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  1. Hi. Running ProAc 1SC Clones. Not necessarily looking for a “a computer amp”, just a half decent receiver (as I want a tuner). Must have optical in (only 1 needed) and on board DAC as I feed out digital from the computer. Want to spend $500 or less. Maybe I’m dreaming? But the Cambridge Audio amp I had I got as a clearance item for about $350 IIRC.
  2. Hello and sorry for the fairly newb query. I have a MacPro and spend a lot of time working at the computer so I often listen to music while I work. For many years I have been using a Cambridge Audio 340R which ran my 1SC Clones very nicely, but today the amp seems to have suffered some kind of output fault. Silence from any source inc the on board tuner. This unit auto-mutes when there is no signal from the source (it indicates when there is signal as the L R indicators appear, and go out when there is no signal (like pause music etc). These are on constantly even with no signal so I'm guessing some sort of logic chip meltdown (but I'd really have no idea). Anyway, looking for suggestions for something similar rather than wasting money of some Name Brand POS from JB or where ever, unless of course you think some are okay? Had a Yamaha AV Reciever that was doing the job for some years after being found obsolete from home theatre duties (no HDMI) and was okay until it developed an output buzz. These things just don't seem to be worth getting repaired as the time it takes a repair shop to fault find, you're up for a few hundred even before the cost of the repair itself. I got the Cambridge Audio receiver from a Hifi dealer in Sydney off their clearance list after a suggestion on these forums about 10 years ago. Can't find my old post or remember the store but would like do do something similar again ... as in a receiver that is going to give me a half decent clean/natural sound to a pair of pretty good bookshelf speakers - doesn't need DSP or anything. Doesn't need to be the latest model. All it needs is an optical in (from the Mac - and I assume this means the receiver has on-board DAC?) tuner, headphone jack. Thanks everyone.
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