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  1. The GT3 cup cars, later models I'd say approx 250-260 km/h...
  2. https://www.diyaudio.com/forums/solid-state/94676-bob-cordell-interview-negative-feedback.html Been heaps of debate about this going way back... -- here is one that may keep you reading for a while.
  3. @ Phillip Island today with PCV....
  4. ..meaning my first Sansui acquired some years ago now..I think I bought it off a guy in Perth....Certainly very clean..
  5. ...for Y'all Toorak Cowboys out there....😘
  6. The Fez

    Cricket season 2018/19

    There was some super slow mo' images of the Bumrah action. The hyper-extension of the right arm at the elbow is concerning. not sure its an action that is sustainable over the long term, you note he's got the compression sleeve on both arms..dunno but it looks not quite right. He is a nightmare to face - for sure...
  7. The Fez

    Cricket season 2018/19

    get foxtel, no inane ads between overs, lots of pre and post game stuff if you like that..Skull & Warney.. Commercial FTA sport coverage is a joke..CH9 was typical, I remember they used to broadcast the test cricket in standard definition, and if you wanted to watch the cricket in HD, you got re-runs of Lassie (that's a 1970's? american tv series about a dog) .says it all really. Might have started broadcasting in HD later.. Sadly FTA still covers some major events. Big NFL fan too so foxtel is a must for me.
  8. The Fez

    Cricket season 2018/19

    Regarding the pitches. Did you catch the interview on Grandstand with the CEO of the MCC Stuart Fox - prior head honcho at Hawthorn. Very interesting stuff, Fox is aware of the issues with the recent pitches at the MCG. I was not aware that the drop in pitches these days, can take up to 4 years to prepare. The (IMO) great pitch in Perth was in preparation for 5 years. I was surprised that Fox's responsibilities extend beyond the MCC (the club) and is also responsible for the management and operation of the MCG. I'm not sure if this is unique as I think that major sporting stadia are usually managed outside of sporting clubs and have their own CEO and management structures??
  9. The Fez

    Cricket season 2018/19

    spoken like a true Queenslander...I do believe that the drop in pitch in Perth stadium is now the benchmark...Agree that the MCG pitch is a bit of a dud..But we have yet to see how we will bat on it, and the last few overs of the day indicated that there is certainly something going on.
  10. The Fez

    Cricket season 2018/19

    Both test matches have been excellent. Two sides going at it. The wicket in Perth was a beauty...I like the look of Marcus Harris, Garry is going great, and the quicks are looking good... Foxsports coverage is great - no adverts between overs..Looking fwd to MCG - hope its not a road..
  11. "performance" tyres these days have virtually no sidewall, can't be flex..The modern car is all rim, with a licorice strip of rubber. Have a look at this Ferrari 308 GTS. I'd suggest those are probably 15" rims, look at the rubber....Everything changes over time. I went back to a smaller rim on my car, with nice big rubber, wanted to go back to a nice set of "fats"!!
  12. Back in the day ---- This is one of the reasons some of us are classic or vintage audio enthusiasts, as well being very excited about some contemporary audio. Think of those Japanese makes during the 70's and early 80's solid state era. A lot of design innovation, creativity, engineering & excellent build quality is evident. Some like Yamaha manufacturing their own matched pairs of semi conductors (vfets) in-house, and of course the beryllium. Manufacturers like Sansui, Yamaha, Accuphase, Sony, Pioneer, Luxman, Victor, Technics all going at it designing, engineering and producing in Japan some incredible pieces of audio trying to compete... The era ended of course, but it seemed for a while at least, the bean counters were left out of the room, and the CEO's approved the luxurious build of some amazing components. Copper, solid steel, bevelled smoked glass, brushed anodised alloys, teflon, Be, vfets, and even gold plate were used...Bring back those days for mass produced audio hehhe
  13. Getting that balance and synergy right for you between the hops, bitterness & fruits is the key. I don't care too much for overly fruity beer...for me I want beer, not fruit as such..more on the bitter side, or atleast a good decent bitter after taste...don't want that fruit to linger..Each to their own in terms of that...Moving into the hotter months now, and am tiring a little of the ales...loooking for a good lager to quench the thirst.....Any recommendations in terms of decent lagers out there...Its all ales these days...🍻
  14. No issues with stepdown tranny, IMO. I've run power amps from Japan up to power ratings of 250watts (Denon POA-3000ZR) RMS per channel - that's max rated power output not current draw but some had pretty decent draw. You need 100volt, not 110volt. I do use a large tranny, an isolated 1.5KW from Tortech, with twin power outlets. This allows me to run both my Yamaha B-3 in monoblock mode, amongst other amps, preamps or TT's. I have had no issues. As mentioned here before, I've run identical Japanese amps -- Export 230v from the mains and 100V Japanese domestic and me and others cannot tell any difference in sound. If anything the isolated power transformer may be a better power source for the amp. I dunno. I think the 1.5KW tranny costs me around $450 some years ago, expect to pay more today..
  15. ** Random Pic Of Interest ** Marantz PM-94 Integrated Amplifier --- (still on my to get list)
  16. Thanks all for your interest - This beautiful receiver is sold.......
  17. Item: Yamaha CR-2020 Receiver Location: Bonnet Bay NSW - 2226 Price: $750.00 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Downsizing Collection Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: IMO the best looking big receiver ever made, and this example is in super condition. 105w @ 8 ohms, of fantastic Yamaha grunt. You can connect speakers (pair) down to 4 ohm. This one has had all the Yamaha recommended service bulletins applied, and had a tune up and service in the last 10 months by Trevor at Rage Audio. Great late 70's power and sound, really nice FM tuner, Yamaha did do some great tuner engineering back in the day. Hardly used, I reckon I've only had this in rotation 3-4 times for short periods since aquiring it, some six years ago. When I wasn't using it, it was situated in my office, so that I could simply appreciate the beautiful lines of this receiver. Currently getting some use at a family member's home in Bonnet Bay in Sydney. Cosmetically really nice, brushed face beautiful and walnut sleeve lovely. Dimensions 540 x 167 x 415mm, about 19.5kg. This is a lovely piece, and will be a very nice addition for the Yamaholic, vintage collector, anyone who appreciates quality audio of any era, and will easily be put directly into use. This is a multivoltage unit, and is currently set for direct use with domestic VAC requirements. Please note - Pick Up Only from Bonnet Bay
  18. I'll throw another one up. Remember this one guys? Talk about old school grunt, what an amp she is....
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