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  1. Midnight Oil Tickets

    And might I say, what a poignant and timely reunion from a bunch of dead set Aussie legends. The planet needs guys like this right now. And what a ripping band. Tighter than Bert Newton's hat. I think the Hanging Rock show will be a pretty special night.
  2. For anyone that was feeling as bummed out as I was about missing out on tickets to see the Oils at Hanging Rock (plus Something for Kate, John Butler...), there are tickets available from TIcketmaster for this show right now and possibly others. I just got 4 general admission thickets right up the front and didn't have to stand in line.... I know the band were withholding a bunch of tickets for later release in an effort to stop the ar5ehole scalpers from ruining it for the punters and I think they may have slipped a few on for sale without making too much fuss. People are asking $1000 a pop for these tickets. If you're keen I would get on it now!
  3. Nice caps these. I have some and can confirm that the side marked with the stripe is the outer foil. Connect that side to the previous stage for coupling or to ground if used for bypassing power supply caps. I've noted a 30db drop in noise on the scope at 50hz with these when oriented the correct way!
  4. No worries Joe, let me know when you're ready to be untied...
  5. That's cool. I have sent you a pm with a further question.
  6. Did this get snapped up, Bronal? I would be keen if it's 5 or 6 pin.
  7. No problem. You're welcome to give them a go. As soon as I get my young bloke into bed I'll shoot a pm your way
  8. Looks like a good project to me. You could always start out by swapping out the opamps which is easy to do assuming they are in sockets and not directly soldered in. I have a few old Burson discretes that you could have a play with if you like. Based on previous experience you should get a good improvement in sound quality with the Bursons.
  9. Hi Joz, Just had a look on the Vasiltech site to see what chip they use in your dac but couldn't see a Dac 1. Is it a DacMagic 1 perhaps? Cheers Chris
  10. Obbligato make a modern 630v 4.7uf polyprop/aluminium film in oil cap which I have used before in power supplies with good results. Well made and not too pricey but I don't think anyone in Oz sells them so you'd have to order in.
  11. Simon, There is some good info on the Trimax amps here in the forum - In that thread there are some links to circuit diagrams which will be useful I'm sure. Do you have the tube rectifier version? Great amps and definitely worthy of a a rebuild. I'm sure a lot of those old carbon comps will have drifted over the years and leaky caps can be a problem too. I'd love to see some photo's if you can find the time
  12. Marantz CD12

    Good to see some love still out there for the old Philips chip. It's definitely still my cup of tea. I've gone up to 4.7uf on the msb, followed by a couple at 1uf and then down to .22/.1uf from there with great results. The caps around the chip all play a part in the sound, that's for sure. The 15v supply pin decoupling cap especially. Try a 22uf k73-16 there with the shortest leads you can manage.
  13. Marantz CD12

    Hi Brenden, They sound like great caps for the job. And just a nice size also. I believe it's worth having the smaller value caps furthest away from the MSB pin on the dac chip. George would know about that for sure. Did you try any of these little copper foils anywhere else in the digital section? Like on the digital input... .01uf or so?
  14. If everything is ok with the amps then you shouldn't be having a problem I would have thought so might be worth a thorough check over? That said, current production tubes don't seem to last like the old stuff so it may be a quality issue.. If the amps are fine then maybe try tracking down some Siemens e81cc or ecc801s. I have used both and they sound great and are 10,000 hour rated tubes. I run an e182cc in my pre (also 10k hour rated) at high current and have been flogging it hard for 3 years. I tested it on an AVO recently and a new tube should measure 36ma per section and my used one measured 38/40ma respectively. High quality and great sounding tubes . If I'd been using an ecc99 of current production I would have chewed through at least one by now.