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  1. These are great sounding units, i have one on my NUC and the difference it has made is night and day.
  2. I'll take Boz Scaggs Loan me a Dime and the free Rick Astley.
  3. Many thanks to a chlorophyll tinted gentleman for supply and extensive installation of a NUC, which has finally given me digital sound without the hassles. I can say I am very happy with the result. Not being a NAD C390DD owner I can rest assured that if copper prices goes through the roof I can sell all my leads and interconnects and retire a rich man .
  4. I use one of these with a Dynavector 20x2-L and get great sound.
  5. Can you describe the sonic differences the power supply made?
  6. Hello- I have tried to PM you but I think your box is full. Kefacurus
  7. I totally get that you just want to get a set up that suits you personally and get on with listening, I am in the same boat, my system is definitely not everyone's cup of tea but I am happy with it myself and tired of the upgrade and side-gradeitus.
  8. I have never been into Madonna but I must say that Ray of Light sounds fantastic on a good system- very dynamic.
  9. I recently attended a stereo meet where an ME 550 power amp was used and it sounded incredibly good.
  10. Hello, I am interested in this dac and I live in Annerley, is is the black and silver version? and could I trial it a home by paying for it and then taking it home to demo on my system. i have a good dac already but I am trying to increase the bass definition without sacrificing the musicality of my existing dac.
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