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  1. Yes I'm slack!!! but still worth the read.🥺
  2. This article gives a good explanation.
  3. I say grab the Tannoys if you can, I have Hpd 385's in 300 litre cabs and love them. As for Torquay i too lived there for around 20 years and moved about 15 years ago but went south to Tasmania. I have fond memories of the place before the masses found out it existed. Steve.
  4. Matt, If the cardboard is made by Virgins on the north side of the sacred mountain then maybe yes, Sorry!! the card board will give you an idea but will not be the same as timber but the early Western Electric Horns were made from paper mache, the 12A i think and the No 13 maybe, also if made from cardboard you will have the templates to build from if you decide to build in timber. I have found the process in building horns a challenge but well worth the effort, they evolve as you try different things a change in length or width will result in different sounding horn. The hardest pa
  5. Matt, Cardboard is your friend!! Mount your speaker on a piece of ply and form the shape from cardboard and masking tape. You can trawl the internet for ideas or do sims but in the end just try your idea. As to how large or how wide the flare should be there are many examples which i am sure have seen for conical horns just scale down to get a rough design. For the coupling chamber i guess a box of 2 litres would be a place to start. My opinions are just that opinions no science involved i just borrow from others that have built horns and then try. As Dave has p
  6. Single turn or multi turn pots aside, I for one am grateful that we have the likes of Anthony Holton and Hugh Dean (Both Australian) taking the time and effort to make their wares available to the DIY community. And yes adjusting the bias and DC offset is a pain but once done correctly it is not something that needs constant attention. But the most important thing is are the neighbours complaining yet. Fantastic job Doug i am sure you will enjoy. Steve.
  7. Ansons Bay for the bream. And the river mouth is wide open at Scamander!! The track building boys have been busy around the state, I'm guessing Ulverstone ?? Steve.
  8. Dirk, The bay is full of mussels and one of the better spots to collect them is out the front of Parkside(a little cleaner than at the wharf). The Blue Tier bike track reopened a couple of weeks ago much to the joy of the MTB riders, I read in the local paper two new tracks at Flagstaff to open soon. Seems as though this region of Tasmania has become a bit of a mecca for MTB riders. Steve.
  9. Dirk, yes i must say it was very enjoyable, it would be nice to catch up with a few fellow Tasmanian SNA members ( maybe even some pesky mainlanders) after the covid issues have eased. Steve.
  10. Sam, Yes these little critters defy logic, Big Sound is a very apt description. I'm going to call this baby version "The Fly Catcher" as the couple of people that have heard them sit there with their mouths open in disbelief. It has me thinking do i need to build the big version for the 15" Tannoys, but in the end that itch will need to be scratched but not before building the mid version for the 8" Sonido Fullrangers. These horns are very time consuming to build (around 100 hours) well worth it for a Looney like Me and you have seen my foil covered helmet! As for propel
  11. In the past i have had PCBs made at Seeed Studio but they also have an array of assembled boards for Raspberry Pi.
  12. Check out gstube.com for Russian Tubes, i have purchased from them and never had an issue. 6H1N/6N1p Steve.
  13. Yes!!! 40 plus years of working with timber has it's advantages. This project has been a big learning curve for me, I've always been someone who believes that cubic inches rule well not anymore. Look forward to having you visit Sam. Steve.
  14. Mullet, I guess a lot of Decware's amp's are low powered suited to high efficiency speakers not the mainstream current trend. In Australia not as much demand per the population, just my guess!! But in my opinion well worth the effort. Steve.
  15. Mullet, I have built a couple of Steve's amp's and they work very well. Have you had a look on the Decware site. Steve.
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