. My suspicion is that it wont
  6. I'm a big fan of Roots Manuva and a heap of stuff from Ninja Tunes. DJ Vadim is amazing. Older stuff like Smith and Mighty and Rockers Hifi is well worth a listen
  7. Nice one. An easy cheap fix is very satisfying
  8. RIP. I love those first two albums. I still thrash them regularly
  9. I've got the boxed set on CD Awesome band
  10. Another vote for Apple lossless. Sounds great To my ears. Plus the Apple remote app is simple and free
  11. Weirdo collectors. Its probably a pretty dubious pressing too
  12. Try shorting the remote terminals. Take the batteries out and then connect the positive and negative terminals with a paper clip or similar It will often reset a dodgy remote
  13. I'm of the opinion that the more up to date features that come built in makes your TV go out of date faster.
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