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  1. Alfa Romeo 8C 2900 B Lungo -- 1937
  2. Keep it goin'... "The depraved and cynical masterpiece"....
  3. Regarding the title track >>> In the liner notes of The Very Best Of, Frey had this to say about the song: We had Don Henley's voice, which allowed us to go in a more soulful direction, which made me exceedingly happy. A lot of things came together on One Of These Nights – our love of the studio, the dramatic improvement in Don's and my songwriting. We made a quantum leap with "One Of These Nights." It was a breakthrough song. It is my favorite Eagles record. If I ever had to pick one, it wouldn't be "Hotel California"; it wouldn't be "Take It Easy.
  4. Rodin is the work of David Dicker - creator and owner of Dicker Data the very successful Australian IT company.
  5. Lets put aside all the "other crap" going on with Israeli Folouwea -- Would you drop coin on him for his current ability to bring a premiership. Every signing needs to be justified in this context. Can the 31 yo still perform at the highest level? The signing of SBW comes to mind. He was a dud for the chooks I reckon. Brought a lot of press, but on the current RL football pitch the game is played at a squillion miles an hour, these older players can't believe the pace.. --- Tom Brady at 43 playing in SB on Monday....43....
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