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  1. zog

    Any good SMPS for audio?

    Meanwell seems to be a consistent quality brand with a range of products covering nearly every voltage/watt range, with good specs available.
  2. Now those are some speakers, awesome!!!!
  3. zog

    YouTube Spinning

    One(or more?) hit wonder from the 70s holds up quite well now..
  4. zog

    YouTube Spinning

    heard this in Thailand, catchy in an annoying way.. it's a Cambodian track though..
  5. zog

    DIY JBL Clones

    if the question is big waveguides.. the answer is yes..
  6. zog

    FS: RASPBERRY PI and DAC complete system

    Hi, I'll stick my hand up for this.. been meaning to upgrade my older R-pi2 based system to get proper wifi...
  7. zog

    DIY audio: what are you building?

    It's now deployed in the active system.. dead quiet when not playing when driving 98db efficient 15" woofers, 7.8W idle power use, so far so good....
  8. zog

    DIY audio: what are you building?

    The TPA3255 has a lot of "mod cons" like speaker protection already built into the chipset.
  9. zog

    DIY audio: what are you building?

    I've been pretty slack on the DIY audio front recently, partly because of a changing work situation giving me less free time, and partly because my house is already oversupplied with DIY audio gear so I dont need any more... But I was intrigued with the newish TI TPA3255 class D amp module, ordered one late last year and finally got around to firing it up in test mode in an old amp chassis with a 350W meanwell SMPS.. No serious listening yet but runs very quietly, if it plays well I'll use it to drive the 15" low frequency speakers in my active system. http://www.ti.com/tool/tpa3255evm p.s. @Snapper() that dead amp chassis you gave me finally got some use :-)
  10. I'm not sure if this is DIY section, computer section, or power / cables / electronics post, so I've plonked it here but it would fit elsewhere as well: I have been using older TP-Link AV200 "powerline" adapters for some years with great success to provide network access to a few locations where it was difficult or inconvenient to do it with wifi - although slow, they have been fast enough for the purpose at hand, and much more reliable than wifi. But the units have eventually failed after a few years, I think they run fairly hot despite their low power use, and perhaps in the garage on hot days they ran too hot which has accelerated their demise. So I purchased some newer TP-Link AV600 units to replace them - and they work great, even faster speed. BUT - I noticed a high pitched snarling, hissing sound in the left (but not so much right?) high frequency driver of my high efficiency, active crossover stereo system. The left tweeter is closest to the PC, although they are isolated from the playback system the cables do run close to the speaker wire. Unplugging the AV600 units and my system went back to its usual near silence. I haven't done any problem solving or tried re-arranging things yet, just interesting to report this - though not surprising that a networking system that works by injecting a signal into the mains electricity causes such audible issues. I did not have this issue with the older AV200 units. Or at least not audible to me.
  11. my initial post with the lineup was a quite coy about that, and I played very early, but still had a great time. For SNA gear head relevance I used my ATH-M50X headphones, played all FLAC, and it was the first "big gig" outing with my new-ish Pioneer DDJ-SB2 DJ controller :-)
  12. I always take earplugs to gigs.. although it's easier to adjust the volume at outdoor shows (by walking further back!) yes RSF was pretty loud in places, and I had my earplugs in quite a few times. I had a great time though the weather was challenging. I was fortunate enough to be one of the performers.. playing more ambient / chilled out music. Was good hearing "main stage" acid/techno in clear, loud, outdoor soundsystems with the laser lightshows, "how its supposed to sound".
  13. This years Rainbow Serpent Festival has a good lineup, I especially like the acts playing on the Market Stage https://www.rainbowserpent.net/the-market-stage The Chill zone stage lineup also ain't bad: https://www.rainbowserpent.net/chill-stage tickets are sold out though
  14. UPDATE: THE REMAINDER OF THIS TOUR HAS BEEN RESCHEDULED TO FEB 2018 DUE TO ILLNESS I've still got my ticket, see you at the Croxton Hotel for the Melbourne leg on Feb 16th 2018!!!