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  1. Been playing a lot of Moon Duo since the live show last week but this one has had a good run since arriving a week ago. Terry Reid for me.
  2. Might be the 5u3c which is the Russian type 5u4g... in which case, yes, they are interchangeable. The old black plate Winged C 5u3c from the late 50's are very nice tubes.
  3. Hey Ben, I've got a use for those obbligato caps if they're still available. Cheers Chris
  4. The two tubes to the right look like Ei smooth plates...
  5. Yep... don't worry... keen on Mono lake also... great line up... just a pity it's a mid weeker. Happy to take one for the team tho.
  6. Word on the street is that JJ is about to release a new frame grid tube, a-la Telefunken ecc803s. That would certainly provide an interesting current production option, especially if they approach the quality and longevity of the TFK. I have some vintage Tesla e83cc frame grids that sound great for phono duties. Tried all manner of 5751's in that phono but 12ax7 types seemed to work better into the passive eq.
  7. Ooooohhh! Love Andy Stott! Will be securing tickets for that... cheers for the heads up. https://mmw.melbourne.vic.gov.au/event/andy-stott-uk-monolake-ger-robin-fox/
  8. No probs Anthony. Yes, considered by many to be excellent tubes, myself included. In fact, I have yet to meet a Tungsram tube that I didn't like. I did once see a table of Tungsram date codes but that wouldn't help in this case given the tubes are rebranded. Not sure on the 12au7's but someone else may have an idea. Sounds like you have a few to play with so between all those and those lovely Telefunkens, there's options aplenty
  9. Can you give us a couple more pics of the innards? Are there any other markings/etchings on the glass?
  10. 100% right, mate. I didn't even notice that there were 4 lights per side! Don't mind me..... How does it compare to the v-fets?
  11. Hey Ant, For biasing the power tubes you generally back the trip pots off until the led's just go off. At least that's how it's gone with the amps I have with that arrangement. Sounds like the tubes may be getting a little long in the tooth if it takes 20 mins for them to sound right but if they sound great after that then they're still servicable. You won't do better than the ones that are in there.... Cheers Chris
  12. I picked up a board from Aliexpress for around 100 bucks. Audio Note circuit. The board is fully popuated but some of the parts are ordinary. I already had a power supply and a ton of tubes and passive parts. Up and running in no time and with a few (lots really) tweaks it sounds extremely good. I would rather have paid less and bought an unpopulated board but it was still fun to play around with. It needs 265vdc and it's set up for 12.6v filaments.
  13. Item: RCA 2a3 pair Location: Melbourne Price: $250 plus postage/ppal fees Item Condition: ANOS Reason for selling: $$$ Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Really nice pair of black plate RCA 2A3's. Matching H6 date codes. I've put maybe 20-30 hours on these in a SET amp which is a backup I use for tunes when working on my main amps. Best sounding 2a3's I've heard in that amp but I just don't use it and can make do with other tubes if I need to use it. Pictures:
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