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  1. palexsia

    SOLD: FS: Sony A7Riii and lenses

    No longer available, withdrawn of trade or sale .
  2. palexsia

    SOLD: FS: Sony A7Riii and lenses

    The whole camera package is on hold now pending swap for an amp .
  3. Item: sony A7Riii , sony Zeiss 16-35 f4 , sony zeisss 85 f1.8 , sony zeiss 28 f2 , Tamron 28-75 f2.8, sigma art 35 f1.4 , Novoflex adapter leica M lens , Techart autofocus adapter leica M and Nissin flash i40 . Location: Vic 3107 Price: Swap for amplifier or sale 30% off retail price . Item Condition: almost brand new , camera purchase date 24/8/2018 , lenses 10-11 /2018 only sony zeiss 28 f2 is used and nissin flash . Reason for selling: impulse buy . Want to know Sony system , hobby ..... Payment Method: Pickup - Cash or bank transfer . Extra Info: all items like brand new . Some lenses never use like 35mm f1.4 , 85mm f1.8 , the rest lesss than 200 shots . Still under warranty . Camera purchase at Changi international airport Sony shop . Lenses purchase from Ted , Digitdirect , Micheal camera at Melbourne CBD . Receipts copy . Pictures:
  4. palexsia

    SOLD: FS: Combak Harmonix 606z feet

    The only feet that work .
  5. I would buy it if plinth armboard is made for Technics EPA tonearm . GLWS
  6. palexsia


    What is the phono mm only or mm/mc ? What is the load impedance ? Thanks
  7. These speaker getting rare and lots of them are remade difficult to get original in excellent condition . Good price GLWS
  8. palexsia

    SOLD: FS: Chord Mojo (VIC)

    I take it . Thanks pm sent
  9. palexsia

    Post some pics thread...

    Memory Europe Holliday
  10. palexsia

    Post some pics thread...

    French countryside .
  11. palexsia

    Post some pics thread...

    French countryside .
  12. palexsia

    Post some pics thread...

    Memory of French Holliday . People go to where tourist attraction i choose to drive to French village country and enjoy more , no crowded , better services and meet friendly local peoples .