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  1. ..name it -- We can name cars, TV's, espresso machines?!, wines, beers (the list is endless) that disappoint us with without compunction...why not "high-end" HIFI gear? --But of course if you do not feel comfortable doing it.. The bad experiences are just as legitimate as the good ones...
  2. The Fez

    The Ashes

    Ahh. How sweet it is. The " analyses" will no doubt follow. Let us enjoy the moment of wacking the poms in England.
  3. The Fez

    The Ashes

    ..eerrr no its not..Don't want to see Anderson at all really.. I remember some summers ago when Sachin Tendulkar was touring regularly to Australia, and the commentators waxing lyrical about how brilliant he is, and I hope we see another great innings by the great man??I couldn't understand it..Like, ask the Australian test team how they'd like to see Tendulkar -- I guarantee it would be the back of him as he walks off for nought every !@#$#$ innings mate....
  4. Enter the rabbit hole......Take the red pill.......
  5. Brilliant -- love the grain, and b&w ---
  6. No -- I did drink it...at least I'm sure I did.
  7. I just sold one of my Sony amps..So I decided to put another one into rotation..Cracker of an amp this one..
  8. Get everything in writing, get tax invoices, get receipts..etc etc -- Document every time you have attempted to contact the person, date, time and means. Record all replies. One of the reasons I imagine that some business operators do not communicate, or there is very little communication is they wish to keep as little on record as possible......because they know in advance they are intending to fcuk you over from here to next -- whenever. Rather cynical I know... You see it actually comes down to what is considered "reasonable" As you know we have many rights under consumer law, For instance the supplier of the product in this case, would have reasonably forseen the length of delay in providing the product, yet has accepted funds relating to the provision of the product. Was it made clear to you at the time, when you could expect delivery, was it in writing etc, etc.... You could certainly go down the road if you want to, but prepare well..
  9. The Fez

    The Ashes

    He's a freak. Looks all wrong at the crease, walks around, a technique that looks all over the place, bat at weird angles, but all you see is the ball along the turf going to the boundary. This is the conundrum for bowlers. It almost seems that he knows what's coming before the ball is bowled..
  10. The Fez

    The Ashes

    Should 'ave dropped Warner for this test -- 'es in all sorts..not right in the headspace poor old Davey...
  11. Ha! Thanks for the offer Jakey -- however I'm trying to reduce the number of components...
  12. Item: Sony TA-N7 Vfet/Hybrid Stereo Power Amplifier - Restored Location: S.E. Melbourne Price: $2200.00 Firm Item Condition: Very Good Reason for selling: I have another one Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only The TA-N7 is considered a statement product from Sony. Just looking at the rather small footprint of the N7 tells you it's built extremely well. Designed and built up to a very high standard. Sony's aim in designing and building the N7 was to produce a state of the art audio amplifier employing the very latest and best audio engineering possible at that time. I've described the amplifier as a hybrid design, not in the sense that it is a mix of solid state and valves. Rather referring to the output stage of the amplifier where both BJT (bipolar) and Sony VFET power output transistors are used in a cascade configuration. Restoration -- The amplifier has undergone an extensive rebuild. Also, some discrete enhancements have been done to make the amplifier more stable and to sonically take it up to another level. The alterations were researched, tested, re-tested, applied, then re-tested, to exacting standards (as the N7 demands) to ensure the highest level of integrity, and sonic purity. All replacements parts and substitutes used are only the highest quality audio parts, absolutely appropriate and precisely matched wherever required across all circuits. The restoration was completed over a number of months in 2014. The restoration was performed in Japan. Listening to the Sony TA-N7 -- The amplifier delivers a beautifully balanced sound, I describe it as -- elegant power. This amplifier is no behemoth, if you are expecting gob loads of weighty grunt, this amplifier is not for you. Rated output power into an 8 ohm load is 100w+100w., more than enough for me, but if you are after a heavy weight brute, look elsewhere. Bass / low frequency is excellent, mid bass, upper bass, low bass all in there. The amplifier displays wonderful definition and control. Mids and highs are also excellent. In particular to my ears, vocals and piano is where the Sony excels. A stupendously articulate and detailed delivery. Tonally, very refined and nuanced, nothing but the music is heard, in front of a completely silent background. But it is not cold or clinical. Transient speed and dynamics are wonderful. It is a very "quick" amplifier. A beautiful highly accurate, linear, low noise and dynamic amplifier. Cosmetic condition -- Is described as very good. This is a Japanese model, and many examples have rust on the transformer covers etc. This set is in very good condition, considering it was put together by Sony around 1980. There are some minor marks and scratches, however for its age it is in great condition, nothing major, all straight. Usage and hours -- Like all my pieces, this one has had little use. More than my other amplifiers, as its such a joy to have it playing, and I love the minimalist design of this piece of audio heritage. Since its restore I estimate it has been playing for approximately 80 hours --- tastefully. Voltage -- This is a 100volt Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) set. It MUST be used with a 100volt stepdown power supply. This unit has only been used with my 1.5kw Tortech isolated, (continuously on) transformer. DO NOT use 110 volt or 120 volt supplies. I do not recommend you use an economy transformer. Shipping -- I will ship this amplifier at buyers expense. I recommend you take adequate insurance cover for transit.
  13. Looks the business the Vincent too. Dark brooding hunk of metal...
  14. The red ales are polarizing...Many IME don't like them at all..or at least have not tried them... Ahhhh.. It's one stop on the beer discovery..So many beers..........so little (-----)//
  15. There's a few wineries there, however I was referring more on a national scale with respect to other red varieties planted in Australian soil-- is it trending up?? other than the three Shiraz, Cabernet Sav, & Pinot. I've found source of stats in Wine Australia - Now according to these reports (ABS National Vineyard Survey) 2015 -- Barbera -- hectares planted 110 % of total area 0.1% % of red varieties 0.1% Mataro - (Mourvedre) hectares planted 751 % of total area 0.6% % of total varieties 0.9% Sangiovese hectares planted 438 % of total area 0.3% % of total varieties 0.5% These are tiny numbers, and the crush numbers smaller. The good news at least with Tempranillo is the historical plantings data shows a steady upward trend from 2001 - 2015 - other varieties show up and down historical planting data. These numbers are 4 years old, however it appears that the ABS do not perform the survey an longer, and the National Vineyard Scan has been performed using AI & satellite imagery (see Consilium Technology & GAIA) to determine the total area under vines. Interesting stuff for sure...
  16. What's the latest in the industry with respect to red grape varieties? Are our wine makers planting more varieties such as Tempranillo, Nebbiolo, Sangiovese, Barbera etc -- and where are these winemakers?
  17. Karl Strauss Brewing Co. --- Red Trolley -- Irish Red Style Ale.....5.8% ABV - A brew from San Diego Cal. U.S.of A. The brewers' notes....Each batch of this multi award-winning beer is brewed with a half-ton of caramelized malts for a deep copper color and toffee flavor. After adding the perfect mix of hops for balance, the brew is warm-fermented to bring out hints of raisins and currants. It’s time to take this Trolley for a ride.
  18. Super nice alright. Mind you nice don't do it justice, nor super nice... He he...
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