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  1. I can't seem to see any evidence of tools or trades person related items anywhere in this vehicle?? Must be used for other purposes...
  2. Sounds good. Be good to see more food involved...I mean surely we aren't all just opening bottles and drinking the stuff on its own........
  3. Very good. BTW do we have a specific "food & wine" thread. whereby we share our experiences of wine we have tried with food either dining out or cooking at home? -- or is this the best place?..
  4. Listening to the owner of TIDAL on TIDAL...
  5. Beautiful amplifier -- Denon been making serious quality amplification for many, many years.... Sadly many punters "don't rate'em" -- but those that take the time to actually listen.......well we know better..
  6. That must reduce the 717 count for John to around 4x717's I reckon!!😄
  7. ..and where would one obtain such Italia vino...short of booking a QF#.....
  8. I see some of these big Luxman integrated amps are getting rave reviews by members here that have them in there systems..Unsure if they have the desired grunt you need,,Phono amp don't - from comments - appear that good in the preamp..but generally everyone seems stoked with these Lux's...Check them out --you'd need to convert to the VU meter fan club however... If you like MOSFET -- Check out Accuphase -
  9. The "depraved & cynical masterpiece"..
  10. Are you suggesting all session ales are mediocre, or just the few you have tried? It would be beneficial to understand how one defines a session ale or beer. Generally IME a session ale is one that is not defined or driven by intensity of flavours, rather how easy drinking it is, and refreshing, crisp finish. ABV is does not exceed 5%. There are countless excellent beers in many styles under 5%ABV. I don't think brewers are intentionally brewing a mediocre product, they are brewing a beer, that is balancing flavour and style with a lighter alcohol content, that fills a space in their product offerings, and assumes there is a demand for the "session ale". ..but hey lets face it ....once you get "the taste" - every beer has the potential to become sessionable...hehe
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