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  1. Hey Mate, Finally got all my materials and will start building soon. I've not got much experience with woodworking.... just wondering how you attached the mouding? Did you use little screws or nail got or what? thanks again
  2. Trying to avoid glasswool if possible. Do you guys think this would be OK? Hasn't got much info on it? http://higginsinsulation.com.au/acoustic-insulation/32kg-50-580mm-polyester-acoustic-insulation-batts-9pc-6m2.html
  3. Yeh ok... I would take one full pack if we had others to go in also.
  4. Hi bezmi, I'm looking to source some of these also. I am waiting to hear back from another supplier on Monday. I probably need 3 sheets so perhaps we can split the cost? I am in Karalee (west of Brissy). Will let you know what I find out on Monday. cheers
  5. Hi All, I am looking to making some DIY bass traps and am looking for an easy way to install them in the corer of my HT. These look like what I need but they don't deliver to Australia. Anyone seen anything like these available in Aus? https://www.acoustimac.com/z-clip-installation-kit-1 thanks
  6. aahhh.... OK. Thanks for the reply. I thought you meant secure the polymax to the frame but now I read it again that makes sense. Did you have any concerns about the polymax falling forward out of the frame or does the moulding help with this? Just out of curiosity what width is that moulding? thanks again.... will be off to bunnings soon. cheers
  7. This looks amazing..... and exactly what I am trying to achieve at the moment. I am like you..... usually end up back and forth to Bunnings to get this right Just wondering... when you say " I used some very cheap, light pine (92mm x 8mm) with some little metal brackets to secure it inside the corners" what did you mean by metal brackets in the corners. thanks
  8. thanks Quark..... no nothing has changed recently in terms of something that might provide some interference. I definately am due for an upgrade but wondered if it was worth getting it cleaned out? perhaps not
  9. Hi All, I have a Mitsubishi HC6800 almost 6 years old. I had problems with poor picture and dust spots. Mitsubishi agreed to have it cleaned out for free and the guy who did it took it apart in a clean room and did a great job..... picture was restored. The problem had come back but worse and this time there are lines which I have tried to demonstrate in the attached pictures. Does anyone know what has caused this? Is it work sending it away to get cleaned out again, or do you think there is something more terminal going on? thankyou
  10. Anyone who's interested...... please note this is the MK3 with CA Correction, not MK3+C. As such I am reducing the price to $600 ONO. sorry for the confusion. The lens is in excellent condition.... please message me if interested.... thanks
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