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  1. powerav

    Kodi v Jriver

    You can window it in the display or video settings, I have the Libreelec version so just turn PC on and Kodi boots up.
  2. powerav

    Kodi v Jriver

    I just love how it’s an operating system, I don’t know why Jriver and Roon can’t do that.
  3. powerav

    California Labs CD

    I can’t believe how lucky you got getting all this gear. The Schitt multibit dac might be an option?
  4. powerav

    Anyone familiar with March Audio?

    Ah yes, the hardest part about making speakers is making them look pretty
  5. powerav

    Anyone familiar with March Audio?

    Good to see a manufacturer here so we the consumer can pitch ideas and thoughts for the products we want. What I want is an integrated amp at around 150 to 200 watts per channel, digital inputs including USB with great dac, 12 v trigger, home theatre Bypass with dual subwoofer input and output and adjustable crossover at about half the price of the halo hint [emoji6] oh and of course a Neurik powercon mains connector [emoji23]
  6. powerav

    California Labs CD

    I don’t have CDs anymore so I am just after the dac but looks like due to cost I am now just after a dac with that similar sound.
  7. powerav

    California Labs CD

    @Whiterex1 check this setting.
  8. powerav

    Currently Spinning

    Finish what ya started is a brilliant sounding track.
  9. powerav

    California Labs CD

    By the way the bass from the CA labs CD player was so much deeper than the oppo, needed a subwoofer with the oppo. This has turned me off even getting a second hand oppo.
  10. powerav

    California Labs CD

    Yep I’ve been looking at the new ones, what chip do the new ones use?
  11. Finally got the Marillion clutching at straws bluray, the 5.1 and stereo mixes are great, a bit disappointed with the interview, was more of a generic magazine style rather than the misplaced childhood or Brave one where they were just sitting around the studio and discussing track by track which I found to be better.
  12. powerav

    California Labs CD

    Thanks for that list, only a few options to choose from makes it easy [emoji1]
  13. powerav

    California Labs CD

    Yes! Perfect way to describe it. What would be an equivalent DAC as I don’t have CDs anymore.
  14. powerav

    California Labs CD

    The CA labs makes me seriously regret selling my CD collection as I thought getting a hi end CD player would cost $4000 or more.[emoji20]
  15. powerav

    California Labs CD

    What are you using it with?