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  1. Thanks Damo..... how do I PM on here?
  2. Hello there, i realise this add was placed a little while back but I didn’t notice if they have been sold? Regards Mark
  3. Hello there, I am joining to understand how to increase the sound quality of my system. while I enjoy high quality sound I am struggling to know how to achieve it. i should imagine my journey is quite familiar to many of you ... I have been progressively buying bits and pieces as my knowledge increases and my ear become more educated? i started off with my father’s old 70’s Pioneer rig .. substituting the cassette player for my iPhone and listening to MP3’s...which I used to think was the ticket... and it probably was for its day. i can almost hear chuckles and rolling of eyes ( if one could hear eyes rolling that is) My current system is a Naquadria Aeon Amp from Will Crampton in Canberra. my program material is Tidal HiFi ( although I’m not convinced it’s all that Hi of Fi) my DAC is a HiFiMe UDA38pro (Sabre ES9038PRO).... which I though was also the ticket before I started reading about ladder DAC’s. My Current stable of speakers include Magnat Qantum 725’s .... and on loan from a good friend Elac FS68 .... Dali Icon 6 and B+O 6602 Will has suggested an active filter to send all the sub 100hz signal to a second Naquadria amp ... which I have and then out to a pair of 12” push pull subs... so that should be the bottom end sorted. So my question is ..... is there anyone in my area that has a decent setup I could come and listen to so I can know what a highly resolving system sounds like .... I would dearly like to test my DAC to see if it is the weakest link... and I could bring my amp which has been well reviewed and is considered to be quite fast. regarding speakers and I realise this is quite subjective .... I have had a pair of ELAC 249 suggested .... anyone have experience with them and if so could you share your thoughts please? also a pair of Whatmough 303’s is currently on the market ... I realise they are an older model but if someone has or has had them... perhaps might be willing to comment. My system as it stands .... with any of those speakers sounds quite the upgrade from the old Poineer (sorry dad).... but it’s a long way from the terms I hear so often described by audiophiles in reviews and various forums and I would like to find out if Tidal as a source is considered to be a limitation and then perhaps some suggestions .... I don’t own any other physical program material so it would have to be purchased as individual material or some known high quality hi Rez source. Sorry for being so long winded and wordy but I’m sort of stuck .... thanks for reading Mark
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