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  1. I saw the first listing but only interest the fidelity research fr64s tonearm . If you want to sell it let me know .
  2. Too bad only one driver , I really want to buy these axiom if they are a pairs
  3. What lens do you want to buy .
  4. Get a volts meter measure the out put then you know exactly how many volts of this unit . As the back sticker printed 220v I believed this is 220v out put unit not 230v or 240 v .
  5. The photo showing the shelves unit is right next to the speaker and may help the sound more balance on the room .
  6. When I listen doors is closed I think because my big LP case ( book case) is right next to the speaker and act as a wall that made the room more evenly sound . Everyone who audition all the expert are scratching theirs head and no one can hear any different , I guest the shelves unit act as a wall , most of us who audition agree on that as we couldn’t found the correct answer .
  7. No problems sound fantastic , more than 20 Sna members has listen to this speaker at my room , everyone ask the same question as you are and no one can say anything or hear anything unbalance left or right. They are completely different speaker physic horn built compare to klipshorn.
  8. This is the king of Tannoy . The legendary Shindo Tannoy Autograph , I owned the prestige series royal Westminster and Canterbury none of them sound as near as this Tannoy Autograph .
  9. This is a Krell power cable for power amp . Glws
  10. What lens are you looking for ? Leica , zeiss or voigtlander ? Legacy lenses ? I had about 25 of them M mount . I may sell some of them .
  11. 45 years on hifi I witnessed all USA / Europe especially class A high current amps /high watts hardly see any of them survive if not recaps ...and many burned/blew up/smoke after 40 years of used but these Japanese like Accuphase and Eclusive still working fine . These 100v amps are the most reliable amps built.
  12. Any spec or PDF . Need more information about this amp .
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