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  1. Hobart GTG late september EOI

    Thank's Linc and Helen for a very enjoyable day. Great to meet some new faces from SNA. That thunder storm followed me for an hour on the trip home. Steve.
  2. Hobart GTG late september EOI

    Hi Linc, Sounds like a trip to Hobart chalk me in. Steve.
  3. Kit Stereo Amplifiers

    Ian, The PASS amps are Excellent!! and i have built a few of them. Tom Christiansen at Neurochrome has some Fantastic Kits on offer also, and have built some of his gear as well. Steve.
  4. What happened to the cup holder and arm rest Matt!!!! Happy Birthday for last week Mate. Steve.
  5. Brian That's fine if you do change your mind just let me know. Steve.
  6. Brian Would you like to try a pair of Hypex DS2.0 plate amps as i have a pair not in use. I was the new guy at the get together at Matts the other week. Steve.
  7. Open Invite Lounge, Tasmania

    Matt I forgot to mention Very Nice amps Anthony makes. Steve.
  8. Open Invite Lounge, Tasmania

    Matt made it home in one piece. Thank's for a great weekend good company Top food and of course the music. Many Thank's Steve.
  9. Open Invite Lounge, Tasmania

    Looking forward to the weekend!!!!! foil helmet check.
  10. Open Invite Lounge, Tasmania

    Matt a few well placed straw bales along the fence line will slow the run off from next door and will form a coffer dam once it fills with silt will stop the water coming through as well as mulching the tea tree. Steve.
  11. Paper machè horns.

    Linc i hope to see these horns at the lounge!!!! Steve.
  12. Open Invite Lounge, Tasmania

    Matt Count me in. And if your passing through St Helens drop in.
  13. Open Invite Lounge, Tasmania

    Yes it is John my be a bit quiet for most people from the big island. I was checking the surf the other morning at St Helens point watched a pod of humpback whales heading north amazing to see. Steve.
  14. Open Invite Lounge, Tasmania

    Yes still have them but not in use as they have been replaced by Tannoy 15" in cornscala style boxes with original crossover new caps and resistors driven by DIY PASS M2 amp.
  15. Open Invite Lounge, Tasmania

    I'm in Sunny St Helens. Will be good to meet a few fellow nutters!