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  1. Foster’s, the beer brand “that helped put Australia on the international map” is being relaunched by Carlton & United Breweries. In a media statement over the weekend, CUB said that Australian customers were looking “for a return to trusted iconic brands” and announced it would be boosting production of Foster’s Classic by 300 per cent in the coming months, from 500,000 litres a year to just over 2.5 million litres. https://www.brewsnews.com.au/2020/11/30/iconic-fosters-makes-a-comeback/ Throw some prawns on the barby and grab a ice cold Fosters Lager...
  2. The diplomatic / economic relationship with China continues to deteriorate. China today announces a 212% tariff on Australian wine exports. Make no mistake Australia exports a lot of wine, probably >50% of production. Its a decent bit of $coin, and China a growing market for premium wines. That market with this punitive announcement is all but gone. Time to buy more Australian wines. More broadly with continuing issues with China and trade, many industries, not only wine, should re-think their business and specifically export models and try to diversif
  3. Amphora- Terracotta fermented / aged wines.. - Trofeo Estate in Dromana -- must visit and buy a few to try... I first new of Jim Manolios through his Trofeo Motorsport business, GT Racing...
  4. The bloody blues lost that series in Adelaide, when they were 10-0 up, then went to f!@#$%^ sleep. - QLD played good. Only 7 months to the next battle..
  5. The old rolling origin brawl!!
  6. Bird is a quality player. Yep has had a horrendous run in the injury stakes for sure. But in the fair dinkum dept, if he can avoid injury and stay on the paddock, he can be a game winner and a huge influence to a teams success.. An Illawara junior he's back home. A super competitive player, SOO rep, and premiership winner. Anthony Griffin is starting to put his roster together.
  7. How... FFS can you not be up for the first half of a GF? Penrith had a shocker in the first half.
  8. It is time to commune with The Sabbath....Bless you my son....
  9. I feel sick....Raiders don't make the GF.
  10. Oh this is a massive game tomorrow night. I follow the Raiders, and I despise the Storm. I am so over the soap opera known as "Grandpa Smith". Would love the Raiders to beat grandpa, and (assuming grandpa is retiring) send him out a loser - particularly at Suncorp..
  11. There is a lot be said about the production of a record. To often we may ignore the importance of excellent production. Ultimately he or she directs the sound of the recording. My example is a record by Finn Brothers -- "Everyone is Here" . Now I believe this album was produced or recorded twice. By well known producers, but IMO the end result is terrible. I've tried this record on vinyl, CD, streaming. Each time its just bloated and to me sounds terrible. Some really nice songs on it, but the recording is horrible.
  12. Chocolate soldiers V Raiders - GF.....
  13. Small footprint here. Space, like others is at a premium. I went with the Bezzera bz10 HX machine. I have an Anfim grinder. The BZ-10 does me, pulls an OK shot. Aesthetics are important to me, the Bezzera won out in that regard from its competitors in this price range.
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