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  1. Thanks mate, might take you up on that, will let you know. It’s going to get a bit of a look over this weekend, so I’ll report back if we can’t find anything and I’ll give them a try.
  2. Nice shiny new cable arrived today.
  3. More than welcome to pop around mate. Heading away this weekend but I’m home from work about 3pm every arvo. I think it sounds the same both channels and gets louder with the volume control. Tried all inputs and outputs. 🤷‍♂️
  4. Hi Chris, It’s loud end for me to hear during soft passages in the music and between songs. It’s definitely not loud but loud enough for me to hear and once you hear it there is no unhearing it. I replaced the rectifier yesterday, just with a new Sovtek and that seemed to quieter it down very slightly. Steve also popped around yesterday arvo which was really good, he bought some of his 6h8c’s around which sound better than the tubes supplied but seemed to make the noise ever so slightly louder. Steve was struggling to hear the sound from the listening position but could hear a noise up close to the speaker and thought the sound was different in each speaker. I had Tuyen around this arvo and he could hear it from the listening position. I really like the sound of the pre and I’m glad I bought it, just a few little tweaks needed.
  5. Glad you enjoyed it mate. Been fun, a few tears and plenty of ups and downs. Happy with what I have at the moment, a few little tweaks needed.
  6. Legend, thanks mate. I didn’t want to bother you mate but I would really like to hear your new pre. Looks great, how does it sound in your system mate. I might touch base with you sometime this week.
  7. I don’t have a multimeter but I have been meaning to get one so might go and grab one tomorrow. Will let you know if I do. Thanks for everyone’s help. Really appreciate it. 👍
  8. Will try and get a hold of some new valves to try. I don’t have any on hand just yet as I’ve only just got the amp.
  9. It’s both channels, hum increases when you turn the volume up. Its a heavily modified Audio Note M1
  10. So swapped in some Oyaide shielded interconnects today and still have the same issue. I also purchased a cheap isolation converter as I was told that it should fix things if it was a ground loop. Still have the same issue. Also tried swapping in new power cables, just generic ones all connected up to a different cheap power board with the same issue. Any other ideas please.
  11. If it’s not a ground loop, any suggestions on a cause of the noise? Its not overly high pitch but it’s not a low hum sort of noise. I’m going to try lifting the lid and reseating the valves today.
  12. Wash your mouth out young man. 😃 He was a bit of a legend around these parts. Haven’t seen him for years.
  13. Any ideas for trying to get rid of ground loop? Ive tried all the usual things, - connected all items to the same power board. - No cables are touching each other. - changed power and interconnects around. The issue appears to be the pre. No noise with just the power amp on. The noise starts when I plug the pre in, high pitched noise that gets louder when you turn the volume up. Would shielded interconnects fix the issue? I don’t have any so may have to borrow some. Any other ideas?
  14. Hey mate how’s things? I definitely prefer the A5 to the L1000, which is mainly due to the speakers I believe. The are a 4ohm load and do like a bit of power . . The A5 is 420w at 4ohms and can supply more current than the M. The L1000 gear does sound better in a fully balanced system I’ve found. I do really miss the Kenwoods, but unfortunately had to go when I found something that could drive the Classic 20’s a little better. I don’t have the option of multiple systems or keeping to much gear. 😔
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