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  1. ochremoon

    FS: Allnic Verito Z MC cartridge

    I love the box!
  2. ochremoon

    SOLD: Audio Technica AT-1100 Tonearm

    Do you have the cable for this?
  3. Hi. Are these a matched pair? Do you have any measurements?
  4. I'll take this if still available (PM sent).
  5. ochremoon

    I think i have a problem

    Well, I think you're a lucky bastard.
  6. I'll take this. PM sent.
  7. ochremoon

    Garrott Bros Optim FGS Ruby

    I was wondering how the standard Optim FGS compares to the ruby, thinking that maybe the ruby cantilever would lend more brightness to the sound and that maybe I would prefer the standard one. Maybe the ruby would push things too far into the hi-fi realm, less 'meat on the bones'. I'm just speculating, however.
  8. The Steve Hoffman forum is a good resource for finding out about the quality of various labels/pressings forums.stevehoffman.tv
  9. It would be easier to list the good ones. Vintage pressings are usually safe, but good luck finding well looked after ones. Among labels to avoid, Plain Recordings would top my list. Friday Music is generally bad, though a few titles have turned out well. Paradise of Bachelors are below average in quality.
  10. ochremoon

    Are people really this dumb?

    I don't, but there must be some correlation, don't you think?
  11. ochremoon

    Are people really this dumb?

    So, you think that it's just as easy to educate a stupid person as it is an intelligent one?
  12. ochremoon

    Are people really this dumb?

    There are plenty of university educated people who aren't very intelligent.
  13. ochremoon

    Are people really this dumb?

    I find it ironic that the people who crap on the most about how dumb other people are, often can't even use the most basic grammar.
  14. ochremoon

    Amazon Oz Vinyl BOGOF

    8000 records, or items in general? I can only see 160 records.