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  1. Thought I may as well start something up for owners or people looking for info. At this point in time I really couldn’t wish for any more, the older Classic 20’s that I have tick all the boxes. Deep low bass, pin point imaging and very wide soundstage. I have been listening to a lot of electronic lately and also getting back into some metal again. They are ticking all the boxes. They do need a bit of power behind them to sound their best, currently I’m running a MF A5cr, 400 watts into 4ohms, with a valve pre and the combination is very good.
  2. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/bunbury/speakers/mission-753-tower-speakers/1233014640?utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_content=app_ios&utm_medium=social&utm_source=ios_social Back up again. No idea about the tweeters.
  3. Very cool mate. His works are amazing, very impressive.
  4. Very nice mate, the photo makes the speakers look small, but they are quite tall and deep. The artwork looks pretty cool. I would try bringing them out a touch from the back wall. Looking good mate.
  5. Very nice mate, I’m with Doug I think they look great as they are. Enjoy. 👍
  6. Been giving it a bit of a spin on Tidal. 👍
  7. Nocturnal Sunshine- Full Circle. Not quite as good as the album above, a tad more hip hop influenced. Still good, thanks @metal beat for putting me onto her. 👍
  8. Let’s of new toys mate. Should be fun times. 👍
  9. That’s good news mate. Maybe chuck some pics up here or in the “My System Today “ thread. I’m sure lots of people be keen to check it out. 👍
  10. The Bluesound Node/Vault are pretty good options that sound good and are easy to use. I use an external dac with mine but was pretty happy with it using the internal dac. There are many options.
  11. Big thanks to all the team at Frank Prowse and also Bjorn from Nordost and Gordon from Linn. Was a great evening again. Some very interesting music was played with some awesome catering and was good to catch up with some of the locals again. I urge everyone to come along to future events, we really need to show our support so we can have more of these events put on. Cheers Dave
  12. I did hear that you may have got a new pre 😉 What issues are you having and what are you using for source and dac? Also what are your room dimensions? Mine are approximately 450mm from the back and side walls and 2400mm apart. If you try the seating position roughly so it’s an equilateral triangle and slowly adjust from there. They are slightly toed in, would probably cross about a metre behind my head. Hopefully this helps a little and someone might be able to pop round and give you a hand.
  13. Have you got the preamp yet mate? Be keen to hear your thoughts when you get it all setup.
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