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  1. ...Currently "in rotation" --
  2. I owned a CA-810 at one point..Note the variable loudness control..
  3. ..but where is the other one? looks like Darren has gone mono ----
  4. Had a quick blatting in this beast today.996 GT3 Gen I. This car is in incredible nearly as new condition. Never been a track car either. One of the best in Aus I reckon.. Heaps of fun. The incredible "Mezger" engine in this is the star..
  5. Fiat X1/9 -- Shall we say -- modified..
  6. Toorak taxi Spotted in....well Toorak...One ugly vehicle alright... Anecdotally I do think the Bentley is the go to marque in Toorak for those with, well, shall we say a larger bank balance than most other perhaps? Certainly see plenty more than the RR..etc, etc.
  7. a bit of V8 grunt spotted today...
  8. I have had a few queries regarding shipping. As mentioned I don't want to pack and ship this beautiful amplifier myself. However -- for those interstate and so inclined to pay for freight, I will deliver the amplifier to pack n send or whatever carrier you think will work for you. Or it can be picked up from my address by said shipping company. Be aware however that the packed weight of this unit could be tipping the scales at close to 40kg... Thanks...
  9. I built this car from the ground up..-- hell of a project.. Fordlego
  10. Yes, it was that look, I really like it. The silver wheel rings had been polished well, and provided a great contrast to the rest of the car.. Looked great..
  11. Item: Technics SE-A100 -- 2 Channel Power Amplifier Location: Langwarrin VIC Price: $1700.00 Item Condition: Very good Reason for selling: Thinning the herd Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: The SE-A100 is generally regarded as a superb amplifier and it introduced the VC-4 Class AA configuration amplifier design. The amplifier was released in 1985, (yen300,000) and was in production to 1989. This example is a 1987 build. The amplifier that followed, the SE-A5000 is simply a facelifted SE-A100. Class AA is a simple yet brilliant idea. Four amplifiers, two per channel. A voltage control amplifier and a current drive amplifier. The voltage control amplifier is isolated from the load by a "Class AA" bridge. The bridge is a series of resistors in circuit between the Class A voltage amp and the Class B current drive amp. I sourced this amplifier from Japan. These are very rare amplifiers in any country out of Japan. Technics did export these amplifiers, in numbers I'm not sure of, however over the years I have been researching and looking at this range of Technics power amps, they are rarely for sale in Europe, the United States or any other country. And if you see a nice example be prepared to pay very big $$ for one. Note the "timber" side panels, these were only offered on the Japanese models, all export models are sans timber sides. Build quality is very good, nice weight at 34kg. Cosmetically, not mint but very nice, straight nothing major, presents very well. The design and presentation of the amplifier is first class. The dark overtones, with the black, with silver highlites, the slightly smoky beveled full glass front panel and the subtle incandescent lights (there are four lights per meter) make for a very attractive and classy piece of audio. Power ratings 170w @ 8 ohms - 200w @ 6 ohms. Sound can only be described as amazing. I have a few nice amps and this one is right up there. It has good authority yet the detail and finesse are there also, really nice. Please note this is a 100VAC Japanese model. Please note this amplifier is pick up only Pictures:
  12. Currently in rotation...The power amp on the right.....those interested watch the classifieds....
  13. I drove this one a few weeks ago. Got a blueprinted donk and a Toyota 5 speed box in it...Errr a scary experience, oh and no power steering...
  14. ..spotted this one today..Love this thing -- HD wagon...
  15. Belgian Beers --- Very very good.. The best country in the world for beer?? --
  16. For sale? who, what when where -- sold?
  17. Looking for an update @Grizzly - How is the Yammy going??
  18. I was a brief member of the 907 club. Had this one a few years back. I do like the look of the later brushed metallic models, but I do prefer the look of the late 80's iteration of the 907.. Lovely amps for sure..
  19. You did open that... yes, I'd like to see that one in the glass
  20. Genuine Asahi super dry - 1/2 litre can...5.0% abv. Poured super chilled from the can, light golden colour. crisp, dry neutral palate, little aftertaste. Great with the teriyaki salmon made tonight. Those lovin' the IPA or double IPA bombs need not apply...
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