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  1. Does anyone have any experience of the Pro-Ject RS or MaiA systems components? http://www.project-audio.com/main.php?info=boxes&cat=boxes&lang=en They have some interesting stuff but its difficult to access on their website. There is a tiny CD player (which actually has a Burr-Brown chip in it), as well as stereo pre-amp/power amp configurations. All of this stuff is staggeringly small but with a useful output of 60W into 4Ω.
  2. Going to listen to some KEF Q100 and Q300s tomorrow.
  3. Gee...all this talk of Linn, PMC and ATC...I'm never going to be playing in that league so I just have to make do with what I can afford. I have no particular concern that one note or other might not be directly audible. As someone rightly pointed out earlier, the issue is really harmonics, rather than individual voices and that is what I'm really concerned about. I am not going to be playing at what most people would consider normal volumes so I need something for bass extension. I have auditioned these speakers and every one of them came up short. Some were worse than others and some would probably never make the cut anyway. Floorstanders are not really an option because the bass drivers would be too low down in a bedroom to achieve much - the bass being eaten by the furniture. Speakers stands are not a problem. If I need them, I'll build some myself. I'm not going to spend $600 on speaker stands if I can build them for $50. You're right: I'm a cheapskate and I come from a long line of cheapskates. So really, I think I'm stuck with a sub-sat setup. I may have to forego the sub for a while, which means I have to buy something I can live with in the meantime. Thus far, that means B&W or Dynaudio.
  4. Orchestral etc. The room will be a small bedroom and I play at low volumes so as not to annoy the neighbours. I will be moving to a one-bedroom apartment. It certainly won't be as big as the room you are using.
  5. Low end extension is what I want. Bookshelf speakers on their own don't have enough. They get close (Dynaudio Emit 20) but they would still benefit from a subwoofer, IMHO.
  6. Wouldn't I get more control from a sub?
  7. Some excellent and interesting point gents. Thanks. @audio_file Yeah, I know but I'd prefer not to do it that way. I considered using the NADs pre amp with actives - and the KEFs would be very high on that list were I to go that way - but I would still want a sub. There just isn't anything out there in bookshelf speakers which can do what I want them to do, bass-wise. @RoHo This was a very interesting suggestion. I was already starting to back away from the Arcam/REGA bracket anyway, though the NAD C338 is still in the hunt. I wondered about the Rotel A10 but it's too big for the cabinet it will most likely have to fit into. There were a few other Class D amps I wanted to check out. The NAD D3020, the Yamaha WXA50. I heard a Denon Heos the other day and was pretty impressed with the sound but I'm never going to buy it. I am very familiar with streaming videos via a server and Kodi box but I don't do it for music. It's just not me and the amount of time the sales guy had to spend messing around with the app put me off for good. Remote control: yes. App: no way. Never going to happen. There is, however, another Denon called the PMA-50 which I would like to hear. I also has a dedicated CD player but it's pretty pricey. For the moment though, the CD player is not a major concern. @GregWormald All good points but this is kind of decided. The Carlssons are more position dependent than room dependent and mine have been in a few rooms! The next move will be a bridge too far for them. Believe me: I don't want to sell these things, especially now that they are sounding so good again. The most likely outcome is that I will end up with a sub-sat system. As far as the NAD is concerned, well, I don't really want to sell that either but the set up for a subwoofer is more complicated than for the others, especially considering it might not be ideally positioned and might even require the cable to go under a rug or something. I'm not going the go down the Bluetooth route. The NAD runs very well: no pops or crackles and given that it will accept a moving coil cartridge, like what's already in the turntable, I think it would be better sold as a "job lot". @Eggcup The Daft The most likely room will be a small bedroom, hence the need for bookshelf speakers like the B&W 686 and a small sub. I have considered some floor standers but they're not really practical and I think the furnishings would eat the bass. The current environment for the NAD/Carlssons is very active. The next one will probably be acoustically dead. As far as stands are concerned, I'm more than happy to build my own. Thanks again guys. This is all good food for thought.
  8. Definitely going to the HiFi show. One of the benefits of being a member here: that's how I found out about it. Thanks for the tip on the Osborns.
  9. I can't do anything about the size. It will have to fit into a cabinet which is only 350mm deep and the Marantz is 370mm. The Yamaha is even bigger at 387mm. Haven't been looking at Peachtree because I didn't realise there was one I could afford. Thanks for the tip. I'm in Melbourne but I think there is at least one dealer here who carries it. Would also like to test drive a Denon PMA-50 and its matching DCD50 CD player. Have yet to audition either NAD - the C338 or the D3020.
  10. Have considered it but they won't be LS50s. Last time I checked, the active ones were about $3,500. My budget is about half that price. Thanks anyway.
  11. Thanks for that. I haven't heard Quad for a number of years. The problem is going to be the price, though I'm pretty good at bargaining. Triangle is another brand I've yet to hear and I've heard good things about the Titus EZ. I think Tivoli have them and I know Carlton AV do. I assume I'm allowed to talk about dealers...? You can probably guess where I've been looking anyway!
  12. Hi all, Sorry but this is going to be a long post. After a number of major life changes recently, I have to downsize everything and unfortunately, that includes my stereo system. My existing system is one I bought from Penny Lane in Melbourne over 30 years ago. While everything is in immaculate condition, it's gotta go. The turntable, which is a REGA Planar 3 with an Ortofon MC10 Super cartridge, will not be replaced, though I'm keeping my vinyl. I just don't play vinyl any more. The amplifier is a NAD 3020B which has been an absolute trooper and will be sadly missed. The speakers...aah, the speakers. These are Carlsson OA50, recently refoamed by Open Ear Audio and sounding as good as they ever did. I don't play loud. I think I only ever ran at a constant 1 watt on the amp once and that was too loud for me. The next system will have to fit into a bedroom so the only candidates are bookshelf speakers and a small sub. I hadn't really listened to this system for a few years because the speakers needed fixing so I was confined to a set of Sennheiser HD600 headphones which I like but don't love. In fact the other thing that's driving this is my need to relax and headphones are too claustrophobia-inducing for me. The sound is also rather artificial and properly-placed stereo speakers have a better soundstage for my liking. Since getting the Carlssons refoamed, I have discovered two things: 1) I seriously need music in my life right now so that I can zone out and 2) those speakers are going to be very hard to replace. But unfortunately, they take up too much floor space and are a bit uncompromising when it comes to position. Small bookshelf speakers and a small sub are much easier to accommodate. Of course. all of this will depend on where I end up but the likely set up will be in a bedroom. I should also add that my hearing is not very good. I'm much more interested in musicality and engagement so I'm not very good at auditioning. I lack patience but I definitely know what I like. So far, I have listened to B&W 685 and 686, Dynaudio Emit 10 and Emit 20, Canton Chrono 512 DC and 513 DC, Monitor Audio Silver 2 and Castle Richmond Anniversary. On the list but yet to hear are Tannoy Revolution XT6 and Elac Uni-Fi UB5. Of those I liked both B&Ws and both Dynaudios. I thought the Castles were good but not stunning for the money. The Monitor Audios left me less than completely satisfied and the Cantons, while beautifully made, had no mid-range worth speaking of. Amps have been Arcam A19, REGA Brio-R, AMC (don't know which model) and a couple of compact units, such as the Cambridge Audio ONE and the Marantz 611. Still on the list to be heard are Yamaha U671, NAD C 338 and some of the other very small class D amps like the Pro-Ject Maia, the NAD D3020 and the Yamaha WXA50. The Arcam was nice but not stellar. I think it had a bit more in the tank. The REGA Brio-R wasn't as good as expected and the AMC wasn't too bad but it was rather large. I was even less impressed with the REGA after I saw what is inside. IMHO, it's not a well-designed amp, putting an unshielded toroidal transformer in the middle. I'd love a Marantz 6006 or Yamaha 501. Those guys really know how to design stuff but they don't know what "small" means. I have considered the Yamaha MCR N670 bookshelf system but I would definitely be looking to upgrade the speakers. So my budget - while contingent on what I can get for my existing stuff (which I really don't want to part with) - is up to $2K for a speaker package - which may have to include a small sub, - and about $1K for the amp. The subs I'm considering are the B&W 608 and the Dynaudio 250 II. I'm not looking for floor thumping bass. I just want music. I have an old Blu-ray player I'm using as a CD player at the moment. It's not very musical but it will do for now. I play mostly classical music from Gregorian chant through pipe organ music to symphonies and concerti but I like 60s - 80s rock (Pink Floyd, The Who, Deep Purple, etc.), a bit of jazz here and there and even some electronic. The existing system does all that extremely well and with a fabulous soundstage. So, if you've been kind enough to stick with me this far, I'm interested in your opinions. Fundamentally, I'm looking for something so that I can listen to the music with all the nuances. I don't want to be distracted by equipment.
  13. (Points at Bill) What he said. The end of the drum solo will make or break. Also add to it Karl Richter's Decca recording of Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D minor from about 1961. The recording is pretty average (a bit hissy) but the performance is sensational. There is also a CD around by Jean Gillou playing Mussorgski's Pictures at an Exhibition on a pipe organ. I don't think much of the performance but it's good if you want to see how far your speakers really go. Great recording but I'm not much for the interpretation. It is a Dorian recording. There are also Dorian samplers out there which make excellent test discs. They are now available as a download if that floats your boat. Pipe organs are an excellent test of any system. +EDIT+ Probably should add Deep Purple's "Speed King". For all the raves about how brilliant Blackmore, Lord etc are, Roger Glover really makes that whole thing work.
  14. Hullo everyone, I'm JD. I got into hifi over 30 years ago and I'm looking to revisit some of the good old days. I'm less into equipment and more into sound but we all know how that works, don't we...? I have a very broad range of musical tastes. Primarily, I'm interested in classical music with everything from Gregorian chant and pipe organs to full orchestral symphonies, suites and ballet music but I'm not much for opera. I also listen to rock from the 60s - 80's: sometimes later. I've even been known to listen to trance but the less said about that, the better. As long as it isn't death metal, rap or ABBA, I'm probably up for it. My equipment tastes are simple: stereo, and no compression or streaming. At the moment I'm looking to upgrade all my equipment but more on that later. Looking forward to making your acquaintance and hearing your sage advice. Cheers, JD