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  1. Apparently - New In Box - Unopened -- Yamaha MX-10000 Power Amplifier. Also has what I assume must be ultra rare HX-10000 Phono Equalizer amp for MC Cart... http://yahoo.aleado.com/lot?auctionID=q304848368
  2. Coopers - Is this old news -- but when did Coopers drop the ABV on their Pale Ale?
  3. John Kirk "struck gold" when he first drove a shovel into that soil at Murrumbateman..
  4. I'm looking fwd to the outcome. Particularly with respect to the M2...Another amp that I would like to throw into that mix is the Yamaha B-2X.....Enjoy
  5. These big power amps are Pass X600.5. They woulda been in there to drive some humungus Duntech speakers...
  6. I'll just drop this pic in here if I may -- I found this whilst going through some files, and looks like people on here are mentioning Vfets, and Yamaha and various power amps such as Pass etc, etc. might find this of interest to see the size comparison of these amps. Poor little B-2 squashed between those cubes... This pic was taken when I was auditioning some speakers a while back - B-2 & MF Pre are mine -- rest not..
  7. I think the tube pre with the solid state power is the go. I've been playing around with that combo recently with some of my power amps...
  8. What are you driving those APMs with..
  9. I note that the Vic Cops are °testing° the BMW M5 Competition in the highway patrol fleet. 460kw..750nm..
  10. The presenter is rather painful,,,but this will give you a reasonably good close up of the Ferrari F40.....enjoy...
  11. ..very nice bown ale from the local Brauhaus..
  12. Too bloody right -- half the weight's in the transformer --- look at the size of the thing....
  13. ^^ These high performance sport bikes are incredible. So much grunt with so little weight..How much that bike weigh, be under 300kg? --
  14. IME McLaren Vale produces good big reds
  15. Super amplifier...I'd like to know more regarding the large NM-LAPT power transistors in these late model Sansui amps. Are there replacements for these devices - Are they or were they Sanken devices? @PeteMac @skippy124
  16. I reckon you should try moving those speakers left and right as far apart as possible. Widen that sound stage as much as you can. They look like big bastards, get 'em apart and get your arse back in the room as far as you can --- Well from a photo that's what I think anyways mate....Sit in the backyard if you need to -- do some gardening whilst listening ;;;;LOL... Enjoy...
  17. ^^ Who is that Gaucho amigo???
  18. Nebbiolo is a great grape -- but challenging. Certainly among the finest wines I have tasted. Victoria colder climate is the place to try it. Heathcote, Beechworth etc....
  19. Mmmmm JVC-FET! I tell you what I haven't had this one in rotation for some time. -- What an amplifier she is. Forgot how much authority it has, particularly in the "bottom end". Very very good this amp -- The NEC power Vfets, two pair per channel in this beast, have real grunt... The build on this piece of audio, from 1975, she's 44 years of age. is extraordinary -- Appears to be carved out of a single piece of krell metal!!
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