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  1. I never said there was no difference, just that I couldn't hear one, in my system, or with the five different 301s and 401s that were tried. The only reason to change the idler wheel is if the rubber has perished, or the bushings are worn. Clearly the idlers of the Garrards I tested the AS with were in good condition, and they were. I have replaced many idlers, but I couldn't discern a difference between a good condition standard idler, or the AS. Doesn't mean there isn't one, but maybe I'm not sensitive to the type of change it produces. Who knows, or cares! I don't claim to be any sort
  2. I've rebuilt many 301s and 401s. No need to change the idler if it isn't damaged. I tried an Audio Silente in my 301 and there was no difference. It is a beautiful thing though, can't fault Simone's engineering. The best feet I have ever used on a Garrard are the Isoacoustic Gaia3s. They're amazing.
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