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  1. Anyone can critique a wine, or any other consumable. No qualification required. You either like it or not.
  2. The Australian winegrape crush in 2020 was 1.52 million tonnes – the equivalent of over 1 billion litres of wine, according to the National Vintage Report 2020 released today by Wine Australia. The 2020 crush was 12 per cent lower than the 2019 crush, and 13 per cent below the ten-year average of 1.75 million tonnes. It was the smallest crop since 2007 but was most similar in terms of yield to 2010 – a year of exceptional wines – when the crush was 1.61 million tonnes, but the vineyard area then was about 4 per cent higher than the current area. - Source - wineaustralia.com - 7/7/2020 - Interesting - 2020 may be a significant quality vintage? Note that whites are down more than reds, and Riesling at a 20 year low of 17K tonne?
  3. Spot on mate -- Its a f!@#$n hard gig being an NRL Head Coach mate! -- There is a **** load of stuff that goes on behind the scenes. HC ultimately and rightly cops the crap or the wrap for performance on field. But they gotta put all the support structure in place. Roster, defensive coach, offensive coach, conditioning, etc, etc, etc.. Bit of comparison between NFL (also like NFL..ha) look i know its on another level bit interesting stuff here .. ! We all talk about salary caps, paying overs for players and all that crap. The average annual salary for the top NFL coaches is around USD $7m -- That's AU$$9.5m per year for HC coach. -- And throw in another couple hundred grand bonus for winning a Super Bowl? 😉
  4. Who you like in the NRL now? Assuming you still watching or listening to the games. If not Dragons, are you supporting or at least wanting another team to win.. Now don't say -- anyone that plays the Red V...!
  5. Gees you're such a positive energy for the Dragons. Now I know you probably lived in Carlton, or Allawah at some point, but mate for the sake of your mental health -- let it go..
  6. Oh you're a northern beaches boy are you? Gee you blokes can maintain the rage alright. Sure 2018 was not great for the Silver Tails, but hey Dessy Hasler aint going that great either mate! -
  7. Why the hate for Barrett? I'm not across his coaching career that much. I think he was with Manly for 2 years? as HC. Pretty handy player, rep player, Dally M winner, he appears to be doing a good job at the Panthers mate?
  8. I guess you must have been out-voted at the selection meeting at the Dogs for head coach! LOL!
  9. I think Griffin is the better choice, but Barrett is going to the Dogs in any case. Griffin is very experienced, and he's got a decent winning %. He is strong, and knows what it takes to get teams to finals. That's the first step for him, get the Red V back into finals contention at a minimum over the next 2 years. Latest reports suggest that Barrett is walking into an even bigger cluster f!@# at the Dogs than already reported. Its a massive challenge for him, given his lack of experience, however if he can turn it around and same as Griffin have the Dogs at least in finals contention it will be a successful appointment.
  10. Big challenge ahead for Griffin... Wish him the best
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