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  1. ..Can ya pull a shot if ya Internet goes down......? Brew off line so to speak...
  2. Big Packers Fan here........👍
  3. Parra in 2001 was that Brian Smith? When Parramatta kept making prelim finals and losing
  4. Blues simply too good. Brilliantly coached by Freddy. As good as NSW was, Qld were poor, all over the field. Against a star studded team that NSW assembled, with players in red hot form, Blues carved them up, particularly the right edge of QLD. Ben Ikin summed it up, NSW played with two fullbacks, one of them Tommy Turbo, I think is currently just on another level. He's better than Cleary right now, and I've said this here before, Turbo's fitness and stamina is quite unbelievable. Not sure where QLD go from here. They are no match for this NSW side, unless there is m
  5. 1973 Indianapolis 500 Pace Car -- Cadillac Eldorado
  6. Romano Artioli was a man of passion of course. His resurrection of the Bugatti brand is well known. It was a complicated vehicle, and heavy for its size. More a lemon in terms of what it was supposed to achieve financially for the re-born brand. The car was eventually killed off after 150 odd were made, by more and better "supercars" - McLaren F1 amongst them, and financially it just didn't produce the returns to keep Bugatti afloat -- bankruptcy followed -- then VW in the late nineties...
  7. If that's a bit steep, one can always look at the Bugatti Divo.... Positively affordable at around USD$6,000,000..
  8. A re-creative expression of the EB110 -- Which really was a bit of a lemon..
  9. Bugatti Centodieci-- Only ten of these will be sold. Cars are in pre-production, each has found a happy buyer already, despite the, shall we say reasonably high price.. USD$9,000,000 https://www.bugatti.com/models/one-off-models/centodieci/
  10. Indeed......and my opinion, that's one pig ugly vehicle...It is massive..
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