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  1. Amazon AUS - Vinyl Buy 1, get 1 free

    8000 records, or items in general? I can only see 160 records.
  2. Try adding 10% isopropanol to your 10% Triton solution, Owen; that shouldn't grow any mould.
  3. Amazon AUS - Vinyl Buy 1, get 1 free

    Well, hardly anything I want is fulfilled by Amazon. My opinion of amazon.com.au remains unchanged - useless! I will continue to buy more cheaply from amazon.co.uk, amazon.com and ccmusic.com. As for supporting local stores - I'd love to, but sorry, not at those prices.
  4. @JPete9 the label doesn't tend to get wet because the wetting agent (Triton X-100 or similar) breaks the surface tension of the water, which prevents beading and running down across the record as it comes up out of the water. A little bit of water only might get on the label, but when this has happened, I haven't found it to be a problem.
  5. Show us your tubes

    Thanks, yes I'd read your post, but you didn't mention the Valvo blue label pinched waist 6201, which is the one I have.
  6. It is. Robust and solid with a 60 year old core that is still going strong. Robust and solid is the sound it makes, too.
  7. Oh really? It's my end-game turntable. Housed in a heavy, solid plinth, it makes nearly all modern turntables look like toys in comparison.
  8. @benny mix the 10% Triton stock solution by adding it little by little into a 50% isopropanol/water solution, with stirring; it is more soluble in this than neat water.
  9. I have only just started using my US machine. I chose a very similar regimen to that linked above because, as a chemist myself, it made a lot of sense to me to do so.
  10. I was suggesting the isopropanol as a way for @benny to get his 10% triton into solution only; when this is then diluted a further 100-fold in the tank, the alcohol concentration is negligible.
  11. @benny try using 50% isopropanol to get it into solution, using your magnetic stirrer.
  12. A 0.1% solution is what is typically used, ie. 4.5mL in 4.5L. Triton at this dilution is very mild, in fact much milder and safer for records than your dishwashing detergent.
  13. Show us your tubes

    I have a Valvo blue label, pinched waist 6201 in my phonostage (Herron VTPH-2) and though happy with it I'm curious as to how a GEC a2900 or Brimar 6060 yellow T might change the sound. Have any of you heard all three of these valves and can offer some opinions?
  14. Who did you order it from, Benny and did they have smaller volumes, say 500mL?