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  1. recommend atmos ceiling speakers

    True angled in ceiling speakers. https://www.elac.com/product/ic-dt61-w/
  2. Here is a good example on the huge improvement an external dac can do for the improvement of the 2 channel quality of avr’s. Peter Gabriel’s voice in this song imparticular was always harsh sounding no matter what system I had, Integra 80.3 pre and Power amps, Denon 4300, Anthem 720 etc. I remember that a Creek Evo 2 and Primare 32 with either an aeries Mini or Pi 3 with Sabre dac board was better but not as good as this Klein 2 dac going straight to an Integra 60.6. No sign of harshness at all.
  3. Would a raspberry Pi and something like a USB jitterbug be as good as a hifi berry digi plus. I would prefer to USB input on dac as that is the only input that displays the frequency.
  4. Multichannel DAC

    sorry but yukky. You are not getting out what you are putting in.
  5. Multichannel DAC

    Yep sure am, but have given hope of anything that you don't need a audio engineering degree to work out. It has always amazed me that if you want the best source material ie SACD 5.1, Bluray pure audio you need an AVR to play it at which many pure 2 channel audiophiles scoff at. I suppose the closest thing is an Oppo 105 or 205.
  6. Kodi v Jriver

    @Kaynin fair call, I was sort of hoping Jriver could have been an all in one as could have been used for music video concerts and music, will just concentrate on the music side. The list of options is a bit daunting aswell it's like what Kodi or xbmc was like 10 years ago.
  7. Kodi v Jriver

    Ok I will give it another go this afternoon, I'll wanna try and get a thumbs up from @Satanica. I was using wasapi as that was the only option and thought that was the one to use for windows anyway, I thought asio was for lynx based stuff.
  8. I made a new topic for my post.
  9. Kodi v Jriver

    Had a media player test today with Kodi and Jriver. I have been a long time user of Kodi and just love it's quality and ease of use but after I kept on seeing absolute no mention of it on computer audio forums and constant mentions of Jriver I started to wonder so I grabbed a spare pc that had windows already installed and downloaded Jriver. I started with the PC plugged into Integra 60.6 with hdmi cable so I thought to try some music concerts first, well after pointing it to my nas to add 320 files to the library it only showed about 100 of them and most with no cover art which I have placed in all the folders, not good so after playing around with settings and google searches I gave up and just tried playing one and yes it sounded no different than what I am used to but the library side of it is an absolute mess so I deleted the video section and moved to audio. For this I plugged into the USB of the Klein II dac and downloaded the drivers for windows and added my files to the library, once again this is no where as good as Kodi in looks or ease of use so I began to play some music. First was Earth,Wind and Fire Fantasy in 24/96 and that classic clear low bass thump was lacking compared to what I am used so next Stevie Wonder Master Blaster and same thing very flat and lifeless so nope not mucking around with settings just unplug, connect back into Kodi and the difference was really night and day. A cool feature with Kodi is that you can set audio output to USB dac but leave pass through to HDMI avr so best of both worlds with no mucking around with settings for audio and video.
  10. Klein DAC II owners thread

    Thank you, no real issue was just wondering. Only using toslink for Xboxone and Spotify now anyway, it really lifts spotify to some real serious audio.
  11. Sure is but just confirms to me why i don't need room correction software.
  12. Just a suggestion, maybe be more successful if shipping was an option.
  13. Klein DAC II owners thread

    Just a question on the Klein II display panel. It shows the sampling rate with the USB input but does it suppose to show the sampling rate on Toslink and Coax inputs?