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  1. I have a pair of unused Grayhill 44D30-01-2-AJN 6-position rotary swicthes which would suit your needs. PM if interested. Chris.
  2. Further information: I bought my first Thorens TD 160 B MkII in 1978, and have had a succession of them since. As a consequence, I have accumulated a number of parts over the years, so it's time for a cleanout. Items included in this sale are: Thorens TD 160 B MkII, with a Pro-Ject M303 motor. I purchased this turntable purely for the hinges. I have never run the turntable, so cannot vouch for the speed stability etc. There is no original Thorens motor, however all the mechanical components to reinstall the speed changer etc are included. Th
  3. Thanks @THOMO. Could be a good option. Cheers, Chris.
  4. Thanks for the heads up Cam. See how I go finding a pair to listen to. Chris.
  5. I'm considering building a pair of Troels DTQWT MkIII's with the single 12" rear woofer. Anybody in the Melbourne metro area got a pair that I can have a listen to? PM me if you can assist. Cheers, Chris.
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