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  1. This is an integrated amp, isn't it, not a power amp as in the description? FWIW.
  2. Item: Akai AM-2600 Integrated Amplifier Location: Seddon, inner West Melbourne Price: $250 Item Condition: Very good to excellent, depending on your standards. See pics for two small scratches, and a bit of lettering rubbed off Reason for selling: Just got my AU-517 recapped and selling all my other amps Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Your entry into 1970s bling hifi, with 10kg of output meters and switches. 60 wpc at 8 ohms. Everything works, and I was told that it was basically performing to spec when I bought it off pete_mac, who was selling it for his dad, a few years ago. Certainly it sounds great, but I'm a musician rather than audiophile. Auditions welcome, if you want a listen through my old BC1s, or just take pot luck, take it home, turn off the lights and be mesmerised by the output meters. There are two phono inputs. Both 3mV sensitivity, but one is switchable between 33, 47 or 100 kOhms, with the other set at 50 kOhms. Two switched power outputs and one unswitched. Here is the description from the ad I bought it off, from a more audiophile pov, although he is much more conservative with the condition report: "This AKAI AM-2600 is a lovely example of AKAI's late 70's amps, offering 2 x 60WRMS of power and a multitude of connection options, including adjustable loading for the phono stage. There's also more knobs and dials than you can poke a stick at, with a few nice options like two different loudness contours, -15 and -30dB attenuation, and adjustable turnover frequencies for the bass and treble adjustment. The lovely VU power meters look fantastic and there is switch to adjust the sensitivity of the meters, meaning you can listen at low levels and still enjoy the meters bouncing around. Cosmetically, I'd rate it a conservative 7 out of 10. There are a few marks on the veneered cover, and the front face has a scratch near the power button (which, incidentally, has had the 'POWER' silk screening rubbed off the front fascia). There are also a few minor marks to the edges of the front face, but they are hard to photograph well. Lastly, there is a licence number engraved on the rear panel, but I have touched it up with black Artline texta and you can hardly see it now. The sound is typical of the late 70's Kenwood and Pioneer amps - very clean, clear, accurate and punchy. The amp has been freshly serviced and cleaned, with the bias set to factory specs and the VU power meters calibrated. All switches and pots have been cleaned for smooth, noise-free operation. The amp is in excellent working order! " If you like to fiddle, there is a section in the manual with clear easy to follow instructions for adjusting the idling current and output level meters, as well as everything you need to know about the internal circuitry and components. Pictures:
  3. Yes indeed. Doesn't advertise and relies on word of mouth.
  4. My 2c for Melbourne is Tubularbells - he just restored my Sansui AU 517 including a complete recap at a very reasonable price, gave me a complete list of caps replaced and other issues dealt with, and demonstrated it to me with the lid off so I could see it looking shiny and new inside.
  5. How cool is that?! In a bespoke case! And two MW receivers too.
  6. Item: Pioneer SM-Q 300 Valve FM, AM, SW Receiver Location: Seddon, Melbourne Price: $600 Item Condition: Good, considering age Reason for selling: Surplus Payment Method: Pickup - Cash - or Pack n Send or similar organised by you, but it weighs 12kg Extra Info: This is a circa 1962 receiver. Quite rare - you seldom see them on ebay or similar. A curiosity with this model is that it has two separate MW receivers which you can run on separate stations - evidently this was to future proof in case stereo AM broadcasts started, using two separate frequencies for left and right. Also has SW. This one was completely serviced by Resurrection Radio back in 1998 (see pic of reciept), and more recently given a thorough going over by Dallas Clarke about 8 years ago after a capacitor decided to moonlight as a smoke grenade, although his receipt is less enlightening as to the work done. A house move resulted in it living in a pillow case on a shelf for the last 7 years, so its really time to let it go. I've had it since around 1994. The only issue I'm aware of is that Dallas Clarke said the push button power switch isn't original and isn't rated at switching lots of amps at 240v, so he bypassed it. Hence it has to be turned on and off at the wall / power board. All lights work, and the tuning valve works too. Link to list of valves used, and schematic, for those interested in such details: https://www.hifiengine.com/manual_library/pioneer/sm-q300.shtml Pictures:
  7. And maybe before your morning coffees, to minimise camera shake
  8. I'd go wire wool to get the original finish off, or at least sand by hand using a sanding block, and then see what you've got. It's very easy to go through the veneer if you're not careful. FWIW etc. Danish oil on a rag is is the easiest stuff to refinish with, too, IMO. I'd snap these up, but I've only just sold my last impulse speaker buy.
  9. I had them in the spare room for 3 weeks before my wife noticed!
  10. Item: Pioneer AS-200 Speakers Location: Seddon, VIC Price: $90 Item Condition: Very good Reason for selling: Thought they might let me sell my BC1s and raise some cash, but they won't. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD Only Extra Info: I bought these recently on a whim from another SNA member due to the price, condition and aesthetic - they look great. Suit workshop system, or child's bedroom where the bass won't permeate the entire house. They were originally supplied as kit speakers, but the build quality of the cabinets is excellent. Edit: I just hooked them up to another amp with tone controls, and with the bass and treble boosted a bit, they actually sound quite ok! Summer outdoor bbq speakers! Pictures:
  11. 110 wpc and 23Kg!! https://www.hifiengine.com/manual_library/sansui/9090.shtml
  12. Item: Musical Fidelity T1 Tuner Location: Melbourne Inner West Price: Free - donate to SNA Item Condition: Very good cosmetically. Unused and untested. It was given to me by a fellow SNAer with some speakers that I bought, and I can only assume that he wasn't passing his junk on to me. Powers up etc but I don't have an antenna. Reason for selling: I have a vintage Sansui receiver, so I've never used it. Need the shelf space for another dust collector. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Makes a perfect setup with your vintage Musical Fidelity A1 or A3 amp. You know it makes sense. Pictures:
  13. Probably has a sagging spider causing the voice coil to rub, and the driver needs to be rotated 180 degrees (actually can't do a full half turn with 5 mounting screws...) to get some more life out of it, ie so it sags back the other way, freeing up the voice coil. Its a common problem with BC1 drivers.
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