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  1. Pops110

    My System this morning

    Still Haven't finished the room or my rack but the tunes are flowing thanks to the Bluesound vault 2i I picked up for Christmas.
  2. How about a set of Wharfedale Mach 9 ?
  3. Pops110

    Hi from WA

    Yo 👋
  4. Pops110

    Bluesound Node 2i

    It’s not a node, but I picked up a Vault 2i for Christmas. Out of the box it’s a really nice looking and feeling bit of kit. I have only just set it up but so far I’m pretty impressed with it. I’m not using an external Dac at the moment, will probably get one at some stage, it sounds pretty good, I don’t think it’s quite as good as the Meridian but not far away. Its also the first time I have used Tidal, I’m impressed. Will look to set up roon in the future as well. Its a little slow to rip cds onto the hard drive but I’ll slowly work through my collection. Im a very happy chappy. 👍
  5. I have Sonique 6.5 se but have been keen to try some Graham or Harbeths. I really like the Harbeth sound but trying to find some within my budget is proving a little difficult. 😞
  6. @PKay how do the Graham’s sound? I heard some in Barcelona and was very impressed with them.
  7. Pops110

    I’m back

    Missed you. 😘
  8. Pops110

    Off the grog!!

    Cheers mate, might have to take you up on that when things smooth out a little. Its just life isn’t it. Has its ups and downs, but it seems that more often than not the downs seem to happen close together which can make things seem that little bit tougher. Its how we come out the other side that matters. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, There doesn’t seem to be the stigma around it anymore which is great. Cheers Dave.