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  1. Update -- turning the volume up higher has brought it back to life. I'm baffled as to what could be going on.
  2. Hi All, I've a pair of PMC Twenty.22. I was listening this morning and mid-track I lost the high frequencies on one channel. It happened mid-song, with no other symptoms to suggest something was wrong prior. I suspected the amplifier or perhaps a bad connection in my cables but as best I can tell it appears to be the crossover (or something else, possibly a band connection inside the speaker somewhere). I can confirm that: - when switching the speakers from left to right channel etc, the problem moves with the speaker - another set of speakers works fine on the amplifier (which by the way is a Marantz Pearl Lite) - removing the binding post bridge and connecting the speakers to the HF binding post only results in no output at all - the tweeter when placed in the good speaker works fine - neither tweeter works when placed in the bad speaker I've had a look at the crossover and none of the spade connectors appear to be loose or anything, so I'm guessing the problem lies somewhere in the crossover. I've no idea how it could have failed, they've not been driven hard and at the time I was listening at a very low volume while drinking my morning coffee. Has anyone else experienced this? Seems very strange for it to just drop the tweeter out of the blue like that. They've been working fine for 6+ months since I bought them second hand (unfortunately I don't have the receipts). I've emailed PMC warranty to see what the process will be to get them checked out. Cheers Chris
  3. My father bought an SL-23 new in about 1977. He still has it and it's going strong. From memory it was a mid-level TT at the time he bought it.
  4. Hi All, The Oppo is sold pending pickup and payment. I'll update again if things don't go through. I've got a lot of messages - sorry I've not responded to everyone. Cheers Chris
  5. Hi all. I've received a flurry of messages already. The item will be sold for the asking price, although I do wish I'd maybe asked for a bit more! Supply and demand aside I think my price is fair. Suffice it to say I've had local offers with option of pickup today. Sorry if you miss out - honestly didn't expect this response! Chris
  6. Item: Oppo UDP-205 UHD 4K Bluray Player Location: Brisbane (Morningside) Price: $1600 Item Condition: Perfect / as new Reason for selling: Not being used enough Payment Method: Prefer local pickup and cash, otherwise bank deposit and I can post for a flat rate of $30 within Australia (registered and insured with Australia Post) Extra Info: Used primarily for 4K playback, however I've found that for my needs an Xbox One S suffices. For a period I also used this as the primary DAC in my system as a Roon Endpoint. The unit is in perfect condition and will be supplied in the original boxes and packaging with the remote, power and HDMI cables. Purchased new on 24/04/2018 for $2000. The original receipt will be provided. Prefer local buyers / pick up. Pictures:
  7. I've had an nVidia Shield for a few years (imported from the US). One thing to note is that when outputting audio over USB to a DAC the Android OS will re-sample the audio to one of 2 sample frequencies, as set in the system settings:. Stereo - all audio is re-sampled to 44.1khz or 48khz (it's one or the other - I cannot remember and am not at home to check) High quality stereo - all audio is re-sampled to 192khz Unless the Android audio system is overhauled all audio will always be mixed through the system wide mixer, even if the native sample rate of the file matches the output sample rate of the system - this means it will always meddle with the output in some way, making it impossible to get bit-perfect output regardless of the app or DAC used. Maybe the audible differences could be minimal - but if you plan to connect it to a high-end DAC and you care about this it's not a good match. Apps like Plex and Kodi allow passthrough of surround sound streams over HDMI, so for movie viewing to an AV receiver the Dolby or DTS audio will stream will not be touched. These apps also support 24p so it's a good solution for video media (however I'm unsure if the Netflix app supports 24p). EDIT: I realise this doesn't answer your specific question, but nevertheless I hope it is useful for someone
  8. The Oppo 105 and 205 can function as a DAC over HDMI, optical, coaxial and USB inputs. I connect a Mac Mini via the USB input. The 203 has a HDMI input (sorry i did forget it had this in my previous post) but it does lack coax, optical and USB DAC inputs.. Edit: The 203 does have USB ports, so it can playback media directly from a USB storage device.
  9. Yes it "should" be - although I really don't know. There's probably 103 reviews still knocking around on the internet that may provide some level of comparison.
  10. I never heard the 103, although I do remember reading somewhere that the 203 analogue performance was a fair improvement over the 103. Anecdotally I have been led to believe that the performance difference between the 203 and 205 is smaller than that between the 103 and 105.
  11. I moved from an Oppo 105 to an Oppo 203 about a year ago. I was surprised how good the analogue out of the 203 sounded, while it was not as good as the 105 it replaced, it was certainly still very good and much better than I expected. In my system (Marantz PM KI Pearl Lite and Monitor Audio RX6 at the time) I was quite happy to listen off of the 203. I also tried the 203 as a transport to feed a Marantz HD-DAC1 (via coaxial) and wasn't overly impressed with results - I found the HD-DAC1 sounded much better when connected to my MacBook via the USB input. Whether this is a result of the quality of the 203 as a transport OR the implementation of the HD-DAC1 coax vs USB input I cannot be sure. I've since moved the 203 on and bought a 205 (as I wanted to use the HDMI in for chromecast and the USB DAC section). In experience if didn't upgrade to 4K, I'd be more than happy to still be using the 105. Sound wise the 105 was better than the 203 and on my mid-range system I could notice improvements doing back to back A/B listening, but it wasn't the night and day difference I expected ( I guess this is the law of diminishing returns). If you have a reasonable system and do critical listening, then I would go the 105. If this isn't as important, go the 203. Unless you are doing A/B comparisons, you may not ever realise that you're missing out. In the end it was more important to me to have a single box solution with the HDMI & USB DAC input connectivity that the 105 and 205 offer. In your case, given you want to use the HDMI input I would say the 105 would be the better option. Just bear in mind these are up to 6-7 years old now and buying second hand may come with other risks. Hope that helps. Chris
  12. @wen I've not had a great opportunity to have a good listen until the last couple of days. Work has been busy and I also discovered I had a damaged RCA interconnect. It's since been replaced and I've had a play the last few nights. Impressions so far have me feeling very happy with the purchase. Looking forward to be able to set them up properly in a room with acoustics more suited for music.
  13. Hi All, I went over and auditioned a pair of PMC twenty.22 that a fellow SNAer has listed in the classifieds for sale. Needless to say I was very impressed and thought they sounded a league ahead of the VA Mozart Grand I tried in store (noting the the VAs had barely been run in at all). I decided to buy them and should hopefully have them in the next day or so. In the end the price came in much closer to my original $2000 budget so very happy. Will report back once I've had them for a little while. Chris
  14. I've been doing more reading and have decided to expand my budget to $3000. With that in mind I've come across Kef R500 and Vienna Acoustic Mozart Grand SEs. Both of which I have found new for around $3000. I auditioned the Mozarts today using my amp and the same source I use at home (Oppo 205). A great sounding speaker, particularly when playing SACD source material. The performance on this material suggests the Marantz Pearl Lite is up to the job. I took a bunch of FLAC files with me that I'm very familiar with and they didn't seem to provide the improvement I thought they would over my current speakers, although the highs were definitely smoother which has big appeal for me - this could be attributed to the speakers having only a few hours play time on them and likely the source not being mixed / mastered particularly well. That being said I listen to a wide range of music and will be playing the music I like - not just reference quality recordings end to end. Does anyone have any experience with VA speakers, or comments regarding their comparative performance against the Kef R500? Ideally I'd love to audition both, but Kef options seem limited in Brisbane. As an indicative price comparison soundstagehifi.com have reviewed both speakers and listed a US retail price of $3500 (VA) and $2600 (KEF). Price "suggests" the VA are a more premium speaker, however many reviews suggest the R500 punches well above its price point.
  15. Sorry to say it's not possible. They specifically say you cannot roll back to an earlier version on the beta firmware download page.
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