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  1. The ultimate 2-3 way speaker.

    They had better sound good.
  2. What he said. Be all over that in a heartbeat.
  3. Not sure mate, I think it’s buried in the Lenehan kit speakers thread somewhere. Maybe @Lenehan Audio can help .
  4. Kenwood L 1000 pre and power amp. Meridian 555 power amp with the Kenwood pre. May have a valve integrated as well if @Ihearmusic is still keen to bring his over.
  5. Might have to start selling tickets. No problems Wolster.
  6. Home theatre room, need help.

    That was the pack of qacoustic speakers I was looking for. Hooked my mate up with them and think they are mighty impressive for the price and size. The sub although not amazing it would probably be ok in such a small room.
  7. Stereo.net Offers on New, Demo and Returned Products

    Some great prices on there mate. Welcome back.
  8. Metal: Currently Spinning

    Just found some of my old cds, hiding in the missus side of the cupboard. She claims she doesn’t know how they got there. Should be a good afternoon of listening I think. I love Deicide, one of my all time favourites. Incantation. Onward to Golgotha Morgoth. Cursed Samael. Blood Ritual Cannibal Corpse. Vile I prefer them when Barnsey was fronting them. But he was a an absolute fruit loop. Met him when they did their show in Perth in 1995 I think it was.
  9. Hey mate, haven’t seen you for a long time. More than welcome to pop round mate. Cant remember who was there when I listened to Mario’s system.
  10. So , it looks like it’s all go chaps. Mike will try and get them sent this week. I will send a pm to everyone next week and touch base. Maybe next weekend depending if they get here in time. Might be interesting to compare with Mario’s. Is anybody else keen too?
  11. Home theatre room, need help.

    How about something like these. https://www.digitalcinema.com.au/q-acoustics-2050i-speaker-system.html Very good value for money, I think they sound great and should be good in a small room. Then maybe something like this. I really like the Denon ‘s https://www.digitalcinema.com.au/denon-avr-x3400h-7-2-channel-receiver.html
  12. SOLD: FS: Anthony Gallo TR-1 Subwoofer !

    Bargain. Great little sub, got a tr1 and tr3.
  13. Your a legend Mike, lots of people interested in having a listen. Should be a good gtg. Will send through address now. Cheers Dave.