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  1. I bought a pair of AKG Q701 for a bargain price at Yodobashi Camera in Akihabara a few years ago.
  2. I owned the RX6 silver series some time back and loved them. Also have a pair or Silver 1s used in a second system downstairs. Currently contemplating a pair of Silver 300s to replace some PMCs which appear to be too fussy and just can't work well in my current room without making too many compromises on room setup. Just the look of the silver 300s in satin white is almost enough to make me buy them!
  3. Thanks, mate. I've done more playing around, adjusting the speaker distance from sidewalls, rear wall, toe-in amount and bringing the couch forward. I have found a sweet spot, but I think the combination of the room acoustics and the fussiness of the speakers makes it very narrow. It's very becoming very frustrating. When I plug the little monitor audio silvers in things just work, while they cant hit the same level of performance as the PMCs, its much easier to just sit down and have a fairly level performance across the room. I previously had Monitor Audio RX6 floorstanding speakers, which I sold when we moved into a townhouse. Maybe I was less aware then, but I never remember having such placement issues with them. I also loved them at the time - I might explore going back down that path again and audition some silver series floorstanders or perhaps their gold series bookshelf models.
  4. Hi All, PMC Twenty.22 owner here. I’ve read through this entire thread (almost) and other internet sources. Curious about peoples experience with placement as I’ve read conflicting opinions / advice. In my particular circumstances (and I mean room constraints) I find the PMCs to be VERY picky. For context: - The room is about 3.7m by 4.5m. - The speakers are on the short wall (3.7m) and located on PMC speaker stands. - There is no wall next to the right speaker (as it opens into a long hall) - The left speaker is bound by a full length sliding window (which I can open) which effectively removes the boundary. - The left hand wall has full length curtains (thick block out ones) running the whole length of the wall, which diffuses reflections nicely. - The right hand wall has a long 3 seat sofa which does help somewhat with diffusion, however acoustic panels or similar on the wall above would be ideal. - The listening position is on the opposite wall (plush couch and recliner). It’s not an ideal position but it’s what I have to work with. - I can get very good results, smooth mids, highs, great soundstage and good bass with the speakers placed at the outer edges of the 3.7m wall. - The left speaker can remain in this position, however the right cannot as it will obscure the entry to the linen cupboard. Also we’ve a little one on the way and I will eventually need to limit access to the speaker which I cannot do when the speaker placed in front of a linen cupboard door that will be frequently accessed. The issue - Moving the speakers any closer together (even by 100mm) and the performance beings to diminish and a massive bass null develops over almost the entire listening position area. - I think this likely a function of my listening position being against the opposite wall. Locating the speakers at the extremities of the opposite wall seem to rectify this. - When the speaker are located closer together I’ve tried adjusting the orientation from straight ahead to toed in directly facing the center listening position and nothing does the trick adequately. The bass simply goes missing. - I’ve a set of Monitor Audio Silver 1 bookshelf speakers, which when used in the same room do not suffer the bass null issue. Unfortunately their performance doesn’t otherwise match the PMCs and they lack the “upper range airiness and smooth sparkle” which I love. Could this perhaps be due to the characteristics of the PMC front facing port (and ATL design) vs the conventional enclosure and rear facing port of the Monitor Audio? Does anyone have thoughts on this based on similar experience? I’m not sure what I will do at this point. However I may have to find a compromise (downgrade) with a different speaker and put the PMCs up for sale. Thanks Chris
  5. Item: NAD T 758 V3 Receiver Location: Brisbane Price: $1900 $1800 Item Condition: Excellent / near new Reason for selling: Not required / change in plans Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, bank transfer Extra Info: Purchased new on 8 May 2019 (less than 1 month ago). The plan was to consolidate my 2 channel system into single box solution (BluOS streamer, DAC, AMP & HDMI switching). Ultimately I have opted to continue using my 2 channel integrated amplifier with separate DAC etc. Item is near new with no marks or scratches. Includes the original box, all accessories (remote, BluOS dongle, Dirac microphone, power cable and manuals). The original purchase receipt and warranty card (which I have not filled out) will also be provided. Flat rate $30 for registered and insured postage within Australia. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  6. Item: Marantz SR5013 Receiver Location: Brisbane Price: $1000 Item Condition: Excellent (except for marks on back panel, see description and attached picture) Reason for selling: Replaced with slimline model Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Bank Transfer Extra Info: Purchased brand new from a local dealer new on 28/12/2018. It has been used for light TV and movie watching duties only. We've moved house and I've now purchased a replacement slimline receiver due to space constraints. Includes the original box and all accessories (remote, Audyssey microphone, power cable and manuals). The original purchase receipt will also be provided. There are some scratches on the rear panel near the HDMI ports from me clumsily plugging in the HDMI cables when I couldn't see the back of the unit as I was doing it (refer to attached picture). I'm annoyed at myself for not pulling the entertainment unit away from the wall at the time so I could clearly see, but it's too late now. Flat rate $30 for registered and insured postage within Australia. Photos:
  7. I heard back from Kamal at Crux Audio. The unit is now getting shipped back to May in South Korea for repair. The problem now seems to be getting worse. Last night it crashed mid song (the first time I've had this occur). The whole unit locked up and I had to pull the power and restart. As a side note I've always (since new) found the webUI to be very slow and unresponsive to use. Sometimes clicking the settings box can take 5-10 seconds for the setting page to open. I had always chalked it up to being a low powered device that wasn't optimised for performance to serve the webUI, but perhaps this was never normal? Now it sometimes wont open at all and just sits in waiting state.
  8. I've just contacted SOtM support, awaiting a response. It was boxed away for a period until we moved recently and I've only ever had v0.4.5+ firmwares on it. The only other firmware available for download at the moment from SOtM is v0.4.4. I've given it a go but the WiFi dongle doesn't work, which is kind of essential for me. Either way I realise troubleshooting with an ethernet cable connection on the older firmware will be needed - I'm yet to do this as it's not practical to have it connected by ethernet cable permanently at my house.
  9. Thanks but I am already using a fixed IP ( DHCP range starts at Regardless the DHCP lease is set to 86400 seconds (24 hours). The problem can appear after only 10 minutes of operation.
  10. Hi All, I've been having an ongoing problem where my SMS-200 Neo loses network connectivity and/or crashes. Sometimes it will stay connected for several hours, other times only 10-15mins before dropping out. I cannot determine if the network service on the device has crashed, or the whole device itself as I have no way of accessing the WebUI when it happens. When this occurs: - the web control is not accessible via the IP address - the Roon endpoint is no longer seen on the network - the device cannot be pinged - it no longer appears in the connected devices list in the Asus AC66U router WebUI - it happens when connected via ethernet or wireless (I purchased USB wifi dongle with the supported chipset - TP-Link Archer T4UH V2) - when it crashes both lights on the front top right of the device are solid green - pulling the power and restarting the device brings it back (until it drops out again) - it happens using the supplied power adapter, an iFi iPower adapter and a Gieseler Kraftwerk 12v linear PSU If music is playing it appears to stay working indefinitely. Immediately after stopping playback it will sometimes become inaccessible. Either way it's getting very annoying as any time I walk away or stop listening for any random period of time I will return to find it unreachable. Each time I then have to manually unplug and restart the device to continue using it. I have re-imaged the device several times and am currently using the latest firmware (Eunhasu Web interface version : V0.4.59). Has anyone else experienced this issue? Any help would be appreciated. Chris
  11. Update -- turning the volume up higher has brought it back to life. I'm baffled as to what could be going on.
  12. Hi All, I've a pair of PMC Twenty.22. I was listening this morning and mid-track I lost the high frequencies on one channel. It happened mid-song, with no other symptoms to suggest something was wrong prior. I suspected the amplifier or perhaps a bad connection in my cables but as best I can tell it appears to be the crossover (or something else, possibly a band connection inside the speaker somewhere). I can confirm that: - when switching the speakers from left to right channel etc, the problem moves with the speaker - another set of speakers works fine on the amplifier (which by the way is a Marantz Pearl Lite) - removing the binding post bridge and connecting the speakers to the HF binding post only results in no output at all - the tweeter when placed in the good speaker works fine - neither tweeter works when placed in the bad speaker I've had a look at the crossover and none of the spade connectors appear to be loose or anything, so I'm guessing the problem lies somewhere in the crossover. I've no idea how it could have failed, they've not been driven hard and at the time I was listening at a very low volume while drinking my morning coffee. Has anyone else experienced this? Seems very strange for it to just drop the tweeter out of the blue like that. They've been working fine for 6+ months since I bought them second hand (unfortunately I don't have the receipts). I've emailed PMC warranty to see what the process will be to get them checked out. Cheers Chris
  13. My father bought an SL-23 new in about 1977. He still has it and it's going strong. From memory it was a mid-level TT at the time he bought it.
  14. Hi All, The Oppo is sold pending pickup and payment. I'll update again if things don't go through. I've got a lot of messages - sorry I've not responded to everyone. Cheers Chris
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