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  1. Final price reduction before boxing them up and looking to listing elsewhere. Aris
  2. So much to experience, so little time or money... I hear you. There are some commercial bargains to be had at the moment (for stuff I’m buying for the next project), so I will consider reasonable offers of course!
  3. I'm the OP, and I've had a few enquiries as to what the boxes on top of the amps were (and someone kindly posted the US specs in an earlier comment). I should have removed them before taking the photos! Aris
  4. By the way, the boxes on top are DC blockers that I was trying out. They make no difference to the audio quality (and are not included). Also, just for clarity - the amps are 240v. They were bought new locally from CAV, and I am the first and only owner. Each amp comes with a remote, power cable (stock, nothing fancy), and in original packaging.
  5. Further information: For sale is a pair of PMC MB2se speakers with stands (walnut finish). They are in mint condition and about a year old, bought locally in Melbourne. They go 20hz - 20Khz without subs and are relatively easy to drive (90db 1w 1m) but tend to like a bit of power (I’ve experienced benefits up to 1kw @8ohm per speaker). I have the original boxes so shipping is an option. Beware they are rather heavy and big - 58kg each! and 17kg each for the stands. They can be tri-wired, bi-wires or single wire. See the PMC website for specifications. https://pmc-speakers.com/products/consumer/se-passive-series/mb2-se These really are amazing speakers and will make someone very happy. Photos:
  6. Further information: Selling a pair of Michi M8 mono-block power amps. They are about 8 months old, and are in mint condition, and I am the first and sole owner, purchased locally. Each mono block provides over 1080w into 8ohm and 1800w into 4ohm. I’ve been using the Michi’s to drive PMC MB2se speakers which they manage very very well - at no time is there any sign of strain, compression etc. The specs are available at the Rotel site here https://www.rotel.com.au/collections/michi I have the original boxes so shipping is possible but please not they are rather heavy (see the specs). It takes two people to lift one of the M8 power amps. These amps are wonderful, and I’m confident that the buyer will be very pleased with their performance on any loudspeaker! Photos: Just what you want from a pair of powerful mono blocks - heard not seen. They look boring, but sound amazing
  7. Reduced price, hope they find a new home soon.
  8. Have been looking at vintage amps esp for high efficiency loudspeakers and will cover in a upcoming 3SB episode. There’s also some completely insane vintage revamp power amp projects, eg: https://sites.google.com/view/mpbspurifiamplifierproject/home
  9. I’m also super excited about Episode 2, “coming soon”, where we cover DIY loudspeakers. Trev (aka SB3 and Sir Sanders Zingmore) and John (aka SB2 and Prince Arnold) think I’m crazy for even thinking that DIY can match big name commercial loudspeakers. We shall see in the next episode(s).
  10. Noticed that traffic seems to be routed (I’m in Melbourne but looks like traffic is via Tasmania). Suspect it’s not Tidal per se but NBN or AU network related. Result though is poor either way.
  11. To echo what I mentioned in a related thread: The Michi's are available, immediately 🙂, are in mint condition (no scratches, no damage etc), and just to state the obvious in this current environment, serious and reasonable offers will be considered seriously in return.
  12. I've had a few PM questions regarding the condition of the PMC MB2se's in this listing. There is nothing whatsoever wrong with them, hence why the condition is listed as "mint". There are no scratches, no damage, to either the speakers or stands, and I am the first and only owner, etc, etc. They are available immediately 🙂 and just to state the obvious in this current environment, serious and reasonable offers will be considered seriously in return.
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