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  1. Trace the TV Antenna coaxial cable from the aerial to it's splitter and ensure it's connected to the point, be it your Foxtel point or whatever
  2. I don't dabble much into the On Demand TV even though I install a lot of TV Antennas as part of my job, but good to see SBS has On Demand as there is quite a few good programs there
  3. You have two options here to get TV Antenna reception to that Foxtel point. You could install a Diplexer in the roof and connect the digital TV aerial to that Diplexer so it can feed both Foxtel and TV signal there. Alternatively (not in your case), if you ever see the need not to use Foxtel, you could cut one of the coax cables from the Foxtel and connect it to your TV Antenna.
  4. What you need to do is install a mains powered masthead amplifier in the roof, that way tennants removing power packs will not affect other properties on that TV Antenna system. I had this issue in one TV Antenna installation in Perth that I did.
  5. If this conduit is not replaceable and inside the concrete, you might like to think twice about pulling new cable through it. Normally RG59 compared to RG6 coaxial cable can be no problem so long as you have a decent signal, you would like to find out what may be causing your TV reception issue first such as the amount of signal being received at the TV Antenna outside
  6. Do you have a picture of which TV Antenna you are using and what direction is it pointed to?
  7. Belinda you need a cable with PAL Male connectors on both ends, so that would be your "IS IT THIS" Photo. Given that your TV Antenna is in good condition and the wallplate is not loose, you should have no issues. I assume you are having trouble finding the correct cable to use for that wallplate ? I might add by the way, very good graphic you've made there.
  8. Nice one and good troubleshooting steps. Yes interference can be a very annoying issue.
  9. Buy a brand new signal lead and plug it right from the wall, directly to your PVR. See what that does.
  10. Item: DT1770 Location: Perth. Price: $700 Item Condition: Used few times, excellent condition Reason for selling: Not required. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Selling my DT1770's, one of the best Headphones I've heard in it's league. Purchased brand new from Headphonic and still has Beyer Aust Warranty. $700 or make an offer on Ebay : http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Beyerdynamic-DT1770-Pro-/152441124431? Pictures: http://i64.tinypic.com/2zsv9fn.jpg
  11. There is barely any HD content anyway, I remember when HD was a big thing all the stations began pumping out 1080 content everywhere and then it died down, quite a scam if you ask me when we have all these modern high definition TV's and cant watch anything nice on them unless we buy DVD Movies or pay for Foxtel.
  12. Quite sad that we'll be losing the West TV here in Perth.
  13. You most likely have a poor quality signal arriving at your TV, get a technician out to identify and fix the fault.
  14. Wow, I think he got you there alanh, you did indeed claim no interference comes from a battery powered LED torch
  15. Try a spare antenna just in case.
  16. Hello. I require to do some logging using my Master STC / Hills HSTC. I have been reading through the user manual that mentions how to do a log, But I'm not sure how to enter the transponders that I want to be logged, they are mainly on C1/D3. Can I enter these transponders that I want to log directly to a meter or do I need to enter them using the computer program for the HSTC? In terms of retrieving the log files, are they stored in a common format that can be read with MS Excel? Or do I need to export them using some sort of program? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks
  17. Design of the dish aswell as dimensions affects the gain, I would recommend using a commonly sold Item as it would be tried and tested more so than something new on the market.
  18. Daisy chaining splitters is a poor practice and should be avoided, as mentioned splitters introduce loss. If you're smart about it and know the limits you can have a good result, all depends on the power level variances across all channels.
  19. Has the Footy always been pretty stable bitrate over the years in your guys experience?
  20. BSA gives work to installers who run as independant contractors, not directly employs them. You will need to have your own business as a PTY LTD and a cabling licence and suitable commercial vehicle that can carry large extension ladders. Work can be varied and at times hard and intense and on short notice. You will need to find out if they will employ you with your VISA status etc.
  21. Quite frankly if you are interested in a meter I have for sale, you contact me. The meter has been sold. For anybody having a loose/faulty input connector on Unaohm T40's, I offer a repair service for these at a good price.
  22. 1. First acceptable signal quality must be achieved at the antenna. There is no need for a second antenna for purpose of spreading the load. 2. Signal needs to be amplified to make up for losses of splitting and all the points. 3. Your cabling, the way the cabling is installed and terminated is important. - Do not use combined amplifier/splitters
  23. May I suggest raising the antenna to get better signal, may alleviate some of the issues. Trees do not block signal as badly as you think they may depending on the situation. If you don't have a decent signal meter and when I say decent I mean decent then it is just hit and miss.
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