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  1. Currently Spinning

    Yes I did discover that one when i was hunting for stores back in the late 80's, I got Annihilator -Alice in Hell and White Lion - Big Game from there.
  2. Can’t find anywhere in Australia that sells it though.
  3. Perils of focusing too much on gear

    I had an exact opposite experience. Fleetwood Mac Rumours in 5.1 blew me away. took me a long time to go back to 2 channel listening.
  4. Perils of focusing too much on gear

    The reason sold all my 2 channel integrated amplifiers and dedicated 2 channel streamers was the fact that i wanted to get back to what gave me that first buzz in regards to music and that was sitting back watching a music concert on a projector screen in 5.1 sound. Can't beat it. So yes HT is a vital part of music playback and can give you a more complete experience. Every time i listen to 2 channel music in a dark room i fall asleep.
  5. Currently Spinning

    The lady wore black, classic
  6. Currently Spinning

    Simple Minds Live Acoustic, brilliant stuff a new bluray reference.
  7. This is what I need. https://allo.com/sparky/usbridge.html
  8. Yeah I had one of there dacs before, it was great. Do they have a digital only board?
  9. No I just used Kodi as it was pre installed, I use Kodi with HTPC USB out for music and sounds fantastic so this ii why i thought this would be a good comparison.
  10. Just did a test with RPi 2 usb out into Klein DAC and it was bloody terrible, could even hear little crackles, sounded like vinyl. Looks like I'll need a HiFiBerry digi plus
  11. lossless player advise

    Raspberry Pi 3 with DAC hat attached, play from USB drive or NAS. It's so simple to set up even a simpleton like me (as some here have called my via PM) can do it.
  12. Dream Theatre metropolis pt 2. An album I very familiar with and I know it’s cliche but with this new Klein 2 dac I’m hearing some pretty cool touches that I haven’t or think I haven’t heard before .
  13. Metal: Currently Spinning

    Helloween can be a bit hit and miss they have made a few silly ones, I like time of the oath and master of the rings.
  14. Kodi will run off a SDHC card, would also be the easiest for family to use.
  15. Were these tests done with human ears?