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  1. Anyone interested in an offer on these before they go on flea-bay??
  2. Anyone interested in an offer on these before they go on flea-bay??
  3. Item: Pair of Monitor Audio RX6 floorstanders - Black oak veneer Location: Sydney Price: $1300 ono Item Condition: Excellent - just used mainly light duties - TV and some easy listening music. Has been hooked up to and XDA-1 and XPA-2 so always fed enough power. Really amazing speakers. Reason for selling: Moving to a smallish apartment so going to streamline - boss's orders Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only PM me. Justin
  4. Thanks guys. I'll have a look at the sales template when I get to my desktop. I'm on my phone so it is a little more difficult.
  5. Monitor Audio RX6s floorstanders in black. Less than 3 years old. Really light duties only - TV and some 2 ch music. Moving to a smaller apartment and they don't fit the 'theme' according to the boss. Not really challenging these speakers with what I am doing anyway. When used they are absolutely exceptional for the price point. http://www.monitoraudio.com.au/products/silver/silver-6/ They get some pretty awesome reviews and I have loved them. Will be sad to see them go. $1300 pick up. I also have the original boxes and grills.
  6. what would be the going rate for the RX6s? Very little use (just light duties) and only less than three years old.
  7. I think the idea is that the q7000/mass audio will blend in a little better than a pair of standmounts. Unfortunately i can't win every battle! Will the SQ be that much worse. I have read some pretty raving reviews. I am going to have a listen hopefully this weekend to a couple.
  8. I have been running a 2 ch set up for a while now. A lot of the input was from here and a couple of other forums. Great set up and I love it when I can crank it (not as often as I would like with little kids). It was done on a budget so I had to make some trade-offs. It consists of: - Monitor Audio RX6s - Emotiva XDA-1 as preamp (I use only digital sources) - Emotiva XPA-2 - Airport express (mainly listen to digital music) - I use this same set up for movies and TV on Panasonic Viera 50 inch plasma - movies (Apple TV), TV (simple TEAC set top box). We’ve just bought an apartment and the wife wants some ‘cleaner lines’ in the living space as it is quite small hence the RX6s are going to go. I will put an rack in which should somehow be disguised in a cabinet (side of room with IR extension somewhere) – would welcome ideas? The jury is still out on the TV (I love my Panasonic Viera) but wife wants a projector set up so it can retract but I need to trial one to see how difficult daytime viewing is. To replace the RX6s, I am thinking of going to a small set up like perhaps the Q Acoustics q7000 or Monitor Audio Mass. I know this is not going to give me the best 2ch sound but I am not going to get this without the floor standers. I have just purchased a Marantz SR6003 for the surrounds second hand for $300. Do I sell the RX6s and the Emotiva gear and just replace with the Marantz? Will having the XPA-2 improve the 2ch sound or will it just be overkill for the q7000 or Mass set ups? I am a bit here as the XPA-2 should be pretty future proof. Any other ideas let me know. Room is 5.6 x 3.8m.
  9. I think i could do this pretty easily and get it through the wife. http://mediamusicforum.com/high-frequency-absorbers.html Anyone think this is ridiculous or do you get a lot more from the pre-made stuff? Wife is an artist so would welcome the opportuntiy to paint some thing on the material. This site suggests heshan. Not the best for painting. Would canvas be to reflective? What are material options are there? I am playing around with placement right now. Will let you know how it goes. One of the limitations around the space is that i really need it to work for multiple people watching movies as well. I find the angles can work for some but not all as my distance to the speakers only 3 metres. Anyway, im learning more and more. Thanks for the input. JT
  10. I actually stream to my Airport Express and then go optical to my DAC. I don't really understand how a USB to S/PDIF converter would work here (in fact i really still don't understand how they actually work)
  11. Thanks for the input here. Stacks of responses, so thanks a lot. I like the idea of the absorption panels at the first point of reflection. Something that the mrs can get on board with may be another issue though . I will go away and do some more research here as it is clearly something I haven't looked into before. I still think the dac could improved on as a few pwople have also noted the amp/dac/preamp was quite bright so I am going to look into some options here. Anyone in the Sydney want lend me a warmer dac/preamp? Will also try the Lpad idea as this should be pretty straightforward. Looks like some more research and a bit of old fashioned try and error is in order for the holiday season!!
  12. This sounds like a pretty interesting option. Certainly takes a bit of 'pure' out of the solution but may really suit my needs. Just looking it up now.
  13. I am renting at the moment so room treatment is probably not an option. I agree that this would be a good option and would make a huge difference to the sound. I am unfortunately pretty uneducated when it comes to the possibilities here and whether there are any 'temporary solutions' that could help.
  14. i like the idea of something tubey I think i need something with more than one input as i run my TV and PS3 through it as well. Havana Dac is a little over my price range i think. Rega Dac and Berseford are on the list! $600 for the Rega seems to me to be a good price.
  15. thanks. I will give that a go. i was going to also add line level attenuators to the XDA-1 to see if that helps a bit as well. Cheap NAD preamps seem pretty hard to come by, but this definitely something i am looking at. Cheers JT
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