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  1. Hello Mitchlim I recently bought the MC 3 + USB to work with the Denafrips Terminator DAC, it is a game changer already and I am looking at the REF 10 now. Is it possible to have a session listening to your system with the REF 10, I'd like to listen to the REF 10 before deciding, I live in Moorebank NSW and you are welcome to come for a session. my equipment EMS drivers speakers Amplifiers: SPEC W 7 mono blocks Denafrips Terminator DAC with upgrade DSD board SOtM SMS 200 Ultra + Ethernet Switch + SPS 500 power supply Roon + Tidal MC-3 + Smart Clock USB Jay Audio CDT2 MkII Thanks in advance Paris 0439457930
  2. Hi AJL999, Unfortunately, there is no remote that comes with the Cayin M-845D, that is the only way to change the NFB, ie at the back. Cheers
  3. Hello AJL999, There is an NFB indicator knob which you can change the feedback from 0dB to -5dB. Cheers
  4. Item: Cayin M-845D Vacuum Tube Mono Block Power Amplifier (pair) Location: Sydney, Western Area Price: $6,500 includes $50 donation to SNA. Item Condition: Near new, valves still running in ( only had100-120 hours) Reason for selling: upgraded to small integrated amplifier Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only or interstate sensitive freight at buyer expense Extra Info: I am selling these pair of rare Cayin M-845D mono block on behalf of my friend Louis who has upgraded to a small integrated amplifier due to his health and room size. The Cayin M-845D only had 100-120 hours of use, retailed price is $14,000 brand new, top of the line Cayin valve tube amplifier " special order only", power output 60W per channel, weight is 50kgs each, 240v australian power, valves on each mono block 845 (x2), 300B (x1) and 6SN7 (x3 ). Due to ongoing health issue, Louis has not been able to enjoy them as he should, It is Louis loss but your gain, will also donate $50 to SNA if sale goes through. Please PM me if you require further information or would like to audition the Cayin M-845D. Thank you for looking.
  5. Hi, Oppo still available? period of ownership? 1st owner? can you confirm both DVD + Blu-Ray region free playback? thanks
  6. @MrRogers Hi, Is it still available and how long have you had it?
  7. @Dacman @Dacman Hello do you have anyone in Sydney to demo the Denafrips DAC?
  8. Hello Murray, I live in Moorebank, I am looking at the SMS-200ultra or SMS-200 to purchase My equipments: Oppo 105 Spec class D Amplifier Hologram Spatial M3 speakers Power conditioners Any chance of a quick listen to your system with the SMS-200? Thanks
  9. Hello Tri-K, DAC still available for sale?
  10. Hi Boogler, I am looking for a pair of QUAD ESL . are you selling? if yes, can you post some pics? Thanks
  11. Hello Dave, I will happily take them as I am looking for a pair. I will also donate as per your request. Thank you in advance. Parissay ( 0439 457 930)
  12. Hi, Can I contact you by land line ? Please txt your number to 0439457930.
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