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  1. Amazing mate, that room and subs look spectacular. Well done. 👍
  2. Pretty nice headphone setup 😉 Welcome.
  3. I used Quadraspire legs in my build, not cheap but a very neat option. I don’t think the rack made any difference sound wise, but it looks good and holds all my gear. 😃
  4. I’m not overly keen on ASR but I think it definitely serves a purpose for those getting into Hifi, they can find items like the D10 that perform well above what the price tag suggests. They can then spend money on things that I believe make more difference like speakers. The D90 is still fairly reasonably priced in the scheme of things. Do you think a 3k dac with better power supplies is going to sound 3 times better? I personally don’t think it would, yes It might sound better but I think those differences would be fairly subtle.
  5. I’ve gone from Sonique 6.5se to Audio Physic Classic 20’s and couldn’t be happier. The Sonique’s are beautiful speakers and an absolute bargain for what you can pick them up for nowadays. But I think the Audio Physics are better in every way. If you get a chance I think you should have a listen to them. https://www.audiogon.com/listings/lisa01h1-audio-physic-virgo-3-speakers#&gid=1&pid=1
  6. I would definitely have a look at CAV, see if you can have a look upstairs and have a listen to the big Dyns powered by the new Michi’s. Check this place out just down the road if you like cheese and there is a bookstore just up the road. 👍 https://milkthecow.com.au/pages/our-menu
  7. The bluesound vault 2i is a current model, straight out of the box sounds very good but can certainly improve the sound with an external dac. Sorry I linked the wrong aria product. This is the current model. http://ariamusicserver.com/products/aria-piccolo-plus/ Couldnt tell you how they compare to the antipodes which should sound better given the price difference. How much are you willing to spend?
  8. These are supposed to be very good. http://ariamusicserver.com/products/aria-piccolo/ I one one of these and love it. https://www.bluesound.com/products/vault/
  9. All the bs aside they sound amazing. Very impressive.
  10. 🤢 Sorry I think I did a little bit of sick in my mouth.
  11. Don’t own them any more but they are lovely speakers. Sonique 6.5 se
  12. Very nice looking amp in the flesh, it sure is a beast. I was very impressed when you put some vinyl on. Very nice, great price and AJ is a pleasure to deal with.
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