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  1. There's a few wineries there, however I was referring more on a national scale with respect to other red varieties planted in Australian soil-- is it trending up?? other than the three Shiraz, Cabernet Sav, & Pinot. I've found source of stats in Wine Australia - Now according to these reports (ABS National Vineyard Survey) 2015 -- Barbera -- hectares planted 110 % of total area 0.1% % of red varieties 0.1% Mataro - (Mourvedre) hectares planted 751 % of total area 0.6% % of total varieties 0.9% Sangiovese hectares planted 438 % of total area 0.3% % of total varieties 0.5% These are tiny numbers, and the crush numbers smaller. The good news at least with Tempranillo is the historical plantings data shows a steady upward trend from 2001 - 2015 - other varieties show up and down historical planting data. These numbers are 4 years old, however it appears that the ABS do not perform the survey an longer, and the National Vineyard Scan has been performed using AI & satellite imagery (see Consilium Technology & GAIA) to determine the total area under vines. Interesting stuff for sure...
  2. What's the latest in the industry with respect to red grape varieties? Are our wine makers planting more varieties such as Tempranillo, Nebbiolo, Sangiovese, Barbera etc -- and where are these winemakers?
  3. Karl Strauss Brewing Co. --- Red Trolley -- Irish Red Style Ale.....5.8% ABV - A brew from San Diego Cal. U.S.of A. The brewers' notes....Each batch of this multi award-winning beer is brewed with a half-ton of caramelized malts for a deep copper color and toffee flavor. After adding the perfect mix of hops for balance, the brew is warm-fermented to bring out hints of raisins and currants. It’s time to take this Trolley for a ride.
  4. Super nice alright. Mind you nice don't do it justice, nor super nice... He he...
  5. Apparently - New In Box - Unopened -- Yamaha MX-10000 Power Amplifier. Also has what I assume must be ultra rare HX-10000 Phono Equalizer amp for MC Cart... http://yahoo.aleado.com/lot?auctionID=q304848368
  6. Coopers - Is this old news -- but when did Coopers drop the ABV on their Pale Ale?
  7. John Kirk "struck gold" when he first drove a shovel into that soil at Murrumbateman..
  8. I'm looking fwd to the outcome. Particularly with respect to the M2...Another amp that I would like to throw into that mix is the Yamaha B-2X.....Enjoy
  9. These big power amps are Pass X600.5. They woulda been in there to drive some humungus Duntech speakers...
  10. I'll just drop this pic in here if I may -- I found this whilst going through some files, and looks like people on here are mentioning Vfets, and Yamaha and various power amps such as Pass etc, etc. might find this of interest to see the size comparison of these amps. Poor little B-2 squashed between those cubes... This pic was taken when I was auditioning some speakers a while back - B-2 & MF Pre are mine -- rest not..
  11. I think the tube pre with the solid state power is the go. I've been playing around with that combo recently with some of my power amps...
  12. What are you driving those APMs with..
  13. I note that the Vic Cops are °testing° the BMW M5 Competition in the highway patrol fleet. 460kw..750nm..
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