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  1. I am pretty sure Okto have said you can run custom Linux on the RPi. I know that I would want to
  2. Yes, agree folks. I chose the RME for the non-DAC features and overall engineering quality from that vendor. Also same for considering the Okto. It solves a problem (albeit aesthetically for me) having RPi’s with cables and power supplies etc. and is well engineered as well as per ASR measurement. If not for the enhanced functionality I’m not sure getting the newest shiniest DAC of the day would make sense.
  3. The Okto Stereo DAC is attractive as it also has streaming capability via a RPi. It seems to measure better than most DACs and all things considered I think is reasonably priced compared to competition with similar functionality. I have the RME ADI-2 DAC in one of my systems and can hear differences in the various filters it supports, and between the Topping D10, so I would hazard a guess that I will be able to discern against the Okto as well. In my 2nd, less resolving system I would not be able to differentiate against most reasonably performant DACs. For me, the Okto is a reasonable consideration compared to alternatives.
  4. Okto say the stereo version will available in a month and cost €1089. Aris
  5. These are now sold. Thanks all. Donation to follow.
  6. I have an acceptable offer, so these are effectively on hold until payment is received tomorrow, at which point I will mark as sold and donate to SNA.
  7. Good question, and to discuss that I’ll outline plans in a seperate topic outside of Classifieds.
  8. Also note that I’ll donate 1% of the sale to SNA.
  9. Item: Kii Three, Kii Control and HiFi Stands Location: Melbourne Price: $14,640 (60% current new price) Item Condition: Mint, with boxes. Graphite Satin colour. Reason for selling: Upgrading Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Bought new, April 2018. I have the original boxes, cables, and documentation. Will demo for serious buyers but please don’t ask to listen if you’re not prepared to buy now at the advertised price. The Kii Three are an active speaker system. No amps, DAC or additional cables are required. I connect them to Roon via a Raspberry/Hifiberry Roon Ropiee endpoint vis USB or SPDIF, which I’ll include if required. The Kii Threes have two primary controls to set depending on your room, their placement and your listening position. Boundary - set depending on how close to corners or walls the Kii’s will be, resulting in optimal adjustment of bass to your room and listening position; and Contour - setting a room curve, usually to shape low and high frequencies to personal preferences. A good set up guide is available here: https://www.cm-audio.net/images/kii/three/kii-three-manual-en.pdf I have these in medium sized room (6x5m) and they work very well. For larger rooms one can add the BXT modules, if required for a fuller/bigger bass presentation. Ideally suited to anyone looking to consolidate or rationalise their hifi configuration. They will provide hassle free music enjoyment without fuss. Finally, these have the pro firmware installed, which provides a bit more headroom than the domestic version. The kind folks at Sonicpurity where I purchased these are excellent for advice and support. Photos: Photos provided as set up in my listening room.
  10. Having heard these in situ, the spatial representation/imaging and level of detail was exemplary in what was a relative small space (5x4m). Bass was not overbearing, and well controlled. Partnered with good amplification these will work in small to medium rooms very well. The midrange and top end in particular was spectacular with accurate bass.
  11. The XO would run on RPi I think. I have run 2 channel BruteFIR on Pi’s at fixed rates like 192Khz for Acourate filters. Aris
  12. Can’t resist, PM sent.
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