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  1. Melbourne In't Hi Fi show

    I don't have a problem with people using vinyl as a source. It's just not me (but that's not a debate for this thread. Sorry I raised it). @Spyne Yes, there was certainly a lot of streaming.
  2. I found Dick from Open Ear Audio to be very good: http://openearaudio.com/ Recently had my speaker surrounds redone. He's an easy guy to deal with and his workmanship is very good.
  3. Melbourne In't Hi Fi show

    My impressions were a little different from most, but then, this was my first show and I didn't know anyone. First of all, I went on the Friday and in my personal experience, that means you get to see things before they become tatty and before the exhibitors become too tired. I left with relatively neutral impressions - some positive and some not-so positive. On the positive side: 1) Have to agree that the girls on the ticket desk were very welcoming 2) I had no problem with the size or the layout of the rooms. It wasn't always what I wanted but it really couldn't be helped. They are a lot more like lounge rooms than some are prepared to admit 3) I got most of the answers I wanted from the exhibitors without feeling like I had asked any stoopid questions 4) The Australian manufacturers were very good and I took some serious notice of what they are offering. Krix, Redgum, Osborn, Axis, and SGR all impressed me 5) Willingness of the exhibitors to indulge my tastes (when I asked). On the negative side: 1) The corridor upstairs was very narrow. This was made especially difficult when people were wearing backpacks. It would most likely only have been worse on the weekend 2) The Marantz/Klipsch demo was very impressive but it was turned up way too loud and the bass intruded into other rooms 3) I got tired of hearing acoustic jazz sourced from vinyl. In one room, the surface hiss was so loud I left (not a romantic, me) 4) A number of major players were missing: B&W, Dynaudio, KEF, etc. Either that or they were not set up when I was there. I realise a show can't include everyone but I was surprised they were not there 5) The NAD exhibit, like a few others, seemed a little pointless. I honestly couldn't understand what they were thinking or even why the room was set up that way. A show like this would require a lot of thought and it's very easy to be critical. I have worked at industry shows and I know how hard it is. Someone always complains. In the end, the organisers did a pretty good job. I was surprised that they chose a hotel but it made a lot of sense, even if the logistics were difficult. It was not a downside to the show itself. The only other thing I would like to have seen was something for the DIYer. If I have missed anything, I apologise.
  4. NEW: Schiit Stereo/Mono Amp - Vidar

    I heard this today with a Saga pre-amp and a pair of Dynaudio Emit 10s I was listening to them in comparison with a pair of LS50 actives and frankly, while I thought very highly of the LS50s, I definitely preferred this setup. I know I would probably not be in the majority but this is what my ears tell me...it rocked. I'd be interested in hearing them with KEFs. Even with the tube channel switched off, it was still very impressive.
  5. Does anyone have any experience of the Pro-Ject RS or MaiA systems components? http://www.project-audio.com/main.php?info=boxes&cat=boxes&lang=en They have some interesting stuff but its difficult to access on their website. There is a tiny CD player (which actually has a Burr-Brown chip in it), as well as stereo pre-amp/power amp configurations. All of this stuff is staggeringly small but with a useful output of 60W into 4Ω.
  6. Going to listen to some KEF Q100 and Q300s tomorrow.
  7. Gee...all this talk of Linn, PMC and ATC...I'm never going to be playing in that league so I just have to make do with what I can afford. I have no particular concern that one note or other might not be directly audible. As someone rightly pointed out earlier, the issue is really harmonics, rather than individual voices and that is what I'm really concerned about. I am not going to be playing at what most people would consider normal volumes so I need something for bass extension. I have auditioned these speakers and every one of them came up short. Some were worse than others and some would probably never make the cut anyway. Floorstanders are not really an option because the bass drivers would be too low down in a bedroom to achieve much - the bass being eaten by the furniture. Speakers stands are not a problem. If I need them, I'll build some myself. I'm not going to spend $600 on speaker stands if I can build them for $50. You're right: I'm a cheapskate and I come from a long line of cheapskates. So really, I think I'm stuck with a sub-sat setup. I may have to forego the sub for a while, which means I have to buy something I can live with in the meantime. Thus far, that means B&W or Dynaudio.
  8. Orchestral etc. The room will be a small bedroom and I play at low volumes so as not to annoy the neighbours. I will be moving to a one-bedroom apartment. It certainly won't be as big as the room you are using.
  9. Low end extension is what I want. Bookshelf speakers on their own don't have enough. They get close (Dynaudio Emit 20) but they would still benefit from a subwoofer, IMHO.
  10. Wouldn't I get more control from a sub?
  11. Some excellent and interesting point gents. Thanks. @audio_file Yeah, I know but I'd prefer not to do it that way. I considered using the NADs pre amp with actives - and the KEFs would be very high on that list were I to go that way - but I would still want a sub. There just isn't anything out there in bookshelf speakers which can do what I want them to do, bass-wise. @RoHo This was a very interesting suggestion. I was already starting to back away from the Arcam/REGA bracket anyway, though the NAD C338 is still in the hunt. I wondered about the Rotel A10 but it's too big for the cabinet it will most likely have to fit into. There were a few other Class D amps I wanted to check out. The NAD D3020, the Yamaha WXA50. I heard a Denon Heos the other day and was pretty impressed with the sound but I'm never going to buy it. I am very familiar with streaming videos via a server and Kodi box but I don't do it for music. It's just not me and the amount of time the sales guy had to spend messing around with the app put me off for good. Remote control: yes. App: no way. Never going to happen. There is, however, another Denon called the PMA-50 which I would like to hear. I also has a dedicated CD player but it's pretty pricey. For the moment though, the CD player is not a major concern. @GregWormald All good points but this is kind of decided. The Carlssons are more position dependent than room dependent and mine have been in a few rooms! The next move will be a bridge too far for them. Believe me: I don't want to sell these things, especially now that they are sounding so good again. The most likely outcome is that I will end up with a sub-sat system. As far as the NAD is concerned, well, I don't really want to sell that either but the set up for a subwoofer is more complicated than for the others, especially considering it might not be ideally positioned and might even require the cable to go under a rug or something. I'm not going the go down the Bluetooth route. The NAD runs very well: no pops or crackles and given that it will accept a moving coil cartridge, like what's already in the turntable, I think it would be better sold as a "job lot". @Eggcup The Daft The most likely room will be a small bedroom, hence the need for bookshelf speakers like the B&W 686 and a small sub. I have considered some floor standers but they're not really practical and I think the furnishings would eat the bass. The current environment for the NAD/Carlssons is very active. The next one will probably be acoustically dead. As far as stands are concerned, I'm more than happy to build my own. Thanks again guys. This is all good food for thought.
  12. Definitely going to the HiFi show. One of the benefits of being a member here: that's how I found out about it. Thanks for the tip on the Osborns.
  13. I can't do anything about the size. It will have to fit into a cabinet which is only 350mm deep and the Marantz is 370mm. The Yamaha is even bigger at 387mm. Haven't been looking at Peachtree because I didn't realise there was one I could afford. Thanks for the tip. I'm in Melbourne but I think there is at least one dealer here who carries it. Would also like to test drive a Denon PMA-50 and its matching DCD50 CD player. Have yet to audition either NAD - the C338 or the D3020.
  14. Have considered it but they won't be LS50s. Last time I checked, the active ones were about $3,500. My budget is about half that price. Thanks anyway.
  15. Thanks for that. I haven't heard Quad for a number of years. The problem is going to be the price, though I'm pretty good at bargaining. Triangle is another brand I've yet to hear and I've heard good things about the Titus EZ. I think Tivoli have them and I know Carlton AV do. I assume I'm allowed to talk about dealers...? You can probably guess where I've been looking anyway!