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  1. seeker lover keeper > relationships > introspection > xtc - dear god
  2. Thankyou. That made me want to hunt down the album to hear a better fidelity. And I did.
  3. I honestly expected it to sell out yesterday but there are still tickets about to go on sale for Sydney. I guess it's because it's an outdoor gig that there's more capacity. Should be an amazing performance given what they're looking to play.
  4. Roll call - who's going? I'll be at the Sydney Opera House Saturday 14 March 2020 and looking forward to it! Come on Pilgrim and Surfer Rosa are on the play list. I'm hoping for some Doolittle as well. Edit: Tickets go on sale for Sydney Opera House at 1PM 8 August 2019 here: https://tickets.sydneyoperahouse.com/?c=sydneyoperahouse&e=pixies20gp&cid=en-GB
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