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  1. FS: [MEL] Oracle Delphi MkII

    3 pictures of the suspension tower internals have been added. One is taken from the current Mk VI owners manual, and the other 2 are of the Mk II. From what I can see, the internals are pretty-much the same - I used the same template to set the suspension height on both turntables.
  2. FS: [MEL] Oracle Delphi MkII

    G'day Rori, I looked but couldn't find the original documents - obviously put them in a safe place back in 2007! I will take some pictures and upload them. All I can add is that the suspension tower internals of the Mk VI look pretty-much identical to what is in my Mk II as far as components go - springs, grommets, felt dampener etc. Cheers, Chris.
  3. FS: [MEL] Oracle Delphi MkII

    Hi Stever, Yes, I did buy it on eBay from a seller in the USA. The motor is DC, but the original psu that came with the turntable is 120V AC to 27V DC, which obviously isn't suitable here in Australia. So I purchased a 230V AC to 27V DC custom power supply from Sonic Art Audio. Hope this helps. Cheers, Chris.
  4. FS: [MEL] Oracle Delphi MkII

    Hi Qwertyqaz, As far as I am aware, MkII Delphi's were produced between 1984-1987. I purchased the turntable on eBay back in early 2007 from a seller in USA. From what I can remember, the seller indicated that the suspension internals were bought up to MkV spec - I might still have the paperwork from the purchase, I'll do my best to find it and upload a photo or 2. Cheers, Chris.
  5. Item: Oracle Delphi MkII Turntable, Wall Shelf & Acrylic Cover Location: Melbourne South-Eastern Suburbs Price: $1750.00 Item Condition: Used, but in very good condition Reason for selling: Upgrade Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Well, I never I thought this day would come. After 10+ years of faithful service, it is time to sell my Oracle Delphi MkII. As can be seen from the photos below, the turntable is in very good condition. The only issue is that the Oracle light does not work. It comes complete with acrylic platter mat and 6 armboards - a blank, an Audio Technica AT-1100, an Audiomods / Rega RB, a Moerch DP, an SME, and another unknown. Both the Michell spikes & cups and the original feet are included, along with the original calibrator disc. I have been using a custom power supply (Sonic Art Audio), but also have the original psu (120V). I got a Maintenance Kit a few years ago - the old springs and suspension tower components plus the belt are thrown in. Included in the sale is the wall shelf and the acrylic dustcover. Local pickup is preferred as I don't have the packing boxes. Any questions, don't hesitate to ask. Pictures:
  6. Item: 3 x Steel wall-mounts with spikes on 180mm legs, and 7mm Laminated Glass shelves (350mm x 500mm). 2 glass panels have minor scratches from the spikes. 1 x Steel wall-mount shelf unit (580H x 500W x 490D), with 3 x 9mm black Acrylic shelves (2 @ 250mm x 500mm and 1 @ 400mm x 500mm); 6 x 5mm Toughened Glass panels (350mm x 450mm) with polished edges. Never used. Location: Melbourne - South-Eastern Suburbs Price: 3 x Steel wall-mounts - $50.00 for the 3. 1 x Steel wall-mount shelf unit - $50.00 6 x Toughened Glass panels - $100.00 for the 6. Item Condition: The wall-mounts and shelf unit are used but in good nick, the toughened glass are brand new. Reason for selling: Surplus after a new set of racks have now been built and installed. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Really would prefer pickup on these items, as they are bulky and the glass is pretty heavy. Pictures:
  7. FS [MEL]: Oyaide Interconnects - 1 Pair Left

    1 pair of the Terzo RR, and the PA-02 TR pair now sold. Thankyou to Shane F and jowls.
  8. FS [MEL]: Oyaide Interconnects - 1 Pair Left

    PA-02 TR sold pending.
  9. FS [MEL]: Oyaide Interconnects - 1 Pair Left

    pm sent Jowls.
  10. FS [MEL]: Oyaide Interconnects - 1 Pair Left

    Thanks Shane. 1 Terzo sold pending. Cheers, Chris.
  11. Item: 3 sets of Oyaide Interconnects, all 0.7M in length. 2 pairs of Tunami Terzo RR (RCA to RCA). PCOCC-A conductors, Genesis Rhodium plated locking RCA connectors. 1 pair SOLD. 1 pair of PA-02 TR (RCA to RCA). PCOCC-A conductors, Gold-plated RCA connectors. SOLD. Location: Melbourne South-East Suburbs Price: $125.00 per pair for the Tunami Terzo $75.00 for the PA-02 RR Item Condition: Excellent. Reason for selling: Reloacted my gear, and now need longer cables. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Pickup preferred, but happy to post at buyers expense. Pictures:
  12. Thanks all for your input to date. I reckon the TNT Sandblaster will be a reasonably cheap prototype to build and sit on top of the rack. I'll knock one up in the coming weeks and give it a try, and report back. Otherwise, a wall shelf it will be! Cheers, Chris.
  13. Hi All, I need to relocate my audio gear due to space limitations in the living room (timber floors on stumps). I have a choice of placing my Oracle Delphi turntable on the top of the existing rack (DIY 40mm birch ply shelves styled on the HiFi Racks Podium), or on a wall-mounted shelf. If I go with the rack option, what would be a suitable isolation platform? I've been looking around and the price range for platforms is extraordinary, from less that $50.00 to well over $3,000.00 for custom made items. Appreciate any views from experienced suspended turntable owners out there - what worked / didn't work, what provided the biggest performance improvement, what to steer clear of, etc. Cheers, Chris.
  14. Australian mains distribution board

    G'day Sean, I had some 240V/240V isolation transformers custom made up by Rolf at Siros Electrical Engineering in Richmond a few years ago. Not what you are after, but he may be able to assist with a custom build. Ph: 9428 4849 Cheers, Chris.
  15. FS: Morch DP6 Precision tonearm 9" (WA)

    G'day Aertex, I've sent you several PM's this week but had no answer. Is the arm still available? Can you let me know either way. Cheers, Chris.