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  1. 🙂 I've adjusted a few things so it now displays the current track on the main page.. and got the streaming a bit more reliable..
  2. ZOG FLAC Ambient, dub techno and techno Radio I'm still experimenting with the technical end, but this is using ICECAST to send a FLAC stream from my DJ rig.. Right now it is playing a random playlist on Auto-DJ mode, ambient and drone material.. https://www.zog.net.au/experimental-zog-internet-radio-station.html update edit: test page with Now Playing metadata https://static.zog.net.au/nowplaying.html
  3. https://schmerkindustries.bandcamp.com/track/the-human-germ-3
  4. hoarded.. one day I'm going to do a cleanup and sell or give away some of it.. I have shelves and shelves of pre amps and amps and boxes of waveguides and stuff doing nothing..
  5. I have been considering the same thing: I use the old classic miniDSP 2x4 with the miniDIGI addon board for SPDIF input, but built some simple op amp pre-amps to boost the output as they are just too quiet to drive my amps. I'm using as jaycar kit linear PSU to power the whole lot. I found the miniDSP very sensitive to USB cables and USB cable length.. I have to set the laptop close to it, and keep the "known good" short USB cable coiled behind the unit so I dont lose it, but even then it takes a few tries to connect sometimes. It took a considerable effort to get the whole setup running fairly quiet with high efficiency speakers, but the setup has been in place and working fine for years now.. I have a HW gain pot controlling the opamp volumes and another "fine" volume control controlling the software/DSP volume level.. but my wife can't/won't remember to adjust the software vol control first, so I often find the software volume control creeping down and the HW gain creeping up high (with corresponding audible hiss) if I'm not around to ride the volume control. Yes, I may remove the knob from the HW volume control, or make a cover for it 🙂 One other (minor) annoyance is the miniDSP software volume control does not go to 0dB.. I don't get it?!?! you can turn it down, but not all the way down.. But the whole lot, I think could be replaced now more cleanly with a single 2x4HD as well.. blog post from back then... https://minirig.org.au/2015/06/06/minidsp-chassis-done-at-last
  6. I remembered I upgraded the electrolytic capacitor in the crossover, replaced with a Vishay MKT1822 before: after:
  7. Item: JPW Sonata Bookshelf speakers Location: Noble Park Victoria Price: $40 Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: too many unused hifi bits! Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: These were well regarded UK budget speakers for the price, in the early 90s. I got them used from ebay, used them a few times, but them packed them in their box and forgot about them. Could suit a small setup where a lot of bass is not wanted or needed, or to be used with a subwoofer. I can't find the grilles for them at the moment, but I may find them as my clean-out continues.. though from memory they were a bit frayed, and rattled. Pick up from Noble Park or Bundoora (during the week) Victoria only. I have the original box, and some of the foam packing, the rest packed with bubblewrap. some info here http://nrpavs.co.nz/JPWSonata.htm or via your favourite search engine Photos:
  8. ..but then... https://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/archived/rarecollections/space-invaders-and-the-birth-of-chicago-house/6301186
  9. yes, I have the Hüsker Dü release as well it's great - I also left of Treasure - Cocteau Twins from my list, but it's done.. Although techno and other electronic music makes a big chunk of my listening (and DJing!) it's harder for me to think of whole Albums as I listen and think of them as single tracks, though good mix CDs work well as albums.
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