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  1. Thanks everyone for your thoughts regarding my query. Much appreciated. Wireless works for me currently -- simply due to logistics and placement of router / phone line etc. Drizzt's info was the information I was looking for. That is -- the data stream is exactly the same as a wired connection. Others seem to have confirmed this with respect their listening comparisons or experience with various set ups. Thanks again
  2. Hello all Squeezeboxen gurus! I'm intending to add to my system a SB Touch (I currently have Duet controller/receiver running wirelessly). My home network works fine. Will appreciate any thoughts, suggestions re- set-up. How have others set up Touch? Wired or via Wi-Fi? Am I right in thinking wired = Ethernet from Touch to router? With P.C. wired to router. Is there any demonstrable benefit with respect to the music playback either way? Many thanks
  3. Thanks again for your help everyone. I think I will buy a Touch. I have seen good reviews for Touch. Also appears to have better specs and DAC inside. Yeah -- What did happen to Transporter?
  4. Hi again --- Further to our prior discussions. If I introduce a DAC with 24/96 capabilities and sit a Firestone Audio Bravo digital processor between the Receiver and DAC would that give me 24/96 playback? Or would I still have the Receiver downsampling the files and sending 24/48 to the Bravo?. I'm not sure what Bravo does exactly I know its "processor" claims relate to jitter reduction of native playback? Thanks again
  5. Can you not just use the squeeze menus and navigate to your lcal internet radio stations? -- such as in Sydney 702ABC and add that to favs and stream directly?
  6. I have a pair of mint Rogers LS2a bookshelf speakers. Simple design, original Rogers driver units, (at some stage Celestion or KEF drivers were used in some Rogers models?) tweeter and bass/midrange. No they wll not give you great bass extension, but for stereo imaging, specific application and super midranges with music I like vocal, jazz, just brilliant. Many times I've thought about selling, but I just can't part with them. Simple crossover bass refex, front ported design. Rock solid cabinet design and build. A friend has a pair of original Rogers Studio 1's. Now a colllector piece. Still going strong and hook them up to a LP12 and Plinius pre-power -- great sound. More interesting info here and classic pictures and brochures http://www.mhennessy3.f9.co.uk/rogers/index.htm
  7. Thanks for the reples. nteresting that the information regarding file resolution displayed to the user shows 96/24 whilst playing -- when in fact it's being downsampled to what the player is capable of. Rather misleading I think. So I'm not actually listening to 96/24 via Receiver.
  8. Just a quick question -- I downloaded a 96/24 FLAC track from HD tracks. I then streamed this music file via SqueezeCentre (V7.5.1) to Squeezebox receiver. The track played OK via the analogue out of the receiver. The information displayed by SqueezeCentre whilst playing shows sample rate of 96.0 khz and sample size of 24 bits. Does this smean SqueezeCentre / or Receiver support this resolution? Via both analogue and digital output? Many thanks for any clarifications
  9. Check these girls out:-- Lily Dior Joan Osborne Annie Lennox k.d.lang Randy Crawford Natalie Cole Alanis Morissette Bjork Judy Garland Dame Joan Sutherland
  10. Many thanks for your replies and information. Much appreciated. Bill, yes I've seen the Burson 160D it looks good. Retail currently at $900.00 I think. I'm waiting on a local dealer to get one so I can listen. They currently stock the excellent Burson amplifiers and audio buffer. I have also read all good stuff concernng the Audio GD products. The REF5 DAC seems to be superb, and possibly a piece one could hang on to for many years and build around it. I'll send a mail to Kingwa. For those with A-GD components, can I request for instance a second Coax input to the DAC? Fez
  11. Hello -- I'm hoping to obtain some information from the learned people here at SNA regardng some future purchases. My current set-up or "rig" or "big rig' as is refered to here is:- ( I am used to calling a collection of electronics a "system" but I guess I'm just gettng old!) Squeezebox Duet Squeezebox Server V7.5.1. - Set for "audiophile" with respect to streaming. CA 340A Integrated Amplifier Rogers LS2a bookshelf -- oh there I go again err "standmount" speakers. My music library, which is all in FLAC (using EAC) stored on HDD attached to my XP/PC. I stream my music wirelessly, using the Duet remote and an App on my Android called Squeezebox Commander. I wish to add a transport and a DAC. What I have in mind is the Auraliti MPD Transport - which makes the squeezebox redundant for music library purposes - and the PS Audio Digital Link III DAC. Note -- next year I am very interested in replacing the CA 340A with the Vrtue Sensation M901. Other information that may help Total Budget $2000 Music Played -- Mostly Jazz, female vocal and jaxx vocal, pop, pop/rock, singer songwriter such as Alex Loyd, Bernard Fanning, Tim Finn, Pete Murray etc. No classical, no very heavy rock. Often low level listening and headphone use will be required. I'd appreciate any thoughts you all may have. I understand that all informaton is strictly subjective and is what SNA members have listened to in their own or friends environments. I will in all cases try and audtiion products at home. Many thanks The Fez..
  12. Hello Everyone -- Been looking at the SNA discussions for a while. I've had an interest in music, live and recorded, all my life. Owned and bought and sold various iterations of hifi equipment over some years. From vinyl, tape deck, reel to reel, cartridge, cd -- the lst goes on. It's agreat hobby / passion. And you are always learning something, or experiencing new things. These days now mostly into digital or file based music playback. I'm very interested currently in the Auraliti MPD Transport. I've read part 1 of a review here and have been speaking with Ray from Auraliti. Look forward to readng the second part of the review.
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