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  1. I have Netflix.....cant say I use it much.....neither do the kids.....I also have an unRaid server with my movie collection on it(disc's stored in a box in the shed).....use that non-stop....I love it....the kids love it....great sound.....great picture.....no ad's.....the streaming services are ok 'research' platforms but if I really want to enjoy watching something....I'll buy the physical media
  2. Yeah thanks have tried that.....to many limiting factors just to import the file
  3. Hey, I have some DWG files that a mate of mine did up for me in AutoCAD, however I need to make some very slight changes, and he is so busy he never has time to do it, so was wondering if anyonyone knows of any free software I can use to move a few lines a few mm's here and there? Thanks in advance
  4. https://www.jaycar.com.au/ Spend over $50 though
  5. Yes done the upgrade.....doesnt seem any different.....time will tell I guess
  6. @Stump 1800 549 680 is the number I rang a few days ago to get tech support.....one of my 3 camera's is not being triggered by motion and saving the video🙄....anyway....it leads to a Manilla call centre😏
  7. Looks cool, where did you order that kit from?
  8. And.... http://consoletronics.blogspot.com/2016/02/jm-70h-valve-preamp-with-shunt-regulator.html
  9. @Steve100 I’d be interested in finding out who made your curtains too please....cheers
  10. Will go second in line for Pink Floyd DSOTM....PM me if available please
  11. It stands up on its own.....certainly makes a positive difference
  12. This is not a new house/build though, anyway will just have to wait and see
  13. Update, Yesterday a new pit went in, so I asked the guys doing it if they could pull on the cable they thought went into my place whilst I crawled under the house to see if it moved, nada. They said wait till they come to connect the cables, righto. Then today I had a phone call from NBN Co and a subsequent email to 'back up' the call, below is what they said and sent, obviously they weren't listening today when I said this is not a new house. Will wait and see what the 'installer' says, hopefully Im here when they are outside. Thank you for your enquiry to nbn. The reference number for your enquiry is ............... As per our phone conversation, the lead in conduit is responsibility of the home owner, we would recommend you wait for the roll-out to complete in your area just in-case there is already provisions that may have been overlooked for nbn services. Below is a link providing this information on our website. https://www.nbnco.com.au/develop-or-plan-with-the-nbn/new-developments/design-build-install/lead-in-conduit If you require further information, please reply to this email and a consultant will be happy to assist you. Kind Regards,
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