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  1. I did a couple of years ago. I think I may have posted about it, but cannot recall. In short I recall the noisefloor being lower and it generally having smoother and more detailed sound. Dare I say more warm and much more enjoyable to listen to. At the time I certainly couldn't got back to the stock OP amps. Headphones were AKG Q701. I still have the M-Stage with the SS V5s installed in a drawer unused (I now use a Marantz HD-DAC1). I might consider selling the OP amps separately if you were interested - I know I've got the original ones around in a drawer somewhere.
  2. This is a bargain, if I was local and could pick up I'd buy it - and I don't even need them!
  3. Item: Bluesound Node 2i (white_ Location: Brisbane Price: $650 including postage Item Condition: Excellent / near new Reason for selling: No longer required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: In excellent condition and will be supplied in the original box as shown. Selling because first child has arrived / shifting priorities. Photos:
  4. Item: Curious USB cable 0.8m Location: Brisbane Price: $270 including postage Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: No longer required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Friend Extra Info: In excellent condition and will be supplied in the original box as shown. Selling because first child has arrived / shifting priorities. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  5. I tried 15 years ago. I initially loved the size of the open world, but found the game to be a boring grind-fest. In particular I hated how restricted you were in combat purely because of your level. No amount of skill could help you overcome a stronger foe. I hit. They hit. I hit. They hit. Cast spell. They hit. I hit. They hit. Now I am dead. Didn't help that I couldn't be arsed joining a group. The only game I'll ever need is Skyrim... at least until the next Elder Scrolls game is released.
  6. Item: NAD T758 V3 receiver Location: Brisbane QLD Price: $1500 Neg Item Condition: Excellent / near new Reason for selling: Not being used Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal. Add $40 for registered post within Australia. Extra Info: I advertised this several months ago without success. It's still getting hardly any use and with our first baby due in a month I have decided to advertise again and have priced it to sell. Purchased new on 31 May 2019 from for $2149.00. The original receipt will be provided with the sale. The unit and all accessories are in excellent condition and will be supplied in the original box. The unit is a hefty 15kg and is rated conservatively at 60 watts per channel (7 channels) or 110 watts in stereo. Features: - 4K Ultra HD with 4K/60p / 4:4:4 / HDCP 2.2 - Full Dirac room correction - Fantastic stereo performance for an AVR. BluOS streaming functionality supports hi-res audio up to 192Hkz 24 bit. Is Roon ready and has Spotify Connect built in. Full specs and features on the NAD website here: https://nadelectronics.com/product/t-758-v3-av-surround-sound-receiver/ Photos:
  7. I forgot to add - I am 99.9% certain the device will be receiving power, however it won't be lighting up as it has not been recognized by the system and therefore isn't being initialized. How do I know this? Years of mucking around with devices (including wireless adapters) under Linux and getting burnt by purchasing a particular one that I foolishly assumed would work... it's almost never that easy and it's infuriating when it happens. That's why I was so careful to research that the T4U-V2 should work (even though I didn't end up purchasing one). I'd also suggest trying the latest firmware available - SOtM "might" have included an updated Linux kernel with support for your device.
  8. Hi Chris, I looked into getting a wifi adapter when I owned the unit. I remember from my research that the TP-Link adapters had slightly different variants of the chipset and that they were not all supported by the Linux kernel used on the SoTM. I identified that I specifically required the TP-Link T4UH-V2 (I remember this because I bookmarked in my browser and still have the link). https://www.umart.com.au/TP-Link-Archer-T4UH-V2-AC1300-High-Gain-Wireless-Dual-Band-USB-Adapter_40301G.html I couldn't find stock of at the time and didn't want to shell out another $60 so I ended up using an Apple Airport express I had lying around as an access point. I could be wrong (and without looking it up) but my guess is that the chipset on the T4U isn't compatible. Chris
  9. I have a QNAP TS-x53Be. I use a NAS so I don't need to leave my PC on all the time and any content it is serving is available 24/7 to any user in the house. I run Roon, Plex and some other software on it. It's also easy to maintain as it runs headless connected to the network (no need for keyboard, mouse or screen to be connected ever). I haven't bothered with RAID. While it protects from a drive failure, it offers no redundancy in the event the whole unit or all the drives are fried or fail for some other reason. You could lose all your data and a redundant RAID array won't help you one iota. As RAID provides no benefits to me I have the NAS setup as JBOD, that way I can easily move the drives to a new NAS or my PC if required - by doing so there's no need to rebuild arrays and you are also not locked to the same NAS brand or type should you change in the future. For example I recently upgraded from a 2-bay to a 4-bay model, it was as simple as swapping the drives and doing a few other little things to get them up and running. With regards to redundancy all of my critical data stored on the NAS (mainly my digital photos) is also backed up in full resolution in the cloud, on my PC and on an external drive I keep in a desk drawer. Any other data on the NAS if lost can be replaced, although my lossless music library (which has taken years to curate) is also backed up on my PC as well as the external drive.
  10. Yep - I/O performance is key for the database and library side of things. Plenty of RAM and an SSD will do wonders. A modern CPU should not be stressed at all by this - as @rockford said they barely break a sweat. You do however need CPU grunt for upsampling, EQ filtering.
  11. 100% agree it is very subjective. But a super CPU won't help searching / browsing with Tidal integration turned on if your internet connection is the bottleneck. As for the CTOs comment I personally take it with a grain of salt as they are also in the business of trying to sell Roon Nucleus hardware. Also given that my own experience with running Roon for the last 2 years on a modest NAS was fine. But as you said, acceptability is subjective. That being said I think an individual needs to work out their budget and buy the best hardware they can afford - keeping in mind how they intend to use Roon (upsampling, no upsampling, massive/small library etc). If you want to absolutely future proof go big, but it may not be necessary and you'll get (subjectively) acceptable results without doing so.
  12. I have a Core i7 PC I've compared against - and I agree library navigation is faster, but not night/day difference. The NAS is by no means slow to browse. I'm pretty pedantic about stuff like that and I've never found it slow. Depends on each persons requirements, spend possibly a lot more money for a Core i5 or i7 based system which if your priority is to upsample to DSD512 makes sense. But if you're not planning on doing those kinds of tasks and can't justify the extra $$$ for a slightly snappier library browsing experience - there are more modest solutions. Personally I prefer the NAS because its a turnkey solution that is designed to run headless out of the box. I'd wager running the database from an SSD in a system with sufficient RAM would make more difference than the processor (unless the CPU was severely under powered).
  13. Agree - unless you're doing significant upsampling you don't need a lot of grunt. Until last week I ran Roon Core on a QNAP T251+ which has a quad core 2.0Ghz Celeron J1900. It was more than adequate and even handled upsampling to DSD128 at 2.5x speed (I only did this to test it out as I dont worry about upsampling). At the same time the NAS was also running my Plex Server. I have about 20,000 tracks and the database was being loaded off of a standard hard drive (i.e. not an SSD) and browsing the library was perfectly acceptable. I've just upgraded to a 4 bay model as I needed more storage. I decided to install an SSD in one bay dedicated to app installs and the Roon database, it might be a bit snappier - but it's hard to tell any real difference.
  14. By the way I've compared this amp back to back with a Marantz PM7004 that I owned at the time driving Monitor Audio RX6 silvers - I could barely tell them apart.
  15. Great amp - father has had this exact model since new (1977). This was the amp that steered me down the road of getting my own decent hifi setup. Tempted to get it purely for nostalgia reasons!
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