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  1. Further information: Today we have some classics. Sony Car Discman D-800K, works a treat, have the 9v power supply and remote too(remote not tested). No ciggie power supply for the car sorry. Also 2 Sony Walkman's, both WM-FX123. There is a catch, The one with the 13 hrs runtime sticker, only the radio works on that one, there is no radio band indicator or belt clip either. The other one works fine. These where my late fathers, mum is moving into a retirement village so all sorts is coming out of the woodwork. Don't want to seperate. Pick up is preferred, however I can post at buyers cost, probably around $15, with some bubble wrap etc. Thanks for looking Edit, rotated the pics Photos:
  2. Further information: Pics tell the story. None of the bedding(pillows/blankets etc) is included. The queen mattress on the bottom is NOT included. The King Single on the top IS included. Pick up is from Belrose in Sydney's northern suburbs. Already dismantled. Photos:
  3. Further information: Bought this for my son for xmas, he's not interested in it, its been hardly used. Can demo if picked up from Newport. Comes in original box with all accessories and reciept for warranty. Buyer pays postage if required. Photos:
  4. If your either of you are keen to sell please PM me
  5. Item: VHS Tape Player Price Range: Upto $100 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Looking for a tape player so I can convert a few tapes to digital. I already have the Elgato capture card/software. I'm on Sydney's northside, so can pick up. Cheers
  6. How many hours on the panel?, and where is pick up?
  7. https://www.metabox.com.au/store/ Never used or bought one but they get some good reviews
  8. I have Netflix.....cant say I use it much.....neither do the kids.....I also have an unRaid server with my movie collection on it(disc's stored in a box in the shed).....use that non-stop....I love it....the kids love it....great sound.....great picture.....no ad's.....the streaming services are ok 'research' platforms but if I really want to enjoy watching something....I'll buy the physical media
  9. Yeah thanks have tried that.....to many limiting factors just to import the file
  10. Hey, I have some DWG files that a mate of mine did up for me in AutoCAD, however I need to make some very slight changes, and he is so busy he never has time to do it, so was wondering if anyonyone knows of any free software I can use to move a few lines a few mm's here and there? Thanks in advance
  11. https://www.jaycar.com.au/ Spend over $50 though
  12. Yes done the upgrade.....doesnt seem any different.....time will tell I guess
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