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  1. love over gold > life over toil > love ever sold
  2. if it can't be deconstructed, then what's the point music is for enjoyment and discovery
  3. https://shop.wolfofthewillows.com.au/products/lark-barrel-aged-imperial-jsp-iii-2020-release and https://larkdistillery.com/shop/label/limited-release both recommended, obviously
  4. Cheers @DanFi - and I know what you mean about searching through gmail. 🙄
  5. I'd be interested to know if anyone who has a Naquadria from Bill knows the full spec of their amp. My details are a little hazy as well, though I'm more-than impressed and happy with mine. GLWTS
  6. I have a modified pair of these and they are stunning. Transparent and true to the source. Mine are used for everything - music, movies, gaming et al. Coupled with super tweeters the sound stage extends realistically filling the house with whatever you're playing. I find myself rewinding and replaying scenes in movies and snippets of songs as I can't tell if the sound is real or coming from the speakers. Great price, considering what you're getting here.
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