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  1. Yeah, total genius in my opinion. Carl-Michel Eide (Drums and vocals) got injured and can no longer play drums, but the band evolved into another group called Virus. Not quite as avante garde as VBE, but similar. The rawness definitely would be intentional. It was part of the black metal gestalt of the era for sure. I remember when it first came out it took me a few goes to get into it, although I already had the demos from the band, and was right into that Norwegian scene back in the 90s. These days it is listened to about once a week!
  2. Ved Buens Ende...- Written in Waters This is such an amazing album.
  3. I always had my affiliations listed in my profile from day one... This is one of the reasons I don't post on forums any more, too many egos involved and everyone suspecting underhand shilling... I just can't be bothered with that stuff AT ALL. I have far more interesting things to do than sit on forums trying to sell things to people. I always said I came to forums as an enthusiast first, but those days are fairly long gone now, forums are pretty much poison these days. But, as long as you guys enjoy it all, keep going. I am really pleased that Mr BigAl is enjoying the amp, it's awesome and goes great with the Klipschs.
  4. Nothing undeclared about me or my profile. It says Turned On Audio under my name and is also clearly in my profile. Also, as Sondek mentioned, you most likely experienced an amp/speaker mismatch. Specs for the R107 state: Nominal impedance: 4 ohms resistive. Sensitivity: 90dB/W/m. Amplifier requirements: 50-300W. Hardly an ideal match for a 28 watt Leben.
  5. Thanks for the kind words everyone. To clarify, the guy who is selling his one is doing it to fund a DIY amp that he is building, not out of any dissatisfaction with the Leben. And as for the CS600 being 'merely OK', really? So funny. It was 'merely ok' running what, some Apogee Scintillas, or a pair of dustpan lids, or some Avantegarde horns? Who would know... Throwaway comments with no context or corroboration mean less than nothing.
  6. I had an F10L, and the matching GS10 sut... stupidly sold them both way too cheaply in a fit of retardation. Very nice liquidy sound, with great detail. I wish I hadn't sold it.
  7. Hi guys, the hierarchy roughly is (from top to bottom): Petrus Giscours Vosne Romanee Monbrison Aurieges Then you also have the VR Line stage and the Aurieges line stage as well. All of these models are available to order. All the preamps are fantastic. They are a bit system dependant though, sometimes an Aurieges will work better in a system than a Petrus for example. I have the Vosne Romanee, having had a Massetto and an Aurieges. As is typical with the different Shindo products, it is often a case of a different flavour rather than something being better per se.
  8. Very cool! I would veneer the cabinets if possible, would look awesome!
  9. This one is single ended F2a tubes. 10 Watts.
  10. Wow, I would swim the Tasman for that! Very very cool.
  11. And here is the SPU-AE I bought a while back. It's going to get sent up to Shindo to get their tweaks applied. SPU-AE
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