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  1. palexsia

    SOLD: FS: Chord Mojo (VIC)

    I take it . Thanks pm sent
  2. palexsia

    Post some pics thread...

    Memory Europe Holliday
  3. palexsia

    Post some pics thread...

    French countryside .
  4. palexsia

    Post some pics thread...

    French countryside .
  5. palexsia

    Post some pics thread...

    Memory of French Holliday . People go to where tourist attraction i choose to drive to French village country and enjoy more , no crowded , better services and meet friendly local peoples .
  6. palexsia

    Post some pics thread...

    Memory.from French holiday
  7. palexsia

    FS: Copper Colour Penny V Power Cables

    I take 3 1.5m please . Pm sent
  8. palexsia

    Post some pics thread...

    Memory of French holiday
  9. palexsia

    Otomon Amps - Japan

    He don’t made or design any amps . These were made by some DIY companies ( very popular in Japan ) he just a seller buying used gears and sell them for profit . DIY in Japan is very popular , the audiophile level far more higher than we here . Many audiophile with very strong back ground in elctronic get together and built amps as they aren’t satisfied with brand name among them many famous people who today have theirs company and sell very expensive high end gears like the late Nobu shishido of Wavac....
  10. palexsia

    Otomon Amps - Japan

    Price is USA dollars convert tour dollars is 30% more plus shipping cost ,insurance ,import tax , custom charge incredible expensive and gst ..... not cheap at all if you work it out .
  11. palexsia

    Otomon Amps - Japan

    He is not Japanese . He is a Vietnamese student live in Japan from the beginning working for the Vietnamese bloke live in Sunshine call “golden analong “ who buy and sell used equipment on eBay and learn the trade . today he work for himself , most of the amps he advertise is only photos as they are very good and not easy to find . If you want any amplifiers he show you may order to made but won’t be the same . As most parts were vintage parts or especially Tango transformer hard to find , you won’t have the same amps . For cartridges are old and used don’t have the hrs personally I won’t buy these cartridge , tonearms is not cheap either i can not give any advise as they are good but nobody know for sure the bearing condition .... and some are impossible to find parts or repairs . If you want used high quality Japanese amps with Tango Transformer you guy may contact Dem Mau hong David Le at least you can audition and know what you buy and price pretty much the same or cheaper bear in mind cost shipping ,import tax ,gst and other charge is bloody expensive . I bought my stuff from japan every time i go there on the way back i bring them with me as i fly business class on return which allow me 60kg plus my wife , and i have only small cabin luggage. Airport customer Declare as electronic spare parts because these amps dont have brand name ( in japan these amps sold as parts even they are good , in japan any used equipment sell are advertised as parts) so you have legally document as you bring in parts. I travel to japan almost every years some time 2 or 3 time a year that why i know .
  12. palexsia

    FS: iPhone 7plus 128gb

    Withdrawn of sale .