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  1. I’m limited by the fact that, due to circumstances beyond my control, I have to downsize to a smaller home. In my particular case, a one bedroom apartment. I hope it won’t be too small but the days of big furniture are over for me for the time being, at least. I have sold a lot of stuff to try to keep the things I really want - like my sound system.
  2. It's not a cupboard in the normal sense. The sides and the doors are just dowels so there's a lot of air circulating. I doubt if it will bother a class D amp. I could probably still get away with an A/B. The difficulty is that it's 340 mm deep and not a millimetre more. Realistically, anything over 300 mm deep is going to need angled plugs. That's not a deal breaker until you get to about 320.
  3. I would have liked to try Marantz but unfortunately they're all too big for the cupboard it's got to go into. Thanks anyway. Marantz were one of the eye openers at the HiFi Show.
  4. Yeah, they do. If I had more space I go with the 368 but I'd have to add the module. The 338 does what I need it to do out of the box. I run a Kodi box and have a lot of my music stored on my server so the NAD makes a lot of sense. According to what I've read, the Chromecast implementation in the NAD is easier to use and less fussy about file types than Chromecast itself.
  5. J.D.

    Speaker Recommendations

    ^^I agree with this.^^ In fact, I auditioned X34s, Focal 826s and B&W CM8s. You can afford Dynaudio Excite X34s. I couldn't find anything in that bracket that could beat them: http://www.hifichoice.co.uk/news/article/dynaudio-excite-x34--pound;2000/20375 http://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/dynaudio-excite-x34/ I never expected to end up with Dynes but the X34 is an absolute belter and pretty compact. There was the X34s and there was daylight. That's how I saw it anyway. And I didn't pay full price - $3000 - for them either so you won't break the bank. They have a really big sound for a small floorstander but they have plenty of other qualities worthy of your attention. They have a reputation for being a bit hard on amplifiers because they need grunt to get the best out of them. I demo'ed them on a Naim Atom (40w/ch) and they sounded brilliant. Your Elex R has a lot more power than that.
  6. Update: probably going with a NAD 338 at this point. WiFi solves a lot of my problems with cabling too. All I need is a short TosLink cable to go to the CD player and I'm done. Thanks for your help guys.
  7. @Andrews_melb I don't know which one you mean. There's an all-in-one audio box with speakers, currently at $1600 and an IA-100 integrated amp for a smidge over $2,000 which, even at a discount, is well outside my price range. Looks good though. @SteveC I'm a bit baffled by this one. The connections are pretty minimal. I think I'd prefer to wait for the Denon PMA-60, though the Sprout gets some pretty good reviews and its inexpensive and cost effective. @poweravThe problem there is that, with the HEOS, the app is the only option. There are no manual controls. Call me old fashioned but I reckon that's dumb. One that's popped up which is interesting is the AMC XIA-100. British designed, made in Taiwan and a lot of power for the money. I have read good things about them (this is a different model): Another I left out was Cambridge, mostly because the only ones with enough wattage are too big.
  8. @RaffinatorWant to buy new so that's where I'm going to have to compromise. @rantanSo was I but there you go. I just didn't like it. @warwearyThe D7050 has plenty of grunt but I'd prefer the connections on the C338.
  9. @CafadYes: small cupboard but with lots of circulation. It's almost open, except for the back. It's probably better than what I have my current system in. @LHHThere are a few options there but only a couple appeal. I liked what I saw of Pro-Ject DS but haven't heard one and nobody can give me an experienced opinion on one. I think it's going to be short n grunt. The Denon PMA-50 is about to become the PMA-60 but the problem is a lack of connections. The matching slot CD player and vertical option are nice. I heard a 100 watt HEOS and liked the sound but hated the app. Apps are good for some things and not others so that one's off the list. The NAD C338 is Class D from memory...?
  10. Hi all, Been revising my old system and juts bought a pair of Dynaudio Excite X34s and I'm now looking for a suitable amp to power them as my current one is a bit light. I am seriously considering Schiit's Saga/Vidar combination or possibly Jotunheim/Vidar. Total cost is about $1800, which is a tad more than I want to pay. I have heard it in both combinations and it's a belter of a set up, as good as anything I've heard up to about $10,000, as well as being compact which is a serious issue for me. I'm keeping my eyes open for some alternatives, just in case I've missed anything. Looking to buy new. Integrated amps are probably a bit more practical so, although I like the Schiit set up, I'm not committed yet and I want to make sure I'm not missing out on something that might be more connections/suitable/cheaper/"better". First, I have to explain that this - whatever it is - will probably have to live in a relatively small cupboard, the shelf depth of which is 340 mm and not a millimetre more and I'm not interested in fitting anything sideways. Secondly, I need at least 50 watts to get the best out of the Dynes, preferably 70 if it can be had for the right price. The brands that definitely don't fit are: Yamaha Marantz Rotel The brands where some fit and some don't NAD - the 338 fits but the 368 doesn't (that's a real bummer) Emotiva - hard to tell with all their dimensions in bloody inches... I think the BasX PT-100 is okay but their pre/power amp combinations are too big Denon Brands that do fit under most circumstances Arcam Creek (too expensive) Rega Brio (don't like it) AMC Emotiva Of these, the ones I'm considering are the NAD 338, the Arcam A19 and the Emotiva BasX PT-100 (haven't heard one yet). The NAD has a lot of good connections and 50 W/channel into 8Ω. The Emotiva is much the same but without the WiFi and commensurately cheaper. Another dilemma is the price bracket. The NAD 368 would be almost idea but doesn't fit. The Arcam A19 seems reasonable for the money the A29 is probably more suitable but more than I can afford. Same applies to the Creek. Pity: I liked all of them. The Emotiva in an unknown, as is the Denon PMA720 (which only just fits). All these things will have to fit with plugs in and I'm not going to cut holes in the back. I have looked at right angle plug adapters and there are plenty around so I'm not concerned about that as long as it's not more than 340 mm. Any suggestions?
  11. J.D.

    Melbourne In't Hi Fi show

    I don't have a problem with people using vinyl as a source. It's just not me (but that's not a debate for this thread. Sorry I raised it). @Spyne Yes, there was certainly a lot of streaming.
  12. I found Dick from Open Ear Audio to be very good: http://openearaudio.com/ Recently had my speaker surrounds redone. He's an easy guy to deal with and his workmanship is very good.
  13. J.D.

    Melbourne In't Hi Fi show

    My impressions were a little different from most, but then, this was my first show and I didn't know anyone. First of all, I went on the Friday and in my personal experience, that means you get to see things before they become tatty and before the exhibitors become too tired. I left with relatively neutral impressions - some positive and some not-so positive. On the positive side: 1) Have to agree that the girls on the ticket desk were very welcoming 2) I had no problem with the size or the layout of the rooms. It wasn't always what I wanted but it really couldn't be helped. They are a lot more like lounge rooms than some are prepared to admit 3) I got most of the answers I wanted from the exhibitors without feeling like I had asked any stoopid questions 4) The Australian manufacturers were very good and I took some serious notice of what they are offering. Krix, Redgum, Osborn, Axis, and SGR all impressed me 5) Willingness of the exhibitors to indulge my tastes (when I asked). On the negative side: 1) The corridor upstairs was very narrow. This was made especially difficult when people were wearing backpacks. It would most likely only have been worse on the weekend 2) The Marantz/Klipsch demo was very impressive but it was turned up way too loud and the bass intruded into other rooms 3) I got tired of hearing acoustic jazz sourced from vinyl. In one room, the surface hiss was so loud I left (not a romantic, me) 4) A number of major players were missing: B&W, Dynaudio, KEF, etc. Either that or they were not set up when I was there. I realise a show can't include everyone but I was surprised they were not there 5) The NAD exhibit, like a few others, seemed a little pointless. I honestly couldn't understand what they were thinking or even why the room was set up that way. A show like this would require a lot of thought and it's very easy to be critical. I have worked at industry shows and I know how hard it is. Someone always complains. In the end, the organisers did a pretty good job. I was surprised that they chose a hotel but it made a lot of sense, even if the logistics were difficult. It was not a downside to the show itself. The only other thing I would like to have seen was something for the DIYer. If I have missed anything, I apologise.
  14. J.D.

    NEW: Schiit Stereo/Mono Amp - Vidar

    I heard this today with a Saga pre-amp and a pair of Dynaudio Emit 10s I was listening to them in comparison with a pair of LS50 actives and frankly, while I thought very highly of the LS50s, I definitely preferred this setup. I know I would probably not be in the majority but this is what my ears tell me...it rocked. I'd be interested in hearing them with KEFs. Even with the tube channel switched off, it was still very impressive.
  15. Does anyone have any experience of the Pro-Ject RS or MaiA systems components? http://www.project-audio.com/main.php?info=boxes&cat=boxes&lang=en They have some interesting stuff but its difficult to access on their website. There is a tiny CD player (which actually has a Burr-Brown chip in it), as well as stereo pre-amp/power amp configurations. All of this stuff is staggeringly small but with a useful output of 60W into 4Ω.