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  1. Item: Mission MX2 Bookshelf Speakers (Black) Location:Geelong VIC Price: $300 Item Condition:Excellent Reason for selling:Excess to needs Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Hey guys these are in excellent condition no marks with low usage were at my parents house for a while in a secondary system when they became excess to me then we both have since upgraded no longer requiring them have had very little usage and were bought new from steve bennet hifi in geelong. Great neutral sound well reviewed and still priced at retailers for $600 Will have to see if my dad threw out the boxes:( if he has still can ship at buyers expense would be very easy to ship unharmed and have packed and shipped many speakers:) Pictures:
  2. It really shouldn't be this hard I have no idea tried adding a gpu running through that hdmi is still same
  3. No luck still no change at all tried Kodiak tried ac3 filter same results
  4. yeah was my next port of call will do
  5. yeah ive tried the settings somethings interfering mpc hc has bitstream settings but they dont work
  6. yeah it is and no you dont have been there as well tried using surround decode nothing different if I check the information says the amp is receiving the dts signal not bitstream
  7. yeah satanica tried that tried all tried a few and nothing.. its still used as a pc openelec not an option
  8. Hey guys been trying to setup my pc for ages so i can send all my audio (mostly movies through MPC HC as priority) from my pc bitstreamed for decoding by my avr and cannot for the life of me figure it out after multiple guides nothing works its like im having no effect no matter what i do. I assume the easiest way to tell if my amp is doing the decoding is the amp will display dts or dolby etc when its doing the decoding vs just saying straight if the PC is doing it? My setup is a HTPC consisting of an i3 4160 msi h97m g43 running windows 7 via hdmi to my yamaha rxa 3050 then to my sony xbr850c LED TV and sony hw40es projector as my amp has dual hdmi out and im using MPC HC to play my movies ive tried guides with reclock and ffd show and all the mpc hc settings i can think of tried disabling all the ARC setting on tv and amp hoping edid isnt issue yet pc never shows my avr in settings just the display hooked up.. Even with fresh install of windows no change to audio filters or anything etc if im say watching tv through windows media centre unless my sound in device config is set to stereo i cant even get my surround decodes like neo or pro logic to emulate sound, if its set to 5.1 only way to get anything but stereo from non dts/dolby sources is 9 channel stereo which is wierd. So to watch tv or non dolby dts sources i have it set in config to stereo with neo 6 as it sound best for emulating then to watch a movie i have to change it to 5.1 then use mpc hc to get dts to work etc but only ever with the pc as the decoder. I am at my wits end any help would be appreciated
  9. postage would be in the $150-$200 range depending on insurance who packs etc pretty exxy
  10. Agreed they certainly sound great I'll look for some quotes online for shipping but I can assume it will be rather steep
  11. Item :Yamaha NS-300 Floorstanding Speakers Location: Leopold Victoria Price:$150 Item Condition:Excellent bar small indents on tweeters as pictured Reason for selling:Surplus to needs Payment Method: Pickup-Cash Extra Info:Hey guy selling these yamaha NS-300 floorstanders, been sitting around unused for a while since an upgrade time to move them on great clear sound easy to drive in excellent condition a few minor marks etc nothing worth mentioning or you would notice without very close inspection probably could do with a good clean though:) Item:Yamaha NS-150 Floorstanding SpeakersLocation:Leopold VictoriaPrice:$120Item Condition:Same as above excellent bar small indents on tweetersReason for selling:Same as above were used together with the larger ones as rears surplus to needsPayment Method: Pickup-CashExtra Info:Pretty much same story as the larger ones surplus to needs sound the same condition is the same albeit a little smaller sounding and less bass Item:Yamaha NS-C515Location:Leopold VictoriaPrice:$80Item Condition:Excellent over all bar a small tear in the grill which is picturedReason for selling: See above posts:)Payment Method: Pickup-CashExtra Info:Great sounding little centre speaker pretty open sounding considering the form factor moving it on and condition same as above posts All the floor standers have minor indents on the tweeters, the centre speaker does not as we know this has no impact on sound and generally a careful hand can fix, picture shows one of them below all of them are pretty much identical to this, all grills are included. Pickup much preferred as i have no boxing but can help if interested in courier or i can probably pack the centre if required
  12. can this do full upcoversion from analogue inputs to hdmi? such as component, s video and composite video in and output the video over hdmi to say a projector?
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