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  1. Works fine last time I used it, been sitting in my ward robe for a couple of years😖 Pick up from Newport
  2. Try checking the power settings....I have a Fritzbox that if set to low power mode it only does 100Mbps....but if that is switched off its 1Gbps
  3. @Ray H can you let me know the cost of postage of the Band Of Brothers BR set to 2106 please Cheers
  4. @wooferocau sorry you may have missed my earlier question....where did you get the asus drive from? And are you using MakeMKV to rip?
  5. Nice build....Where did you get the Asus drive from? And are you using MakeMKV to rip?
  6. What did you get if you dont mind me asking?
  7. Just want to clraify....you have 5 lots of 4 tubes? I will take a set too if so, PM incoming, Cheers
  8. Tried that...it recognises that you are already registered
  9. Yeah I did that when this thread was started....didnt recieve the email.
  10. Where did you vote on that?
  11. The majority of us are carrying around music servers in the palms of our hands🙄
  12. This might be a dumb question, but how will you get any tube pre-amp goodness into a digital signal?
  13. I suppose its probably a bit early to ask but is it going to be able to scan network files and play them?....or are you still going to need something(eg: ATV, Nuc, game consol etc)to send it the data?
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