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  1. Friends of Fidelity SMARTractor

    @Hensa thanks for the reply. I gonna save my pennies and get one.
  2. It's started to happen again, in a small way.
  3. Is that because you feel that the new audio note tantalums surpass them?
  4. Friends of Fidelity SMARTractor

    I've been thinking for some time that I'd like to get myself a SMARTractor. Generally I have used a printed out arc protractor but have always wanted to upgrade to a decent tool such as this, when I can find the funds. For my SME M2-12R arm I have been using the supplied template and aligning as per the SME method of moving the arm via the sliding mechanism until the cantilever lines up; can anyone tell me what alignment this corresponds to though? What do other owners of SME arms do? Although very quick and easy, I have doubts as to the precision of the SME method, versus the use of a proper alignment protractor like this one.
  5. Yikes!!! I just took delivery of one of these units. Maybe I'd better open it up and check it has the right transformers before I use it.
  6. If the mastering is awful I prefer a warm MM cartridge (e.g. an old Shure) to make it listenable.
  7. Final Brand List Is In!

    OK, that's good. So, DeVore Fidelity needs to be added to the brand list. I heard the O96's in Sydney and was well impressed.
  8. Final Brand List Is In!

    Is Bill Mclean still coming down?
  9. Final Brand List Is In!

    Line Magnetic has dropped off the list.
  10. Japan Record Shops!

    The one shown appears to be big enough for singles only.
  11. I agree that Audio Note make excellent CD transports and dacs, but their analog front ends sound even better.
  12. Did you hear both CD and records in the audio note room?
  13. Oswald Mills Audio Video

    Hey Cam, I didn't know you had those speakers. I didn't know I could hear them anywhere in Australia. I'd love to have a listen next time I'm in Sydney (hopefully before Christmas) if you don't mind.
  14. We know all about the ozone hole down in Tassie. 10 mins in the sun and you're burnt.
  15. Thanks @Happy. I hadn't noticed that. Not all sellers mention the 24 month manufacturer warranty, but amazingitem, techstylegroup and happystoreshopping all do (all the same seller, as the ads use identical wording) while other sellers don't (which is odd given that it's the manufacturer, not the seller, that warrants the item). In any case, as others have said, for this kind of money it doesn't have to last ages. It's a cheap way to test the waters with US cleaning.