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  1. SOLD: Pass Labs INT-150 Integrated Amp

    Apparantley Malcolm on his way
  2. SOLD: FS: HD6xx, ATH-M50x, RE-400, barely used

    Hi John.....I'll take the M50x....Im in Newort so can pick up....I'll PM you👍
  3. TH-P50VT20A Issues/Banding

    Fixed it.....loose ribbon cable....same as the video....winning....now wondering if I should get Georgehifi's one for spare parts....and the next time she(the ex wife, she got the tv in the divorce) rings me and says it 'crook' I'll say 'na, it's badoozled, give it to me to get rid of it for you'....mmmmm
  4. TH-P50VT20A Issues/Banding

    You wouldn't happen to know which one it might be? I'm hoping it's something like this,
  5. Hi, My ex has my old TH-P50VT20A and she sent me this pic....anyone know what could be causing it? A faulty board or the screen? I'm on Syd north side so need recommendations for a tech if no-one knows what the cause might be, Thanks in Advance
  6. This would be mine if you were in Syd...:(
  7. I'd could be interested in this tv. Doing the following will give you a rough idea of the hours without going into the service menu. Menu > Help > Version > Status4. The number after the letter represents the hours. That value increments every 60 minutes of "On" time.[Status 4 starts with A up to 100, then B for 100-199, then C thereafter]
  8. A question about the Dayton SA1000....the spec sheet says 497watts @ 8ohms....is that for each channel or combined? it's not really clear.
  9. SOLD: MiniDsp 2x4HD

    Im going to pick it up in the morning
  10. SOLD: MiniDsp 2x4HD

    Offer sent via PM
  11. Not working for me either with chrome on android
  12. My kids did the same to mine....I used a vacuum cleaner to suck them back out.....start out from a small distance and slowly move in till they pop back out
  13. Behringer now sold....just the line amp left....make me an offer?