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  1. I am glad to hear you aren't having any issues with the tweeters. I have heard of another case in HK that had such issues but the early adopter in Bangkok did not suffer the same fate. Never did manage to find out why some did and others didn't. To be fair, both the subsequent owner and myself play loud and all genres of music. Curious about he 30.7 too but the cost will be prohibitive here in SG as well and always got the sense that to play the 30.7 convincingly would require some rather brutish amps lol. 😁
  2. My apologies. I was assuming you were referring to the whole piece/sock covering the entire speaker. I never did consider the tiny piece covering the tweeter itself "actual cloth" 😄 Let me see if I am correct my other post to avoid misunderstanding.
  3. Ex 20.7 owner that blew several tweeters on the speakers. Had both the repair kit as well as actually ordering the complete tweeter as a replacement. Does not require the removal of the entire sock/cloth, just the tiny tweeter section. It is a pain to get it right (replacement of the tweeter using repair kit) but much cheaper as pointed out. I never did figure out why (more than sufficient amp power etc.) but confess I play them loud. Gave up and sold them to a friend who used different equipment but suffered the same fate as well.
  4. Now you guys got me curious about the condition of mine lol.
  5. How do you suppose the crud gets up the cantilever? Curious.
  6. @Calcom You might want to take into account different Turntable manufactures adopt different spindle sizes and that could affect the tolerance and accuracy of the protractor. 🙂
  7. Agree or even total darkness although it's a pain when playing 12" singles.
  8. Looks great. Assume upgrades were performed?
  9. Are you referring to regenerators?
  10. The platter looks quite light. One wonders if the platter will be severely affected by airborne resonance.
  11. Anybody actually hear a actual working unit? All I have seen is a rotating unit but no sound emitting from it.
  12. That's a pretty impressive clone. Some thought must have been put into it since they changed the speaker binding post to normal ones. The original FM post wouldn't be unusable to most.
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