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  1. Yes using the app and not using the actual program on pc and made a huge difference to its stability, a selected new song would take 30secs or so to load but on app it is almost instant.
  2. It’s going to have to be something like this match the mother board, what do you think?
  3. I am just leaving it on DSD 128 and the poly sinc ext2 that you recommended as it is stable and sounds great. I just bought an extra 4g of ram to make a total of 8 today and will be getting an i5 processor next week so hopefully I then can play around and test more, the app on an android for control is pretty darn good and miles better than the PC interface which means I'm in no real rush to get Roon now.
  4. A tip for those wanting to try hqplayer on a low powered pc, use the app control rather than the pc as even a move of the mouse will slow it down.
  5. 1 for Kodi (movies/music videos) and 1 for HQplayer music.
  6. Looks like not “Analog out only via 3.5mm stereo audio jack. Found out the hard way” Frustrating how the better product falls by the wayside while the one with better marketing wins.
  7. Interesting, that's the same as a Google Audiocast but that got taken off the market due to poor sales.
  8. Yeah a lot of these late 80s hard rock bands had great 2nd albums in the early 90s when grunge started
  9. I bet you this hasn’t been posted here before.
  10. When you need 2 PC’s, one for music the other for video.
  11. They are just an easy plug and play device for those that don’t have the time and patience for computers and software
  12. You at least need something like this when using subs for 2 channel, makes a huge improvement http://www.dspeaker.com/en/products/anti-mode-8033.shtml
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