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  1. ..but then... https://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/archived/rarecollections/space-invaders-and-the-birth-of-chicago-house/6301186
  2. yes, I have the Hüsker Dü release as well it's great - I also left of Treasure - Cocteau Twins from my list, but it's done.. Although techno and other electronic music makes a big chunk of my listening (and DJing!) it's harder for me to think of whole Albums as I listen and think of them as single tracks, though good mix CDs work well as albums.
  3. A bit late but I felt like posting... The Best of Blondie - Blondie 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 - Midnight Oil Dark Side Of The Moon - Pink Floyd Psychocandy - The Jesus and Mary Chain I had the leather jacket, and the feeding back semi-acoustic electric guitar to go with it.. seriously obsessed with this to the level of derangement for a few years.. Tender Prey - Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds Loveless - My Bloody Valentine Nevermind - Nirvana Doolittle - Pixies The Low Road - Beasts of Bourbon Goo - Sonic Youth Clouds - Penny Century Dummy - Portishead this seemed to be playing in the background, endlessly, everywhere in the mid 90s for me.. but it's a great CD F.A.C.T. - Carl Cox - mix CD various artists, 90s trance & techno lost this CD, it may not stand up to a recent listen, but represents new music listening tastes for me and the atmosphere of the time.. Yellow Compilation - TIP records (Various Artists from this label, psytrance) Zeitgeist - Spirit Ov Thee Times - If? records - various artists given out for free at an underground melbourne warehouse party.. gritty live techno as played in pubs and warehouse parties 90s Aztec Mystic Mix - DJ Rolando (various artists from Underground Resistance label) DE9 Closer to the Edit - Richie Hawtin (various artists, computer edited techno mix CD) Kompakt Total 1 - Various artists (Cologne style minimal techno from Kompakt label) after leaving a party with crap music my housemates came home to me playing this CD.. they said "why don't you put on a party with this kind of music?".. so I did.. 4 times.. so starts a time where warehouse party promoter was one of the hats I was wearing.. Copia - Eluvium Stormur - Yagya The Tired Sounds of.. - Stars of the Lid Purpose Maker Compilation - Jeff Mills The Seduction of Silence - Intrusion Loop-Finding-Jazz-Records - Jan Jelinek
  4. https://music.pitchblack.co.nz/album/third-light new Pitch Black album flac download - sounding good so far!
  5. And of course it would need the audiophile hipster DJ accessory of the moment installed, a rotary DJ mixer! The spiritland one is overkill: https://www.monoandstereo.com/2018/02/the-spiritland-mixer.html but there are a bunch of others available, including Condesa Electronics from Adelaide... https://www.musictech.net/guides/buyers-guide/best-rotary-mixers-for-djs/ any bar playing music would have an obvious tradeoff with background noise (people chatting, drinks being served) vs audio levels, unless library/concert style "sssssshhh be quiet" rules were enforced, so the volume levels would have to be chosen to be Goldilocks levels to match.. and room treatments to stop the constant reflection audio mush I hear in lots of restaurants and bards now (or is that just my old worn out ears?) high end horn gear, especially the stuff using PA design concepts and parts ( as @davewantsmoore mentions constant directivity) might help for obvious reasons....
  6. The Phin .. not unusual in Thailand, where it is common in Morlam and Luktung (north eastern Thai country music). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phin Sometimes you see the Phin parts being played on electric guitars for obvious reasons...
  7. This is being sold as an incomplete project (I'm glad the seller makes this clear) , but I don't think I'm worthy to take on the mantle.. I'm quite interested in what has been deployed for the horns / waveguides.. looks like a bunnings plant pot? https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Pioneer-Jbl-Wharfedale-Horn-Speakers-15-bass-TAD-inspired-3-ways/293191045866
  8. great! I'm glad my documenting the stuff (and the collaboration and help from others on this forum and elsewhere) is being found useful years later.
  9. A TPA3255 would certainly use less power! Meanwell PSU seem to be the "easy choice" for most people doing straighforward builds with this amp.. no doubt you have already seen, but there is a fair bit of discussion about PSU selection for this amp chip on the diyaudio.com forum. Although I haven't used it, the TPA3255 is part of a family of chips of differing power levels but the same design - there is also the TPA3250 (70W) and some others..
  10. The TPA3255 module I'm using is this one: http://www.ti.com/tool/tpa3255evm Two minor fine tuning I would do now if were to re-make would be to use the following parts instead, these are better than what were available at the time, but just incremental improvements to the same idea: HF146 instead of HF144 - more even frequency response, but otherwise the same: https://faitalpro.com/en/products/HF_Drivers/product_details/index.php?id=502020173 miniDSP 2x4HD - higher output levels than the 2x4 (older model) so I wouldn't need the preamps, and optical in and remote control: https://www.minidsp.com/products/minidsp-in-a-box/minidsp-2x4-hd
  11. Hi, Although I have been quiet on the DIY audio front one recent thing I did do was assemble a TPA3255 amp module, it's great! I'm using it for my LF amp, driven with a 350W 48V Meanwell SMPS.. So I guesstimate this is about 140W per channel, though the module is capable of more. I am using the TI Evaluation module, which is a well built board with a lot of flexibility. I'm still using the 15W TDA7297 for HF amp, I think a TPA3255 at full power is overkill of the HF amp of an active system (at home volumes).
  12. agree, absolutely classic songs, but some very scratchy thin sounding recordings on the early albums. Another one Go-Betweens - Oceans Apart - later album from them which is great.. bits of it sound great as well, and bits of it don't, even mentioned in the wikipedia article https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oceans_Apart
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