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  1. How could the man behind Sonus Faber make something so horrendously ugly?
  2. Words cannot describe how ugly these are. 🤮
  3. Looks like an interesting piece of kit. Never heard any but I think there have been a few owners of Oldchen amps on SNA.
  4. Slayer- Now it’s Dark Pretty crap recording but fun to listen to.
  5. Not balanced but amazing sounding for the price and available new locally. Mingda MC - 7R. Might be worth a look, I used one with great success with a Musical Fidelity A5cr power amp. http://undergroundsoundaudio.com/Shop/index.php/;focus=HSTPTP_cm4all_com_widgets_Shop_7128726&path=?subAction=showProduct&categoryId=35843&productId=142446#HSTPTP_cm4all_com_widgets_Shop_7128726
  6. It does look pretty good mate, thanks for all your help. 👍 I had @Yamaha_man around for a very brief listen to the TNT yesterday, he thought it was sounding ok, maybe I’m being a little fussy about the noises I’m getting. 😁 Ahem, that’s limited edition “blood red “ vinyl not pink. 🤣🤣🤘🤘
  7. Try this link. http://undergroundsoundaudio.com/Automatic/ Can’t go wrong buying from here. The bespoke amps are amazing and the Mingda amps are amazing value for money.
  8. Beautiful looking room. Heres your chance for some Gales. 😁
  9. Not yet, I’m getting there haven’t really had a great deal of time lately.
  10. I’m liking the scale and presence to the music. Separation seems really good but the noise I’m getting (crackles) doesn’t seem normal and it’s making me second guess other areas even though it is sounding good. I have gone back over setup again yesterday but still the same issue. 🤷‍♂️
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