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  1. My reference is the CD version. It's been released four times on CD, and the mastering has been the same with all four releases. (If anyone wants a FLAC or WAV of the track, send me a PM.) Holst: The Planets, Op. 32 Orchestre symphonique de Montréal / Charles Dutoit 1987: Decca 417 553-2 DH (Details at Discogs) 1998: Decca Penguin Classics 460 606-2 DP (Details at Discogs) 2004: Decca Gramophone Awards Collection 476 1724 DGB (Details at Discogs) 2008: Classic FM The Full Works CFM FW 021 (Details at Discogs) Here are the covers for identification: 1987 1998 2004 2008
  2. Another one is the bass drum during the first movement of Symphony No. 2 by American composer David Diamond, recorded by the Seattle Symphony with Gerard Schwarz on the Delos label. (Details at Discogs.) Unfortunately, this YouTube video doesn't give you a good idea of the astounding sound of the bass drum starting at 6:27. (It's muddied by the lossy conversion to MP3). Nevertheless, here it is: (By the way, if anyone wants a FLAC or WAV of this movement, just let me know.)
  3. My go-to track for bass is the organ in the last two minutes of the Orchestre symphonique de Montréal / Charles Dutoit recording of "Saturn, the Bringer of Old Age" from Holst's The Planets suite. The fun begins at 8:04:
  4. Yep: http://www.adelaidespeakers.com/speaker-repairs.html.
  5. Whenever I audition any audio equipment, these are some of the CDs I take with me: Artist: Orchestre symphonique de Montréal (Montreal Symphony Orchestra), conducted by Charles Dutoit Album: Holst: The Planets Track: 5. "Saturn, the Bringer of Old Age" Medium: CD Label: Decca 417 553-2DH Comment: Near the end of the track (from 8:00 onwards) an organ plays trouser-flapping low, low bass notes that will test your woofers, subwoofers, and your pet's constitution (as in: "Why is my entire body shaking?"). Artist: The Drottningholm Baroque Ensemble, conducted by Nils-Erik Sparf Album: Vivaldi: The Fours Season Track: Any Medium: CD Label: BIS CD-275 Comment: This is without a doubt the best-recorded classical music CD I own. It has amazing clarity, and an equally amazing soundstage, with fabulous depth, width, height etc etc. Artist: The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Hugh Wolff Album: Copland: Appalachian Spring, Music for the Theatre, Latin American Sketches, Quiet City Track: 2. "Music for the Theatre: Dance" Medium: CD Label: Teldec 2292-46314-2 Comment: This track has percussion that'll see how quickly your system recovers from transient attacks (or whatever the audiophile phrase is for "sudden bangs"). Artist: Steve Vai Album: Passion And Warfare Track: 2. "Erotic Nightmares" Medium: CD Label: CBS/Relativity 467109 2 Comment: This is a very busy instrumental rock track that has piles of guitars in it. The better your system, the more guitars you can hear. Artist: Mike Stern Album: Odds Or Evens Track: 2. "D.C." Medium: CD Label: Atlantic ATL 782297-2 Comment: A jazz-rock track with a great 'room' sound (especially from the drums). There are a few others, but they're the main ones. I can upload those tracks in FLAC format if anyone's interested.
  6. I've just realised that your post is in the "DIY" section of this forum which, I'm guessing, would negate the advice I just gave you, considering you want to do it yourself. But how much do you want to do yourself? (Just asking. I'm the kind of guy who, whenever he looks at something fiddly, thinks to himself, "Hmm. I wonder if someone else who's much better at it than I am can do it instead", and sometimes forget that other people – like you – prefer to wade in and get their hands dirty, so to speak. If you do want to do everything yourself, then feel free to ignore this reply and the previous one, too.)
  7. I'd recommend giving Adelaide Speakers a go. They'll do pretty much anything you want to yer boxes. Such as: "Replace woofers, midranges, tweeters, terminals, crossovers, etc., with components of a similar or higher standard." "Redesign poorly designed or faulty crossovers. The crossover is one of the most important parts of a good speaker, it should smoothly separate the signal to the appropriate drivers, and protect them." "Completely redesign and update your old speakers to a much higher quality standard of clarity and power. This will be easier and less expensive than buying new ones in many situations, if your tired old speakers still have suitable cabinets you are accustomed to, or fond of, and only need minor repairs." Easy. (Why complicimaticate things?)
  8. I currently have the Audio-Technica AD-700 – and love 'em. Up until then I used to be a Sennheiser man through and through (my first pair was the wonderful HD424 I bought in the 80's), but since getting the AD-700... well, let's just say that I ain't a Sennheiser man no more. I'm looking forward to (eventually) getting the AD-900 sometime. (Just like the 700's, only better!)
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