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  1. I swapped out the fans with slower RPM computer ones on my Yamaha PX5 to quieten it down for domestic use. On the 3WC-15’s I use the PX5 on the bass and have tubes on the mid/treble, both running from a tube preamp. I’ve tried the PX5 full spectrum and found it clean on the top end but prefer tubes on these speakers, there’s just that bit more finesse and space. For the bass, there’s no contest, the PX5 is just tighter. I’d be interested in how @Janus77 you find the Class D sounds vs the AB Yamaha. Aris
  2. These are great suggestions. I like 2. especially as I was born in the Canadian snow but live in a sun drenched country now. I hate listening to music in a temperate room. And as for humidity don’t get me started, I’ll rant. Saving that for the episode. I am usually the culprit for bad recordings - my computer overheated and on one of the recent episodes all you hear is fan noise. I like how Prince Albert (sorry J) and Sir Horny Cnl Saunders (sorry T) didn’t even bother telling me. Aris
  3. I’ll find time this weekend to update the site and install a new SSL cert. Whilst listening to music and drinking wine of course. Aris
  4. Apols, I keep thinking you'll be bi-amping; with a single amp of course gain is what it is.
  5. Make sure (I’m sure you know this apologies for preaching to the choir) to match the gain of top and bottom end power amps. Staightforward but must be done.
  6. Thank you - we have one more episode planned for S02, and then starting to look at what S03 looks like. I think your idea of longer and deeper episodes makes sense - we’re thinking 6 episodes of 40m rather that 20m. I won’t say what Season 3 is going to be yet - we have some discussion still but longer episodes where we go deeper would seem to make sense. Aris
  7. So, the 3 Sad Bastards (of which I am one) have just published a podcast episode talking about how the 3WC-15 actually sound https://podcasts.apple.com/au/podcast/3-sad-bastards/id1507530486 S02E08 - But Do DIY Loudspeakers Actually Sound Good? (Warning, 3SB podcast has some explicit language).
  8. You’re spot on! They’re very addictive once you start, I find that listening late into the evening ensues.
  9. Completion fatigue is a thing. I put my drivers in before painting etc and left them now listening for a few months now. I admire your result / the finish looks great and once you get the wheels or feet on you’re done!
  10. I found that the drivers needed a while to open up, especially the mid and to a less extent the bass. Give it a few days and I reckon you will hear the staging go deeper and detail and nuance improve. Aris
  11. I did, but I see how your way works maybe better! Aris
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