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  1. I suppose I shouldn't mention my Reference Monuments with the Elite crossover upgrade. All FOCAL drivers. Magnificent speakers.
  2. OAD power amp has an input impedance of 2.2K Ohms. Would work OK with a preamp with 100 Ohms or so output impedance but would probably lack low end with some preamps with capacitor coupled output stages. My OAD power amp sounds fabulous into my Osborns when driven by my Audio Aero preamp (100 Ohms output impedance).
  3. I'm going to Munich Hi End as my wife and I will be on a holiday in Paris at that time and a quick trip on a fast train to Munich appeals to me. Of course my wife wants to come to Munich too but wild horses wouldn't get her to the Hi End Show (😊).
  4. Item: WIREWORLD Starlight USB A--B cable. Location: Rowville Price: $85.00 (RRP $ 159.00). Item Condition: Very good. Original box. Reason for selling: No longer required. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Post, Bank transfer. Extra Info: Gold plated USB A connector to USB B connector, 0.5mtr (20"). I used it for laptop out to DAC input. When I used it it sounded much better than a printer cable. Pictures:
  5. Item: WIREWORLD Chroma 7 HDMI Cable. Location: Rowville Price: $195.00 (RRP $379). Item Condition: Very good. In original box. Reason for selling: No longer required. Payment Method: Pickup, post, cash, bank transfer. Extra Info: This cable is rated for 4K and is directional. As far as I know it has a chip at the send end which is powered by the source component (the video player). Pictures:
  6. Dimensions of front baffle are stock pieces of 1200 x 405 x 18, oiled Acacia from Bunnings at $27.00 per sheet. Probably too thin but Bunnings wouldn't cut the size I wanted and I didn't have the brains to go elsewhere. Bases were one sheet of the same cut in half. Brackets were from Bunnings and came painted black at about $6.00 each..
  7. I can't quite get my mind around putting the bass speaker in a box as it seems to defeat the OB principle although obviously it does away with the bass cancelling out if at the expense of bass box sound. My latest solution of two bass drivers wired for 4 Ohms and solid state amp seemed to solve most of the bass issues in my room. With my previous OB build I used a single bass driver on each OB and wired a Visitron attenuator in the mid/tweeter section and then cranked up the power. That worked well too. The next OB project is going to be the ultimate solution and if it works I might be keeping them. I might also amplified arrangement to get the bass right. go for a bi-
  8. Item: Response Brand CS2291 10" x 7" car speaker with super tweeter. Location: Rowville Price: $20.00 Item Condition: New, unused. Reason for selling: Having a clean out. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: Comes complete with crossover, grill, hardware and mounting frame. Pictures:
  9. Item: Selectronic brand mains step down transformer 240VAC to 110VAC. I can't read the ratings on the transformer as they were either never there or have rubbed off. Looks to be about 100VA. Location: Rowville. Price: $35.00 Item Condition: Good used. Reason for selling: Having a clean up. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash. Extra Info: Fitted with cord and plug. Pictures:
  10. Just had to add my two bob's worth having just finished my third set of open baffles. The 8 Ohm bass/mid/tweeters and crossovers are the remains of some Focal in wall speakers that I picked up at Cash Converters whilst the 8 Ohm subs came courtesy of Gumtree and which I connected via 125Hz 12db crossovers from DJ City. The panels are stock 1200 x 400 x 19mm timber bench top material from Bunnings. I got the holes CNC routed for me and finished off the rest with my own router. There was little science involved other to make them aesthetically pleasing and not prone to falling flat on their faces. When finished I connected them to my La Fontaine source and OAD amplifier and placed them in front of my Osborn Monuments and sat down to hear the result. To say I was somewhat blown away would be an understatement and for an hour or so the Monuments were on shaky ground. Common sense prevailed after switching back to the Monuments where it became clear that my ears had been playing tricks, nevertheless, it must have been the Focal 'house sound' that made them sound so nice. I wired the two 8 Ohm 12" subs in parallel to get 4 Ohms which I figured would sound louder using the solid state amp and give a small boost at the low end. As it turned out everything integrated especially well and with some minor positioning I couldn't have asked for more. I demonstrated them at the Melbourne Audio Club annual DIY event a couple of days ago where they were given loud applause after each track and someone bought them on the night. I was amazed at their sound in the Willis Room (our monthly meeting venue) which has eaten up and spat out many hi-end systems in the past. I'm now thinking about my fourth set of OB's as I'm really convinced they're the way to go. BTW, there is a strut/divider behind the baffle which isn't shown here.
  11. For what it's worth there is a chip built into the HDMI cable send end which is powered by the HDMI connector on the source device (player or home theatre receiver) , thus it won't work in reverse. That's assuming it works at all as was the case with a so called 4K cable I purchased. Probably a good arguement to try the cable before it's put in the wall.
  12. Item: Duende Criatura Tube Rings 19.5 - 22mm. Set of 4. Location: Rowville. Price: $50.00 Item Condition: Original. Reason for selling: No valves now. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Current cost for 4 is approx. $66.50AU from the US plus postage. I will post for free to purchaser. Pictures:
  13. Item: Ortofon Quintet Black moving coil cartridge. Location: Rowville, Vic. Price: $495.00. Item Condition: Very good. Reason for selling: Have moved further up market. Payment Method: Pickup or can post. Cash or bank transfer. Extra Info: Purchased from a local retailer and only lightly used. This is the Boron cantilever Quintet and retailed for $1200.00. Latest Quintet Black no longer uses this more desirable boron cantilever. Comes with original packaging, stylus guard and mounting hardware. Pictures:
  14. Well, how did it go. Absolutely fabulous. The place is huge with four massive halls on the ground floor, two huge atriums on the first floor and a further huge atrium on the second floor. In the program booklet there were about 400 designated rooms and or displays with many occupied by more than one exhibitor or manufacturer. Many of the "rooms" appeared to have been installed especially for exhibitors demonstrating music systems and these rooms were basically sound proofed to the standard of a quiet music room at home. They were large rooms and I mean large as they weren't constrained by the boundaries of a hotel suite. Some of the systems were obscene prices with much of the equipment gilded to the hilt like a huge turntable and its platter, arm and stand plated in every nook and cranny with gold. I guess if you're a Sheik or lottery winner that standard of finish would be a must especially if your friends had something nearly as flashy, still I mustn't be too cynical as if I had the wherewithal I might join their ranks. So how did these uber priced systems sound? Generally they sounded pretty good but it soon became apparent that money doesn't always get the sound you might prefer and some of the more modest systems did it for me. I ran into our Marc who was running around like a blue arsed fly, camera swing from his neck and trying to get on with his job whilst fending off all his admirers and it was his birthday as well. What about the nuts and bolts of getting to and from Munich. If you fancy 23 hour plane trips broken by 3 hour stop overs then go for it. At the Munich airport I purchased train tickets from a helpful lady in a booth to get me in and out of Munich and a 5 day unlimited suburban train pass allowing me to get wherever I wanted at any time. The trains are something else, make sure you are hanging on when they take off from the station or you could be in the arms of the conductor at the rear end. Or is there anyone other than the driver, there are certainly no railway types to be seen anywhere at the stations and you fend for yourself trying to buy a ticket from the machines. And, I might as well have travelled without a ticket for all the system seemed to care. If you have a bucket list then the Munich Hi End Show needs to be on it. See how the other half lives ....
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