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  1. kranky

    Shipping Heavy Boxes

    Try Temando. Steve.
  2. Steve, They are a bargain and the owner Julian is a pleasure to deal with. I had thought about going with Marks version but instead went with Zen Mods Bablefish M25 SissSit (or M2 on Steroids) Steve.
  3. Steve, I buy the heat sinks from Conrad Heatsinks in Melbourne and are cast in Melbourne ( They also cast pulleys ) The top cover is security screen which is around $100 for a 620 x 2100 sheet , my local glazier got this in for me and still have enough to make quite a few more amps. The base is a piece of 3mm ally sheet with 10mm holes drilled underneath for air circulation, I did find a leftover piece of ally sheet with 15mm holes punched in it at the local sheet metal fabrication place for $50 enough to make half a dozen bases. RCA jacks are Neutrik from Mouser $7 each (screw mount) AC inlets with fuse holder and switch i purchased from RS online $10 each. Speaker posts from Alliexpress $1 each pair. For the front and back cover i use what ever scrap timber i have on hand in the picture the timber is Tasmanian Myrtle recycled but a strip of plywood also works. And your time to drill and tap holes , not as professional looking as a purchased case but Still works out a lot cheaper than purchasing a case and you can build more amps. Regards Steve.
  4. Steve, Have you looked at making your own amp case. 2x Conrad heat sinks MF35 - 151 from Melbourne 2x Ally sheets 375mm x 310mm x 3mm 2x 20mm timber for front and back panel 151mm x 390mm All up around $200 AU including RCA sockets , power switch mains input , speaker terminals plus your time. I have made several amps using this method. M2 , F6 , MOFO , AKSA Alpha 20. Just another option. Regards Steve.
  5. Steve, I have the Tea Bag version of the M2 and am Very Happy with the amp, I'm using Linear Systems JFETs and dual Mono power supply. Marks Version has the different daughter boards for the front end many more choices to try. Happy Building!! Regards Steve.
  6. kranky

    Any good SMPS for audio?

    Eltech I use meanwell 24v 8amp smps units in a pair of MOFO mono block amps and check out Tom Christiansen from Neurochrome Audio he uses smps supplies in some of his amps. Steve.
  7. kranky

    USB cable, sources of Silver wire in Aus?

    David, Joe is happy to send first class international which is by far the cheapest from the US. I buy all my wire from Joe and have done for some years now Good luck with your project. Steve.
  8. kranky

    USB cable, sources of Silver wire in Aus?

    David, Joseph Levy at Tempo Electric although not in Australia but from the US. Joe is very good to deal with. Steve.
  9. kranky

    Thomas Mayer (vinylsavor) power amp

    I have purchased transformers from Thomas in the past and was always prompt and easy to deal with. In the past he would supply parts to build one of his designs. Another builder you might look at is Joseph Levy at Tempo Electric. Regards Steve.
  10. Mate you are about to enter the twilight zone!!!! Sorry for the pun. If you do build a cheap tube amp it will not be long before the upgrade bug bites. I have been down this road and have built more than my fair share of amps. Take a look at Thomas Mayer and Bartola.co.uk These guys build some Top Class gear. Take your time in choosing what your about to build and unless you have your heart set on building Tube gear there are some Very good SS amps out in the DIY world which will cost a lot less to build and be a better match for more speakers and sound a lot better than a cheap Chinese Tube amp. Buying parts from one supplier is almost impossible in Australia and cost a lot more at least this has been my experience. Steve.
  11. kranky

    Paper machè horns.

    Dave, I have Tannoy HPD 385 in 300L cornscala type boxes and have thought about making either Westminster or Autograph boxes I have plans for both. As these boxes are quite a lot of work i made a cardboard mockup of the Tannoy Westminster front horn curve then decided to make them in timber as an add on to the front of the boxes i have. And yes the radius is longer than the Westminster. The cardboard mockup was quite a surprise in the increase in detail. And Sorry to Linc for Hijacking his thread. Steve.
  12. kranky

    Paper machè horns.

    Guilty!!!! The photo was taken this morning But the sun always shines on the East coast. HA! HA! The timber is recycled hardwood from house renovations. Steve.
  13. kranky

    Paper machè horns.

    Yes Linc it is the tinfoil hat wearing Crazy!!! from the Northeast. Steve.
  14. kranky

    Tannoy Berkeley Crossover Recap

    Yes they are from a Tannoy Berkeley crossover. Steve.
  15. kranky

    Paper machè horns.

    Linc, You ain't the only Crazy horn Nutter. Steve.