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  1. wim


    all are welcome add if you feel it is right to do so
  2. I checked with no hit but it's highly likely this has already been posted here: yazoo - upstairs at erics - i before e except after c
  3. wim

    Electronic currently spinning

    nsfw a la videodrome Edit: @Hydrology nice clear photos, my friend. specs? (camera et al
  4. wim

    YouTube Spinning

    Listening to that again, in the cold light of day, she did really well with a difficult piece. Not sure why I was so negative on firs listen through as it's good.
  5. wim

    YouTube Spinning

    no offence - that was costco floyd
  6. wim

    Beer: "proof that God loves us"

    I struggle to believe this came 32nd out of a peer review.