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  1. The Broncos play Melbourne this round...This could be a cricket score -- Surely Seibold will be gone..
  2. No question. Back in the day the Japanese often, not always made superior audio gear, just for their own market. Didn't export any model. Now there may well have been economic and other rational reasons for this, however one must be prepared to try the JDM stuff.. The Yamaha VFET B-3 power amplifier is an example. Some may argue that its not the very best "vfet" amp that Yamaha made. IMHO the B3 is the best - but never exported.... Might have been to do with the end of the vfet era, and Yamaha were using up the last of their semiconductor stock? Its all speculation... I guess its a bit like the car manufacturers, not every model is exported worldwide..
  3. Really??? -- Well ...welcome to greater Melbourne.....😠 -- I'm sure all wineries around Mornington Pen and other regions are currently overjoyed...
  4. Certainly -- France's best "export" to Argentina..Beautiful colour is the Malbec. Great with char grilled meats, etc.. I enjoyed a glass (or two) with a beef and eggplant tagine, very nice. I think there must be some very small plantings of said grape in Australia.. -- No longer the poor blending cousin ..
  5. .....Don't cry for me .......
  6. Single bottle of 1951 Penfolds Grange Hermitage Bin #1 sells at auction for $103000.. https://www.businessinsider.com.au/penfolds-grange-wine-record-price-103000-2020-7
  7. Elio de Angelis ..Monaco -- circa 1985..
  8. That's what I thought.. Vino Mofo???...I use them as one of my sources..Have had some good stuff from the black market offerings..
  9. Ha! - I happened to be just reading about Chateau Tanunda this afternoon, relating to the recent history - after Penfold, when the South African John Geber bought the property over the phone back in 1998 I think...Has anyone tried any from the 150 year old vines? The Semillon and red blend??? I remember visiting the winery many moons ago, drinking sparklings back in the day there... Hey but I remember meeting Grant Burge and Ian Wilson at Krondorf Wines back in the day!! -- Anyone care for a Chablis?
  10. I feel a little for the Broncs -- only a little -- 'cause I really enjoyed watching them play back in the day ---- but their current coach is in trouble... As far as the Storm goes --- I savour every loss as if it were..... my last meal on this mortal coil....
  11. What ya'all think of these ------ trendy, funky, hip, different bottle shapes...?? --
  12. Dragons win...Not a bad display by the draaagooons......Certainly against the Sharks...Their next three games however -- will be at another level...I think its - Roosters, Raiders and Eels...
  13. I'm getting a bit of the 'Mac there, some Vega..but struggling with any of the Dan.......Eagles certainly....
  14. Jason Miles shows his appreciation for the highly respected saxophonist Grover Washington with this excellent CD titled To Grover, With Love. This is not your ordinary tribute CD filled with mere exercises in nostalgia, but one filled with cutting-edge, contemporary performances by flutist Herbie Mann and guitarist Russ Freeman, among others. Miles has selected 13 songs, including several of Grover Washington's best-known songs, and added solo showcases that flow smoothly with endless nuances of color and emotion. These versions do full justice to Grover's timeless compositions and songs by Marvin Gaye ("Inner City Blues") and Bill Withers ("Just the Two of Us" and "Summer Chill"). The CD itself is the centerpiece since each track exhibits such high standards of musicianship from start to finish. From the guitar lead of Russ Freeman on "East River Drive" to the soulful sax wailings, this CD dusts off, shakes down, and hands you some searing soul, scorching riffs, and serious funk. The instrumental arrangement that is clearly a refreshing change is Herbie Mann's flute playing that Miles substituted as lead instrument on the Washington saxophone legacy "Mr. Magic." To Grover, With Love clearly ranks among Miles' best tributes that include his phenomenal hits that showcased the music of Wayne Shorter and Joe Zawinul on The Music of Weather Report and Ivan Lins' compositions on A Love Affair: The Music of Ivan Lins. ------ AllMusic Review by Paula Edelstein
  15. ...yeah -- great aint it to flog anything from QLD.....And WITHOUT Teddy...Add another -- what at least another 12 points to the current total with Tedesco..the best player in the NRL... ...Call it 70-0 ......minimum...
  16. Whoa there..doesn't come cheap.....AU$220.00 for a slab 24x350ml cans ...................but free shipping!!...😉 https://www.sakeshop.com.au/products/yebisu-premium-black-beer-slab-of-24-350ml-cans
  17. I took a photo of a photo maker....
  18. Keep the tractor theme going ...Here's one near to me...... https://www.tenminutesbytractor.com.au/
  19. Espana week...continues... What can I say?? I'm such a fan of the Tempranillo grape...
  20. I wasn't sure where or how to categorize this artist. I first heard him...****... back in the late 70's early 80's...I put him here in Jazz, cause he really is a jazz violinist first. An absolute freak of a player... On this record for those with streaming services play the track -- Egocentric molecules.....Enjoy....perhaps... maybe >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> It has been a long, fascinating odyssey for Jean-Luc Ponty, who started out as a straight jazz violinist only to become a pioneer of the electric violin in jazz-rock in the '70s and an inspired manipulator of sequencers and synthesizers in the '80s. At first merely amplifying his violin in order to be heard, he switched over to electric violin and augmented it with devices that were associated with electric guitarists and keyboardists, like Echoplex machines, distortion boxes, phase shifters, and wah-wah pedals. Classically trained, with an unquenchable ability to swing when he wants to, and consumed by a passion for tight structures and repeating ostinatos, Ponty has been able to handle styles as diverse as swing, bop, free and modal jazz, jazz-rock, world music, and even country, mixing them up at will. Starting in 1977, he also pioneered the use of a five-string electric violin with a low C string. Undoubtedly, he rivals Stéphane Grappelli for the title of the most prominent and influential European jazz violinist. - Artist bio from TiVo. (abbreviated)
  21. Haircut One Hundred >> Pelican West ...Love Plus One....
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