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  1. ochremoon


  2. ochremoon

    FS:Mission tonearm

    OK, thanks Steve.
  3. ochremoon

    FS:Mission tonearm

    Is this a 774 or a 774LC and do you have the cable? Cheers
  4. @MGO What different thing are you trying and more importantly, why?
  5. ochremoon

    Advice from the tube buffs please

    Why don't you roll the rectifiers you have and learn about the differences each makes (or not)? No amount of internet opinion will beat listening in your own setup.
  6. ochremoon

    Giving vinyl one more try

    Overhang is fundamental to cart setup. If you aren't confident to do this, I think you should see if someone on SNA can come and check your setup for you.
  7. What a great find. That's an idler drive turntable isn't it.
  8. ochremoon

    Too many records?

    You are not allowing for the possibility that tastes change. I have quite a few albums that I bought years ago, that no longer do it for me.
  9. There are some pretty cheap flights to Singapore at the moment. Lots of gear there to demo I hear. If you're contemplating spending 14 grand, it's justifiable I reckon.
  10. ochremoon

    SUT Upgrade

    They appear, from what I can gather, to be the American outlet for Hashimoto products. Anyway, it's a pretty basic website by today's standards.
  11. ochremoon

    SUT Upgrade

    This is the website I was talking about... www.soundtradition.com ...and yes, they do say that the HM-7 uses OFC copper windings. Their preference for valve amplification (and analogue) is also clearly stated.
  12. ochremoon

    SUT Upgrade

    Fair enough and well said.
  13. ochremoon

    SUT Upgrade

    Has anyone here heard both the 7s and the 3s?
  14. ochremoon

    SUT Upgrade

    Just based on the website.