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  1. Compass

    DIY Sound Group

    Hey, what did you end up going with? Couldn't help myself....just for laughs😉
  2. Is this them? wish you were in Sydney...damn...very nice
  3. Your hilarious....boom tish
  4. Compass

    DEQX Owners Thread

    Does the volume control affect all 'profiles' on the Deqx's? Or does it control volume on a profile by profile basis? Edit: the manual says 'universal' so Im assuming it affects all profiles.
  5. Compass

    New Mini DSP 2X4HD

    Andy, where did you get the 8 channel RelaiXed volume control from? I want to do something like this but with the DDRC-88A/BM. Cheers Mitch
  6. Oh the suspence! What did you get? +1 for the Elektra.....I have a 7 channel I bought off here.
  7. Compass

    EPSON TW9300 forum special

    Thanks for the replies. PM recieved thanks.
  8. Compass

    EPSON TW9300 forum special

    Whats the hdmi cable requirement for 4k 'enhancement' technology? Can you pm me the price please
  9. Eric McChanson Valve line amp into into Elektra Theater 7
  10. Compass

    Multi DC Output LPS

    FYI, the HD Plex 200W is currently available. Ive ordered one. https://www.hdplex.com/hdplex-fanless-200w-linear-power-supply-for-pc-audio-and-ce-device.html
  11. Compass

    Multi DC Output LPS

    Ok thanks Clay for taking the time to look into it....appreciate it.👍
  12. Compass

    Multi DC Output LPS

    Hi Clay, thanks for the reply and yes ideally I'd like to have 19v(for a HD Plex 400, the specs for this say 16v to 24v input), 12v(power to a Dac etc)and 5v(to seperate the 5v from the data on a usb cable) which my dac and from what reading Ive done lots of dacs still require. It would also be nice to be able to have the outputs adjustable, like you have on some of your other supplies. I would buy the 200w HD Plex linear supply but its never available, and as I said I'd rather spend my money here in Aus. No GST on importing and all that BS and not to mention any warranty concerns.
  13. Compass

    Multi DC Output LPS

    Yes have seen them....Im hesitant to buy them....would rather Aus made....thanks though