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  1. “When I paid £35,000 for the 250 GTO in 1977, I felt stupid to be spending so much — I didn’t think it would be worth £30m in 2016. ---- Nick Mason 

    ...Suggest the car is worth closer to 40m today....






  2. For sure - Those feather weight glasses are incredible..I've had some in the past --- the stem seems paper thin...Glassware is important I think for enjoying various drinks, I'm not over the top with my glasses or glass collecting -- but do like champagne in crystal...

  3. On 25/12/2019 at 1:07 PM, Rockford said:

    I am finding that glass very triggering.... just saying 🙂 esp for a Winny Blue.  I use Zalto Uni's for all my champagne nowadays.





    I love drinking bubbles from the Waterford classic crystal flutes.. I like the weight in the glass...I have a few pairs of toasting flutes from their Millennium Collection..




  4. 2 minutes ago, TerryO said:

    Considering it is a 1994 build this gorgeous looking Sansui 907 Limited is one very nice sounding amp, at a recent gtg it didn’t embarrass it self against a trio of $20k plus amps.






    Certainly it is a 1994 extreme Japanese luxury build. However the inherent circuit topology predates that build date by some margin. Looking through this great topic I'm reminded once again, that circuit design and the "never ending" quest to "lower distortion without compromise" continues......The 907 is as you know an integrated amp....==Show us Ya integrated amps??


    Here's a  Sansui power amp.. Lets see who may be able to identify this one??





  5. On 07/10/2019 at 9:49 AM, Cafad said:

    And yet, due to the whole synergy issue, in my system the Technical Brain sounded a bit different but nothing special. 

    At my place it's ho-hum, at Terry's place it's astounding.  


    That's the difference a different room and different speakers can make (same source, same interconnects, similar speaker cables).

    ...so where can one get one of these Technical Brain offerings...

  6. 1967 -- Great film showing the dominance of Bruce McLaren's team in the Can Am series.  McLaren himself retires in this opening race of the season, his other car with Denny Hulme driving absolutely dominates. Three years later at Goodwood Circuit, Bruce dies in a crash whilst testing his M8A race car. 


    Watch for the footage of Frank Matich at 11:00 minutes... Enjoy..




  7. 9 hours ago, LogicprObe said:


    Ray Warren is 10 years past his use by date.

    You can't rely on anything he says.

    Ol' Ray needs to light a B&H, grab a schooner and ......................go quietly into the sunset...   

  8. ^^ Brokenwood -- !@##% !! They have been around for some time. By gee I remember drinking Cricket Pitch reds and whites many years ago..  Pokolbin Hunter Valley. It's that "Kurri Clay" they say.. I had an exceptional Shiraz one year from Brokenwood - might have been 1988?? 

  9. 8 hours ago, Darren69 said:

    Haven't got it yet :D 

    ohhh 'ere we go...have you got the refund yet?.................................have you got it yet?.........................seen a credit yet? etc, etc, etc,,,Ad nauseam..:D All the best -- good outcome >>>>>>>>>>>> we hope...Actually a better result woul;d be to get the $$ --- and then the amp arrives...

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