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  1. Almost, but Burswood is in the way. Did you set the lights up? It looks amazing. Will be over at the start of November, so will have to catch up mate.
  2. Very cool mate. My office this morning 😃
  3. Pops110

    Show us your tubes

    No music for me me at the moment. The lounge looks like this.
  4. Pops110

    Show us your tubes

    How does it sound mate? Hows the 300 b amp coming along?
  5. Pops110

    Bookshelf speakers for Line Magnetic tube amp?

    I heard a Line Magnetic with my Tannoy Revolution Signature and it was a very good match. I ended up getting a Bakoon as I was a bit worried about tubes at the time but the combination did sound amazing.
  6. Pops110

    Hello From Perth

    Hello 👋
  7. Pops110

    Pops 110’s gear

    I’m waaaay over doing stuff around here. I just want to sit back and relax. Finally diy some hi fi gear would be good. Been talking about it for ages just haven’t got around to it yet. Here’s some of my work around the house .
  8. Pops110

    Pops 110’s gear

    White marble on the fireplace, curved black art deco style mantle. Both rooms will be repainted and will also put up some picture rail. Im going to need a rack to put my gear into so I’m thinking of making something out of steel box section and I have a heap of jarrah I can use for shelves. The other option I’m thinking is a Quadraspire q4 evo. Not cheap but they look good and are modular.
  9. Pops110

    Pops 110’s gear

    Big changes to the lounge. From this. To this. I really liked the room before, but trying to keep the missus happy.
  10. Pops110

    SOLD: EOI: Parasound JC1's & JC2

    It’s only money Daz. You don’t see Armaguard following a hearse. 😜
  11. They were in the Purasound room.
  12. Grandinote was best room at the show last year to my ears. Very nice stuff.
  13. Pops110

    Naim Uniti Core

    A little younger, but it was on tape. 😉
  14. Pops110

    Naim Uniti Core

    No way!!!!! That was the first album I bought with my own money. That and Slippery When Wet.
  15. Pops110

    Off the grog!!

    Today marks 3 years off the grog. Haven’t touched a drop. Its pretty easy now, I really don’t miss it at all. My main thing now is sweet stuff. I can’t help myself when it comes to sweeties. Even though I’ve seen what it has done to my father I still struggle with it. Slowly getting a bit fitter , not back to my ideal weight but have been going to the gym so I’ve stayed the same weight but put on a bit of muscle which is good. Doing the Run for a Reason half marathon this weekend. Not prepared enough but will give it a crack. Get on ya bike @blybo 👍