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  1. I'd be happy to pay postage for these if you don't get a taker locally.
  2. Hey Red, I found the Tungsram e80cc sounded better than the Euro version. It's also much cheaper! Yep, can replace a 12au7. Also ran across a single triode that looks very interesting and is similar the the 6c45, called 6s4p. A "DR" version is available and is a 10,000 hour rated tube and it has gold grid wire. Can be had for about $6 a tube which is a heap cheaper than 6c45's these days.
  3. All good, mate. Try to keep track of what you're changing. A process of elimination will get you near the problem.
  4. Any news from you, @Brunswick Herbert ? I hope you've been keeping your fingers out of those tube sockets.
  5. This is the last photo that a mate sent me. I immediately thought that he needs to spend his lockdown time more wisely so I made him a mixtape. I could have spent more time on the levels but the mix took longer than expected and after seeing that photo... surely time is of the essence here... The track list is below. 1. Arzachel - Swooping Bill (intro) 2. Mdou Moctar - Inizgam 3. Morgen - Purple 4. Mega Bog - Shadows Break 5. Mdou Moctar - Kamane Tarhanin 6. Torilla Flat - Tortilla Flat 7. Nicolas Jaar - Vanish 8. Dinosaur L - Go Bang (Francois Kevorkian Mix) 9. And An A - Affirmation 10. Henri Texier - Amir 11. Elelphant9 - Dodovoodoo 12. Nine Inch Nails - Another Crashed Car 13. Roedelius - Am Rockzipfel 14. Beak - Teisco 15. EMBRYO - Dreaming Girls 16. Beak - Said It All 17. 24 Carat Black - You're Slipping Away 18. Felix Laband - Pietermaritzburg https://soundcloud.com/chris-hennessy-6/lockdown-2020
  6. 100%... Rule out the easy stuff first. Swap the tubes out of the noisy amp into the other one and make sure the noise doesn't follow. If you are certain that ALL the tubes are fine then start looking elsewhere. Could just as easily be a noisy 6em7.
  7. If you haven't done it already, might be worth swapping the other tubes between amps also... just to rule that out completely. Costs nothing to do. The noise you describe sounds like tube rush and it just might be coming from one of the other tubes.
  8. A quick shot of the innards of the Metrix. Incredibly well made piece of equipment. It needs 3 5y3gb rectifiers, a pair of 0b2's, a pair of 6l6gc's, 4 6aq5's and a few 6au6's to operate.
  9. Been passing some time during lockdown testing a bunch of tubes. Quite fun really. The Metrix U61C is an absolute beast of a tester and is also a fully tube rectified, tube regulated power supply so good for prototyping circuits. That's a #56 triode on top.
  10. Nice...what's the rectifier? RGN1064?
  11. Maybe converted the supply to choke input?
  12. Jupiters and Mundorfs and a new Triad choke?
  13. +1 on the frame grid e83cc. Internal construction based on the Telefunken ecc803s/Tesla e83cc. I have some Tesla e83cc's and they are very good tubes. Last week I suggested the JJ e83cc to a mate for his phono stage and he has been running them a few days now. He is extremely pleased with them. If I was in the market I would choose these ahead of the overpriced Chinese made tubes. https://www.evatco.com.au/jj-e83cc-12ax7-low-noise-microphonics
  14. They are the best ss diode I have tried. Make sure they are rated for double what your B+ is or just use the 1200v ones anyway.
  15. @Red MacKay You could try a pair in a hybrid arrangement with your tube rectifier. Not tried it myself but there is info around online and some say it's a best of both type result.
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