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  1. My brief outing with Heos is software related is they don't have their own library system, you have to rely on a dlna server. I don't like that, you may as well just use anything with dlna like an avr or bluray player.
  2. I have found that you need a subwoofer or 2 with heavy metal or hard rock. I always find it too harsh with out subs.
  3. Metal: Currently Spinning

    I think the best one to get into first time is "In the Shadows" it is quite a melodic album.
  4. I have about the same number and were impossible to sell, even when you state bulk lot and no splitting people still want to pick 2 or 3 out, I'll be hanging on to mine.
  5. I remember you could just get the CD from your local Sanity or HMV which was rare for this type of music but yes I remember reading somewhere that Sony thought they were some fancy grunge band as the members are rather grungy looking and were probably a bit peeved off that when they heard them they had a lot of musical talent.
  6. I think it would come down to usability and how much you value it. As I would think the klein sounds better but the M51 would be much more user friendly.
  7. Replacing a power plug advice

    This is getting to the uncomfortable and dangerous stage, if you are not sure about 240 Volts then don't do it.
  8. Just go for As The World and the title song is a real speaker and system tester as well.
  9. Yes i agree with that. This was the second album I got after As The World and was put off for a long time as I thought they were a 1 album wonder but then their later stuff got me right back in.
  10. You’re a tough judge but fair As the World is a cracker, they signed with Sony and were on their way to big things until the business came before the music as would be a common issue with most talented bands.
  11. The shotgun going off in the corridor is still one of the best subwoofer tests. They realised a real shotgun sound wasn't deep enough so they used the sound from 2 cannons. How do the the rear projection scenes look in the new version?
  12. Echolyn - Stars and Garden dvd. My favourite prog band.
  13. Still look back fondly on the $250 Laserdisc box, it took months to get thru all the extras.
  14. SNA Champion of the Year

    Isn't SNA a form of religion? They ask for donations but if you disagree with certain members beliefs you will either get banned or ignored