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  1. The Stormaudio ISP with AES output card would be an option, but not cheap.
  2. Yeah the image that Michael391 post said the same thing in the fine print at the bottom
  3. That's cheap compared to the HK$1.5m price listed for the Sonus Faber speakers in the room with the McIntosh gear
  4. Here's some random picks of what my wife and I saw. I enjoyed the Storm audio demo by Richcolm was better than the Trinnov demo in 2016. I liked the read player one and greatest showman demos best. And some more random stuff to finish off.
  5. I'll be checking the show out on the Saturday. Sunday unfortunately I have to help a mate move.
  6. Agree and I use an AMD RX460 (and R9 270X before that) for 3D playback. No issues at all and automatic switching to 3D. I had a NVIDIA card a long time ago and always found it 3D settings troublesome.
  7. Zucchini's and that sort of vege look like that when they are small.
  8. Yeah. That's why I went with the Dune Solo 4k. Very happy with its playback capabilities and love the full menu support for concert blurays. I had the Mede8er, which was great for playback but always found scrolling through all the movies tool slow bright used to a htpc.
  9. A cheaper alternative to the Zappiti are the Zidoo X8, X9S, X10 boxes (higher end X20 coming too). Same chipset and very similar features, but rely on customised version of Kodi or their own theaterview for 10ft interface. Personally I had already bought the Dune Solo 4k, which I'm quite happy with, but otherwise would probably have gone with one of the Zidoo boxes.
  10. You have room gain which allows you to add or cut gain in the bass region, so that means you can tweak a bit there an add a house curve if you want.
  11. Good screen that. Got the exact same one in my HT room back in Oz. Only thing I find is that sometimes I used to notice a reflection from my speakers (top curved part of the baffle) behind the screen. Covering them in velvet or something no reflect was on my to-do list.
  12. The Dune HD Solo 4K supports full Blu-ray menus and the work well, especially if the disc has been ripped to ISO instead of folder. One of the reasons got it was to play Blu-ray concert and music videos as they are much easier to navigate with the menu.
  13. I got it in Hong Kong (currently there) for about HK$2400.
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