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  1. No classical music on CD. My theory is better the source you can get away with a lesser system. You need a lot of dollars to match this quality from CD.
  2. Hope it’s regulary maintained
  3. This DTS MA bluray turns my meagre home theatre set up into something very similar to very expensive hi end systems that I have heard in hifi stores.
  4. Really? I don’t understand this. If the movie is on bluray it will be dtsma or Dolby true HD both far superior to CD surely.
  5. powerav

    Format Wars

    Why didn't bluspec cd take off? Listening to one right now and man it sounds good as good as any HiRes material that I have but at the same file size as a CD. Have lots of my style of music on bluspec because its a Japanese thing and they love the big European and American melodic rock stuff.
  6. powerav

    Metal: Currently Spinning

    Metal Church - The Dark. Never gave this a chance back in the day, I regret that now. I have finally been able to get metal music to sound good as well. 2 subwooferrs . Probably wouldn't be an issue for those with big mains.
  7. powerav

    Meet Cozmo

    You got to have a fair bit of floor space for him, just let him cruise around.
  8. powerav

    Multichannel Music, why no respect?

    Well there you go, I knew I was onto something and always wondered why surround systems are not on display at hifi shows. Always one step ahead.
  9. powerav

    Meet Cozmo

    Its a kids toy
  10. powerav

    Meet Cozmo

    Of course you did ^^^
  11. powerav

    Negotiation skills 101

    I get to spend “most” of my tax return every year which has been around $6000 some years
  12. Yeah agree there, it's as bad as the musiccast app. Turns me off marantz and denon products with heos unfortunately
  13. powerav

    Meet Cozmo

    Our little fella needs a rest. Pretty cool little thing.
  14. powerav

    Negotiation skills 101

    Image how my missus was when I had stuff being delivered on weekly basis, she didn't mind the smaller stuff like dacs or streamers but the amps and avrs always raised questions. I just tell here what I sold to get the new bit of gear.