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  1. I'll take these as a backup, thanks!
  2. man what are you doing with them? This is the 3rd one i've missed to you 😫
  3. I'll take it as a backup if the above falls through
  4. Hello all, Looking for some advice, I rescued a pair of Focal Cobalt 816 speakers recently. The previous owner decided they didn't like the cherry finish and painted over them in some rough grey paint. I guess they are an odd colour combo, grey with cherry opposed to the classic cherry with black but I'd like to restore them to the original factory condition. Any advice on how to peel the paint off? I've been doing it by finger very painfully. Since they're not electra series, I assume the wood isn't solid oak - could they handle some sort of paint + lacquer or will my best route be to get them resprayed? Appreciate any help and advice, Thanks!
  5. Is that a pass labs amp it's standing on? *drool*
  6. Damn exactly what I'm after, any chance you could post?
  7. Item: Jamo D135 Location: Lilydale, VIC 3140 Price: $50 Item Condition: Mint 9/10 Reason for selling: Been moved from corner to corner for 20 years Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I have a set of Jamo D135 3 way speakers 4-8 ohm 80-150w, classic 90s 3 way design super cool and retro looking. Never abused and been mostly lying around last 20 years in spare bedrooms. It's time to move them onto a new home. Pictures:
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