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  1. https://www.fivesenses.com.au/blog/the-e61-group-head-an-oldie-but-a-goodie/
  2. Out of all the musical revolutions, the Australian invasion of the early ‘80s is often the most overlooked despite the fact that Men at Work, Midnight Oil, and INXS became international superstars. Furthermore, other regional artists such as the Church, Icehouse, and Pseudo Echo also scored hits of their own. Perhaps they were overshadowed by England's own new wave chart-toppers at the time even though Australia was easily able to match their output. Lost in the deluge of post-punk acts from Australia was Machinations, a group heavily inspired by the synthesizer-based new romantic sounds emanating from the U.K. Machinations was formed in Sydney, Australia in 1980 by Fred Loneragan (vocals), Tim Doyle (guitar), Nick Swan (bass), and Tony Starr (keyboards). The band released their first single, "Average Inadequacy", 1981. Their 1983 debut LP Esteem was distributed in the U.S. and featured their most well-known track, "Pressure Sway". Big Music followed in 1985, but Machinations failed to achieve as much commercial success, either at home or abroad, as many of their peers. Nevertheless, the band had a cult following in dance clubs, by far their strongest supporters. However, Machinations broke up after 1988's Uptown, the members joining other local groups. They reunited in 1997. ~ Michael Sutton Artist bio from TiVo.
  3. ..We've discussed Clonakilla before. Look I just like this area NSW Southern Tablelands for wines and vines. Jeebus its cold in Winter. Murrumbateman is the "town" Yass Valley Shire - got a pub and a few shops. When we can all travel again, I recommend everyone that enjoys cool climate stuff try and visit the area, some seriously good stuff around here...Enjoy.. Some info for those that might be interested in the founder of Clonakilla -- Courtesy Clonakilla.com.au Dr. John Kirk Founder Cambridge PhD, biochemist, physicist and life-long wine lover. A visionary pioneer of the modern Canberra District wine industry. A leading Australian scientist (that was his other job) who is a world authority on what light does in water and how it effects photosynthesis. Besides many other things, a maker of hand crafted musical instruments and the author of numerous books. John planted the first vines in the Canberra District in 1971. He has successfully disengaged himself from the day to day running of the business now but can still be seen out pruning and monitoring the progress of his beloved vineyard.
  4. Did you put all those in the back of a "white van" mate....
  5. I think I've got a 1994 vintage 389 somewhere??? Any good now, or you reckon its got more in it.. Corked, in the past doubt its been cellared well. In the theory should be ok now you reckon.
  6. Patrice Rushen -- Remind Me Rushen is the elder of two daughters born to Allen and Ruth Rushen. Patrice was three years old when she began playing the piano, and by the time she was six she was giving classical recitals. In her teens, she attended south LA's Locke High School and went on to earn a degree in music from the University of Southern California.[ After winning a competition at the age of 17 that enabled her to perform with her band at the Monterey Jazz Festival, Rushen signed with the Prestige label, releasing three albums with them between 1974 and 1976.[2] In 1978, when she was 23, she began recording with Elektra. Rushen married Marc St. Louis, a concert tour manager and live show production specialist in 1986. They have one son, Cameron. Her nickname is "Babyfingers," a reference to her small hands. In 2005, Rushen received an Honorary Doctorate of Music degree from Berklee College of Music.[7] She has been a member of jazz fusion band CAB. Her song "Hang it Up" was featured on the 2005 video game Fahrenheit.[9] The chorus from "Forget Me Nots" was used as the music for the 1997 song "Men in Black". The song was a number one hit in ten countries, and was the top most played song on American radio. Rushen was credited as writer and composer, along with Will Smith and Terri McFadden. The same chorus can also be heard in George Michael's song "Fastlove". -- Wiki
  7. Interior of the Lamborghini Espada...
  8. Yep they are excellent integrated amps from Sony made in Japan. Your export designation looks to be in superb shape.
  9. @Luchttps://www.vinomofo.com/
  10. ^^ Nice and buttery? -- Lot's of oak? ...I remember when Chardonnay was very very popular -- and the oak -- back in the day - I mean we are talking here late 1980's early 90's, you needed to "remove a splinter" with every glass.. But back then you drank A LOT of white wine --- Remember Chablis..??
  11. ...Please allow a little indulgence --- Gentlemen, in the little moment that remains to us between the crisis and the catastrophe, we may as well drink a glass of champagne.” – Paul Claudel, French poet
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