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  1. Thanks That sounds like an excellent idea, together with a standard Panasonic 820 player. Cheers Kevin
  2. Thanks for all replies I have been in contact with Gattiweb and they do not have a mod for the Cambridge player, They did highly recommend the Pioneer UBP-LX500 for 2300 or for a more reasonable price of 680 recommended a Sony UBP-X800 4k player modded to play all region HD Blu Ray Cheers Kevin
  3. Thanks for suggestions, seems that a panasonic 820 model for mid 500 price range and a budget modded gattiweb hd Blu ray player for 260 or new drive for OPPo 83 may be best options Does anyone have any thoughts about comparing Panasonic 820 with Cabridge cxuhd is it worth the extra? Have a good day Kevin
  4. Thanks for the suggestions, I read on another forum that Cambridge gets firmware updates from Oppo and that could be an issue in the long term? Another thought I have was if there any current HD Blu Ray players that will play all region HD Blu Discs or can be modified cheaply I could buy one of these, and then a unmodded 4K player such as Panasonic 820 and gradually swap over to 4k movies? Any suggestions for all region HD Blu Ray players? Have a good day. Kevin
  5. Hi guys My 9 year old Oppo BDP 83 player has tracking problems, its on its second drive assembly, now failing, One option is another drive from China, they are available. I am considering buying a 4k player. I have a lot of different region HD Blu Ray discs and it would be very desirable to have a 4k player that would play them. I listen to lots of CDs but have other transports and a 2 channel dac for music playback. I value high quality movie sound and am upgrading my processor, amps, speakers to 7.2.4 Dolby Atmos sound. My current TV and projector are full HD, but i will upgrade TV to 4k in the future. My budget is up to 1300. Any recommendations? Thanks for any suggestions. Have a good day. Cheers Kevin
  6. thx Peter I have been reading your design thread, as some other readers said very impressive, makes my head spin Kevin
  7. Peter Can you suggest some links for design of bass trap/rear riser. thanks kevin
  8. Thanks for your input but I have the Krix Atmos speakers and it would be a shame not to use them. If I was still looking for overhead speakers the Helix sound like a better option space wise Have a good day Kevin
  9. Hi Peter Losing the garage is not a big deal as the house has two garages, and the other one is larger, also there is a 3 bay shed out the back with rear lane access that can hold a boat, plus caravan plus 4 wd. The garage I am considering has a ceiling height of 2.9 metres. But yes I agree the laundry is far too large, (laundry and study are 7 metres long), but it has 2 rows of benches with cupboards and overhead cupboards as well with ducted heating. It is a good place to dry clothes on racks in the cooler months if you dont want to use a clothes dryer. I have not read your posts on this topic, but I will read extensively before starting the project. RE big bass trap, I don't know if I need one as I have 4 * 18 subwoofers, as my previous house cinema had very poor bass and it was cheaper/easier to buy more subs rather than modify the open plan living/dining/kitchen that I was using at that time. Thanks for your input Kevin
  10. Hi Quark Thanks for the reply, will consider my options. Prefer to be inside rather than in the garage, and I think it will also be cheaper. I contacted a good builder I know and he has no time left this year. I have another contact to check out later this week have a good day Kevin
  11. Hi Quark Thanks for the response, I have visited your build, looks great. If you have time I have another option for location of cinema room and would welcome your opinion. Attached pic called floor plan. The rumpus room is 5.3 metres * 4 metres, plus 500 mmTV joinery unit. so 4.5 metres. I am thinking of removing the wall between rumpus room and study. The study is 3.4 wide and 2.5 deep to the storage cupboards. The ceiling height in rumpus is 2.7 metres, but study ceiling and ceiling over tv joinery unit is 2.4 metres, both rooms have flat roof so need extra spacing for overhead speakers. I am not sure if changing ceiling height half way along room will effect dolby atmos ceiling speaker effectiveness. Any thoughts on this? Also concerned that study is too narrow for large speakers, but I could possibly extend study wall 600-1000 mm into the room called workshop on the floorplan. It may be a load bearing wall,. Workshop was the garage I was planning on using in my first message. I could mount projector in rear of study and have front speakers spread across the wider rumpus room. I can see some benefits, in that I dont lose a garage, rumpus room has heating and cooling, insulated walls, carpet, easy access to rest of house , has windows , I can afford to lose study as an internal space as house has 4 bedrooms plus study and a second dining/lounge room. My initial thoughts about doing this is that I would not remove plaster and replace insulation. I would then have a large number of untidy power cables and speaker cables along the floor and walls and that the door to access bed 4 would be a bit of congested, and that I would have speakers in front of the window on North and the door leading to the deck. The house is on stumps but under floor space in this part of house is less than 30 centimetres so getting underneath to wire up may be an issue. Bed 4 is a spare bedroom and rarely used. I am leaning towards removing study wall, not removing plaster or replacing insulation, perhaps not mounting ceiling speakers at first and not extending wall into workshop and testing room for a while. If it goes well, then extend wall , remove plaster, hide all wires, mount ceiling speakers. If room does not work out then if is a cheap option to put study wall back in and move to plan two, the garage/workshop area. What are your thoughts? Cheers Kevin
  12. I cant really comment as they are still in the box and i bought them on a recommendation from Selby at Hallam, I have no experience with ceiling speakers Have a good day Kevin
  13. Hi there We have moved to a newer home in Wonthaggi, South Gippsland, Victoria, and wish to turn a garage into a dedicated home cinema room. This will normally be used in the evening between 8 pm and 11 pm. The usual number of movie watchers is 2. The garage has concrete slab, uninsulated plaster walls and ceiling, 3 double wall mounted power points and a ceiling powerpoint. The garage size is 7 metres D, by 2.9 M high by 4.6 M wide. The rest of the house is on stumps and the adjoining laundry has a floor height about 500 mm higher than garage floor. Roof is flat colorbond, 3 degree slope and will also be used later for solar panels. Planning a Dolby Atmos system 7*2*4 We have a large collection of bluray movies and DVD as well as music CDS. Currently have no UHD players or movies, or UHD TV or projector. We value movie audio quality as much or more than picture resolution Equipment Yamaha cxa 5200 processor, 7 channel Theatron amp, several old power amps, 2 pairs of Osborn F4 floor standing speakers for front/side and back surrounds, Osborn centre speaker, and Osborn Eptiome front speakers with extra bass set., 4 * 18 inch subwoofers (identical) , JVC HD Projector plus 110 inch LP Morgan about 15 years old. 2 pairs ol Krix Atmospheric ceiling speakers, B+W Dipole/Bipole speakers and a pair of bookshelf speakers, previously used for front present speakers . We have furniture for 2 viewers in cinema room. We also listen to quality music and have had a combined music/movie room up until now. Thinking that because new cinema room is removed from rest of house that I would setup the 2 channel music listening equipment in another part of the house, using Redgum amp, cd player and Osborn epitome speakers. Budget Not sure what it costs but hope for range of 20000-30000 to get a design and renovate room., My initial plan is to get a design and then use quality local builder, plumber and electrician rather than dedicated expensive home cinema specialist builders. Is this realistic? My current thoughts was to remove all plaster, insulate with acoustic batts or simalir and replaster with firechk plaster on walls. Carpet floor, remove rear door replace with wall, remove front panel door and replace with wall including add split system air conditioner and window. Mount screen on wall where shower/shelves are. There would be only access to room via stairs into house through laundry. Issues I wish to have a dolby atmos setup with 4 Krix Atmosheric speakers, the mounting depth needed is 183 mm but I do not have that amount of ceiling cavity. Is there a cost effective solution to get more depth without adding whole new ceiling? I dont think noise isolation is a major issue, but I am not sure about this. I do have neighbours about 10 metres away, but will not listen to movies with loud volume or lots of bass after 11 pm. If there are ways to reduce noise and bass effecting the neighbours that local tradesmen can follow I would like to do this if within my budget? I have no practical building skills and will have to pay for all work except for painting. Welcome any suggestions Have a good day Kevin
  14. Thanks for the prompt and detailed reply. I am also interested in an elecktra HD 2 multi channel amp, just curious if they are available direct or only through HI FI stores? How good is Anthem AVM 60? or Anthem MRX 1120 NAD M17V2 priced around 8500 dollars, seems a lot plus power amps New Yamaha CXA 5200 coming out may be of interest? Have a good day Kevin
  15. Good afternoon all I am interested in buying a Marantz 8805 or Marantz 8012? I usually keep my equipment for 5-8 years between upgrades Looking to upgrade my Yamaha Aventage RXA 3000, and would like to upgrade to a minimum of 7.2.4 Dolby Atmos. Anyone have any comments on sound quality for 2 channel CD music, Classical, Eagles, Mark Knopfler, Pink Floyd, Celtic, and sound quality on movies comparing the two units? I currently find a significant difference in quality on 2 channel playback using my Yamaha compared to Redgum RG120 with a Redgum DAC, so currently change setup for 2 channel CD playback . I would like the music playback of new processor to be improved over Yamaha? I have 5 subwoofers that I wish to connect, (my current room had very little bass, but I will be setting up a new cinema room early next year,) any difference regards to processor and multiple subwoofers? I would need a power amp for 8805, how does Yamaha MXA 5000 compare to others in price range, I have a few old amp that i could use in conjunction with a 7 channel amp such as Electra HD 2 7 channel power amps. Are Electra amps available direct or only through retail stores? The 8805 with power amp worth costs nearly double the price of an 8012? Is is worth the extra or does it have features that I am paying for and most likely will not use? Are there other AV processor I should also consider, ARCAM, NAD? Thanks for taking the time to respond Cheers Kevin
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